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 The Dark Demon world hurriedly conducted emergency meetings regarding this invasion. The Night Dynasty was one of the Southern Continent's ten largest factions, so it had the right to participate. Similarly, as the daughter of the Demon Path Sect's Sect Master, Mo Yao'Er was qualified to participate.

Zhao Fu's true aim in going was to gain some information on the top-tier figures in the Dark Demon World, so he could make some preparations for war in the future.

The Dark Demon world only had four continents, and each of them was extremely big. There were over 10,000 regions in each one. The Southern Continent was relatively weaker when compared to the other three continents.

The most powerful continent was the Eastern Continent. It had 15,000 regions, and four out of the seven Legatees came from there. The World Protector was also from the Eastern Continent, which made it the most terrifying one.

The meeting was held at the Eastern Continent. A single faction could not call the shots in a battle between worlds, and allying together was something essential.

After hearing Ye Cang's words, Mo Yao'Er harrumphed with dissatisfaction and left.

Ye Cang, or Zhao Fu, could not help but lightly laugh and followed behind her. Then, they used a teleportation channel to come to the Eastern Continent.

There were already countless people gathered within a massive palace that gave off enormous amounts of demonic qi. All of these people's auras were extremely powerful, and they were all quite extraordinary. They were all famous figures from various continents; ordinary people did not have the right to participate in this meeting.

As soon as Mo Yao'Er stepped into the palace, many gasps sounded out. Mo Yao'Er was the third-ranked beauty in the Dark Demon world. Her enchanting face, bewitching figure, and alluring aura caused the bodies of countless men to go hot and have reactions.

This was the power of the Six Desires Celestial Art; not only was it powerful, but it also gave those who cultivated it an aura which intoxicated those around them. It was incredibly suitable for Mo Yao'Er's constitution.

All of the men stared at Mo Yao'Er and gulped down globs of saliva in their mouths. They could not help but feel attracted to her.

Mo Yao'Er sensed these stares and enchantingly smiled. Countless men felt even more swooned. This made many of the women feel admiration and jealousy. Some even cursed at her for being a vixen.

Mo Yao'Er did not even bother looking at these men and walked to the center of the palace. Right now, her mind was filled with the desire for her master to do her.

It was only after Mo Yao'Er left their sight did those men come back to their senses. One of them said to the person next to him, "That Mo Yao'Er's simply too bewitching; I feel like the number one beauty of the Dark Demon world is about to change!"

Everyone around him nodded and continued to look over at Mo Yao'Er.

Because Mo Yao'Er's charm was simply too great, Ye Cang next to her was completely ignored. They came to the center of the palace where the truly important figures were.

There were less than 100 chairs at the center, and many people were already sitting down. Mo Yao'Er casually picked a place to sit, and Zhao Fu sat down next to her.

Following this, more and more people arrived, and Zhao Fu soon saw the Dark Demon world's Legatees and World Protector.

Out of the seven Legatees, the one with the most powerful aura was a bald-headed elderly man. He was the Sect Master of a Sect. After seeing him, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. Legacies would normally choose younger people over older people, as younger people had more potential and time. It was rare for a Legacy to choose such an aged person.

The second strongest person's looks could be described as simply perfect. She was the number one beauty in the Dark Demon world and wore white clothes. She was the daughter of the Sect Master of the Celestial Demon Sect and had a cold demeanor.

The third strongest person was a big ferocious-looking man. He was also the Legatee of a Dynasty and was extremely cruel and ruthless. He liked eating people and ate at least ten or so children per day.

The fourth strongest person was extremely beautiful and had a graceful bearing. But, she also looked quite malicious. She was the Dark Demon world's second-ranked beauty and a Dynasty Legatee. She definitely looked like someone who could not be angered.

The fifth strongest person was a gloomy, cold-looking young man who was the Sect Master of a Sect. The sixth strongest person was a handsome-looking young man who gave a bright and confident smile. He did not seem like someone from the Demon Race at all. Finally, the seventh strongest person was quite well-built and looked like a very simple person.

The one who caught Zhao Fu's attention the most was the World Protector. Zhao Fu could feel an immense sense of danger from him, and his power far surpassed those of ordinary Legatees. He was Mo Qi, and he was a super genius in the Dark Demon world. He was the Sect Master of the number one Sect in the Dark Demon world, the Demon Heaven Sect.

Mo Qi seemed to detect Zhao Fu's gaze, and his cold gaze fell on Ye Cang's body. Perhaps it was because he was also a World Protector, but Zhao Fu instinctively refused to show weakness as he leaned against his chair and calmly looked back at Mo Qi.

Mo Qi slightly frowned, and the cold atmosphere became even colder. Everyone looked at Mo Qi before looking at Ye Cang.

"Is Ye Cang not afraid of death? He dares to hold Mo Qi's gaze like this." Mo Yao'Er knew Ye Cang's strength, so she nudged him and signaled him to be more restrained.

Zhao Fu came back to his senses and slightly smiled at Mo Qi before looking away. Only then did Mo Qi look away, and the atmosphere was no longer as cold.

"Haha... you're that bastard child from the Night Dynasty. Who would have thought you'd take over the Night Dynasty in a single night; the Night Dynasty's people really are stupid - a Dynasty was obtained by a bastard like you!" the child-eating big man laughed as he said mockingly. As someone who had a pure bloodline, he naturally looked down on bastard children. He felt incredibly disgusted that a bastard could control a Dynasty and wield so much power.

"You're going too far Ughr," Mo Yao'Er coldly harrumphed. Ye Cang belonged to her master, so she naturally had to step in.

Ughr was the big child-eating man, and he looked at Mo Yao'Er greedily as he laughed and said, "Sure, but you gotta spend a night with me!"


A gigantic black hand stretched out in the air with immense might as it slapped Ughr flying five or six meters.

Ughr was not injured and only looked a bit wretched, but now he had a furious look on his face. He had never thought Zhao Fu would suddenly attack, and he had been hit because he had been careless.

None of the people present expected Ye Cang to dare attack Ughr in front of everyone. As one of the Legatees, Ughr was terrifyingly powerful; the Night Dynasty's bastard was doomed.

Zhao Fu had suddenly attacked not for himself but for his woman. If he did not have strength, he would have endured it, but now that he had powerful strength, why did he have to endure? Now, Zhao Fu did not want to have to endure this sort of humiliation, and he did indeed feel a bit angry about being called a bastard.

Moreover, Zhao Fu had wiped away Ye Cang's consciousness, so even if someone detected that something was off about Zhao Fu, he could use Ye Cang's body to show the Night Dynasty's power and attract some people to join the Night Dynasty.