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 After returning to the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu decided to test Daphne's abilities. Her archery was quite powerful, and because this was the only chance for the Maurya City to return to the Maurya Dynasty's hands, she did not dare to hide any of her abilities. She did not want to let down her mother and aunty and showed her full power.

Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with her, and he also realized that he did not have any Generals who were adept at using the bow. Daphne could make up for this, so Zhao Fu decided to give her the Disaster Bow that he had kept with him. It was quite useless for him to have it, so it would be better to give it to her.

Now that he had a City Lord he would be satisfied with, Zhao Fu went to the Maurya City and prepared to level it up to a Level 5 Great City.

Before, it had only been a Basic City, but because of the massive amount of EXP that Great Qin gained, it had been incredibly easy to level it up to a Great City.

After fusing a City Upgrade Stone into the City Heart, the City Heart gave off a massive explosion as a golden pillar of light shot to the sky. Golden waves of light also rippled out from the City Heart, spreading throughout the entire Maurya City. Afterward, a system announcement stated that the upgrade had been completed.

Following this, Zhao Fu used the remaining three City Upgrade Stones. Pillars of light shot into the sky, and soon, the Maurya City had become a Level 5 Great City. It only lacked one more level before it could become a Level 1 Capital City.

Zhao Fu planned to prioritize leveling the Maurya City to a Level 1 Capital City, as leveling up the Great Qin City again required 500 million EXP. It was getting quite difficult to level up the Great Qin City, so he decided to might as well level up the Maurya City into a Capital City first.

However, even though Daphne's archery was quite powerful and she had the Maurya Dynasty's Bloodline, her Cultivation was quite weak, so Zhao Fu still felt that she was a bit lacking.

Compared to Bai Qi with his Seven Murders power, Daphne felt quite weak. As such, Zhao Fu planted a Six Desires Demonic Seed within her body to have her cultivate the Six Desires Celestial Art and have her become powerful quicker.

The only problem with this was that Zhao Fu had a lot more to do at night.

After dealing with this, Zhao Fu once again became idle. He very much wanted to invade the Fish Scale world to obtain a large number of Invasion Points and rewards, but no one else wanted to invade. Zhao Fu could do nothing about this; after all, Great Qin was still too weak to take on an entire world by itself.

Soon, a week had passed, and Great Qin finished clearing out 35 regions, causing its strength once again rise.

Great Qin now controlled 155 regions, having 620 Great Cities, 26 Cities, 210 Towns, and 19,489 Villages.

Great Qin's population was now at 550 million, and they had 80 million soldiers. Out of these 80 million soldiers, there were 50 million or so Stage 1 soldiers, 1.9 million Stage 2 soldiers, 170,000 Stage 3 soldiers, and 10,000 Stage 4 soldiers.

Since they could not invade the Fish Scale world, Great Qin's next task was to have more system main cities join them.

Even though one or two system main cities would join them every few days, Zhao Fu felt that this was still too slow. There was now less and less time, and the only thing Zhao Fu could do was send out more ambassadors.

Zhao Fu quite wanted to use the Wyvern army to scare them into submission, which would work, but it was not a good long-term plan.

Great Qin could not make itself seem too dangerous, or the friendly relations it had spent creating would be destroyed in an instant. The countless cities would feel threatened and once again ally together.

He could pretend that the Wyverns were wild Wyverns, but after joining Great Qin, they would find out about these Wyverns sooner or later. This could cause a lot of dissatisfaction and lead to a disaster for Great Qin in the future. Zhao Fu did not want this to happen.

As such, Zhao Fu could only wait. By now, the palace was almost complete, and it was incredibly majestic. It was kilometers wide and had countless halls and pavilions. There were also large gardens and flowing streams, looking incredibly luxurious, and its main color was black.

Zhao Fu moved the City Hall into the palace, and the Meeting Hall became one of the pavilions.

The pavilion was thousands of meters wide, and the floor was made of glossy black marble. There were also thick stone pillars that had black dragons engraved on them.

The pavilion was empty except for a three-meter tall stage. There was a screen with black dragons embroidered on it, as well as a black and gold imperial throne. There were countless gems socketed into the roof, making it seem like a sky filled with stars.

The pavilion did not give off a brilliant and noble atmosphere, and it instead gave off a heavy and oppressive might.

In the future, all important matters would be discussed in here. Zhao Fu then brought everything in the City Hall, including the people, to the palace.

Even though they had not yet restored Great Qin, once the palace was complete, Zhao Fu could live the life of an Emperor.

A short while later, another big event erupted out - it was another invasion. However, it was not in the human world but in the Dark Demon world.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised, as this was the first time that he had heard of the Demon Race being invaded. They were naturally strong, and the Dark Demon world was a cultivation world, making them much more powerful than ordinary worlds, and yet people dared to invade them. Those people were simply too daring.

However, unlike the human world, where the barrier was accidentally destroyed, it was the invaders who had opened a portal and started to invade.

There were very few races that would dare to do such a thing. Zhao Fu had been controlling Ye Cang's body in the Dark Demon world this entire time, and after hearing about this, he felt quite shocked.

The invaders were coming from the world to the right-hand side of the Dark Demon world; the human world was to its left-hand side. Zhao Fu did not have any information on that other world, as his power was limited.

Only after a while did Zhao Fu receive some intelligence reports and find out that the God Race was invading the Dark Demon world. The race was called the Spirit Light God Race, and they looked like westerns. They naturally had a faint light around them, and there was a bright circle on their chest that was as big as a fist.

Ordinary Spirit Light people's circles gave off a white light, those who were of noble birth gave off silver light, and those of incredibly important standing had golden light. It was said that the World Protector had a three-colored divine light.

After looking through the information, Zhao Fu understood why they dared to invade the Dark Demon World. The God Race, Demon Race, and Devil Race were the three most powerful races; the Devil Horn Empire outside the Legacy Land was part of the Devil Race.

Humans were one of the weaker races in the eight Major Races; this was something that was decided from birth.