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 The God Race and Demon Race were like fire and water; they could not stand each other and often fought. Just from their attributes alone, they were already mortal enemies. Even if one side did not attack, the other side would surely attack.

The portals that the Spirit Light people had opened was a ten kilometer tall, hundreds of kilometers wide golden door. It gave off an intense divine light, and any demonic qi that came into contact with this divine light became much weaker. The divine light was extremely effective against demonic qi.

There were 1,000 of these massive doors in a row on the Northern Continent of the Dark Demon world. It was an extremely majestic and shocking scene.

Each of the doors had millions of Spirit Light people defending them, and in total, there were roughly four billion Spirit Light people around the large doors.

Zhao Fu had no idea how the Spirit Light people had created such things, but Zhao Fu had no way to do this. Right now, his Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel could only send a single person every time.

The Demon Race had a passive ability that allowed them to become stronger when devouring other Races' blood and flesh. To them, humans were just medicines to help increase their Cultivation. If they developed portals, they would immediately invade the human world.

It would be impossible for the human world to be so peaceful if that was the case. The Dark Demon world's World Protector had come to the human world before and had most likely obtained some information about their world. It was possible that he had planted some spies in the human world to continue gaining intelligence.

This attack from the Spirit Light people was extremely ferocious. As soon as they opened the portals, they swarmed out, bathing hundreds of regions in blood. The God Race's cruel methods were not inferior to the Demon Race's methods at all.

Hundreds of millions of corpses filled the hundreds of regions, and blood stained the ground everywhere. All creatures with demonic qi had been slaughtered, and because this was a demon world, almost all creatures had demonic qi. The Spirit Light people had exterminated all the creatures in hundreds of regions without leaving a single thing alive.

The weaker demon beasts were not spared either, and the stench of blood in those regions could make anyone want to vomit. It was an incredibly chilling sight.

The Dark Demon people were unable to quickly respond to the Spirit Light people's sudden attack. Just like the humans, they had been caught unprepared, and by the time they responded, it was quite late.

However, the Spirit Light people understood that the Dark Demon world was quite terrifying, so after annihilating hundreds of regions, they brought back a large amount of spoils and retreated to the golden doors.

Because of this, an Invasion Stage was also opened for the Dark Demon world and the Spirit Light world. Anyone who killed Dark Demon people or Spirit Light people would receive Invasion Points that could be exchanged for rewards. The rewards were similar to the ones in Zhao Fu's Chaotic World Stone Stele, but they were slightly inferior and some could only be used by Demons.

Zhao Fu looked through the Night Dynasty's Chaotic World Stone Stele and saw that they could also exchange for Capital Cities; it seemed that every Chaotic World Stone Stele had this option.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite excited - he could use Ye Cang's body to exchange for a Capital City. However, the number of Invasion Points necessary was quite large, and Zhao Fu was worried that with the Night Dynasty's strength, it would be difficult for them to obtain such a number.

After all, Zhao Fu had spent half of Great Qin's Fate to seal the eight aquatic beast kings, dealing with the aquatic beast tide. He had also poisoned three billion Fish Scale people to death, and only then had he been able to exchange for a Capital City. It had been incredibly difficult.

In actuality, the Night Dynasty's City was only a bit away from rising to a Capital City. He could also make the Night Dynasty's City one of Great Qin's Capital Cities.

That way, the requirement of having three Capital Cities would be fulfilled. After leveling up the Great Qin City to a Level 6 Capital City, he would be able to establish a Kingdom.

It was a pity that he could not do such a thing, as it would be incredibly foolish and short-sighted. The Night Dynasty's true value was in its 170 million people and battle force. They were worth much more important than a Capital City.

Zhao Fu could not just take the Night Dynasty's City back to the human world, as it would simply cost too much, so he had to think of another way.

Now that the Spirit Light people and Dark Demon people were fighting, both worlds' attention was on the battlefield. Zhao Fu decided to join these muddy waters and obtain some benefits for himself as well.

Zhao Fu did not feel anything towards either of these worlds, and he hoped that their fight would be as intense as possible. Otherwise, the humans would not have an opportunity to become stronger and resist them. Zhao Fu hoped that the Dark Demon world would lose, as it was right next to the human world and could invade at any moment. It was too big of a threat.

There was no need to think about it too much; Zhao Fu had already decided to join in, as there were enough benefits to attract him.

As the Night Dynasty's Emperor, Ye Cang was already SS grade, and Zhao Fu used an SSS grade Orb to raise him to SSS grade. He also had Ye Cang's body enter the Night Dynasty's Ancestral Demon Lake, obtaining the Night Demon Constitution. This constitution was a powerful constitution even within the Dark Demon world, and only those with the Night Dynasty's Bloodline could obtain it.

At the same time, Ye Cang was cultivating the Night Dynasty's Legacy Art, the Night Art. Because the Dark Demon world was a cultivation world, they had many more Arts than the humans, and they were much higher grade.

The Night Art was a Level 1 Human grade Art, which was higher than Great Qin's Great Qin King Art. It was in between SSS grade and Human grade, so there was a big difference in power. However, because Zhao Fu now had a Celestial Art, he was not lacking in terms of Arts anymore.

Because Ye Cang was essentially Zhao Fu's clone, he had thought about giving Ye Can the Six Desires Celestial Art to cultivate. However, he found that it was not possible because of how powerful the Art was. Zhao Fu was only able to cultivate it because he had the golden dragon.

There was a basic version of the Six Desires Celestial Art, such as the one that Mo Yao'Er was cultivating. However, this required a Six Desires Demonic Seed, which had to be planted through intercourse. Zhao Fu refused to do it with a man, even if that man was his clone.

However, Zhao Fu could use his essence blood to open the King's profession for Ye Cang. Zhao Fu had a Sovereign Bloodline, so that was enough to open a King's profession.

Adding on the fact that the Night Dynasty City was a Level 5 Capital City, Ye Cang was not weak at all. He was many times more powerful than before, and Zhao Fu could now use his body to do many things.

At that moment, Mo Yao'Er gave off an alluring aura as she walked in. Looking at Ye Cang sitting on the throne, she asked, "Ye Cang, has master returned to the Dark Demon world yet?"

Zhao Fu did not tell Mo Yao'Er that Ye Cang's body had been taken over by him; he wanted to keep this a secret, as it was far too important. After all, if news spread that the Night Dynasty had been taken over by an outsider, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"He's busy right now and can't return for the time being," Zhao Fu controlled Ye Cang to say as he walked down.