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 After doing everything that he needed to do in Holy Light City, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Village but was given some bad news: Li Wen's exploration team in the passage had suffered casualties. As such, Zhao Fu quickly went to take a look.

"Li Wen! What's going on?" Within the medicine shop, Zhao Fu looked at Li Wen, who was being bandaged up.

When Li Wen saw Zhao Fu arrive, Li Wen said with an ashamed expression, "Your Majesty, this subordinate deserves to die. I didn't lead the team well, resulting in casualties this time."

Zhao Fu knew that Li Wen had been following his battle tactics this entire time, and he had done quite well. To have suffered casualties this time, something unexpected must have happened. Zhao Fu did not blame him and said, "Alright, tell me what happened."

Li Wen nodded and started to explain. His team had been exploring a passage when they arrived in a large open area that was 100 meters high and 500 meters wide. There was nothing in that area apart from a strange Skeleton. The Skeleton looked just like a normal Skeleton, and it even had similar equipment. The only difference was that it had a sword-like shard that gave off a golden light in its chest.

They acted carefully and wanted to report to Zhao Fu, but they were discovered by the Skeleton. Moreover, the Skeleton was unexpectedly powerful, and normal Holy Light skills did not seem to have any effect on it. What's more, it shattered one of the Goblin Warrior's shields, and they were barely able to escape.

After hearing Li Wen's account, Zhao Fu nodded - indeed, it was not Li Wen's fault. However, just what was that Skeleton? After thinking about it, Zhao Fu went to Rhode Village and ordered for some thick shields to be created out of bronze concentrate.

Before, the shields that the Goblin Warriors had been using had bronze concentrate on the outside, but the inside was Ironwood. This was because lifting a shield made completely made of bronze concentrate was quite difficult for even the Goblin Warriors, so they were not suited for long explorations. However, they needed such shields to deal with the mysterious Skeleton.

Following this, Zhao Fu returned to Holy Light City. Since ordinary Holy Light skills didn't work, it seemed that they needed more powerful skills. As such, Zhao Fu bought 10 Holy Hall Magic Seal skills.

After making these preparations, Zhao Fu took Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, Daisy, Saar, Old Logue, 20 Goblin Warriors, 20 iron hammer Infantrymen, 20 Archers, and 10 Elven Priests towards the place that Li Wen had told him about.

The passage was incredibly dark, and walking through it took quite a long time. After a while, they finally arrived at the area that Li Wen had spoken about. It was exactly as big as Li Wen had said, and there was a Skeleton sitting cross-legged in the center.

This Skeleton was quite special: the spirit flame in its head was a golden color, its body gave off a faint golden light, and it did not give off the eerie and gloomy feeling that normal Skeletons gave off.

As Zhao Fu's people appeared at the entrance of the area, the mysterious Skeleton slowly stood up. Zhao Fu did not show any courtesy and immediately ordered the Archers to attack.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows covered with strands of yellow aura flew towards the mysterious Skeleton. Right from the beginning, Zhao Fu had ordered his Archers to use their strongest skill, the Rock Crushing Arrow.

The mysterious Skeleton seemed incredibly calm when facing so many arrows shooting towards it so quickly. It remained where it stood, pulled out a rusty sword, and lightly flicked with its wrist. A formless sword qi swept out and knocked all of the arrows away, so the mysterious Skeleton was not harmed at all.

Zhao Fu was not too surprised - after all, he had been prepared for the mysterious Skeleton to be quite strong. Following this, the 20 Infantrymen launched 20 Holy Light Bullets towards the mysterious Skeleton.

The Skeleton continued to calmly stand there. Only when the Holy Light Bullets drew near did it raise its sword and point it towards the Holy Light Bullets. A formless sword qi stabbed out, its powerful force causing the air to tremble. The Holy Light Bullets were completely destroyed and scattered into motes of light.

Zhao Fu's expression became serious. Long-range attacks were essentially useless against the mysterious Skeleton, and at that moment, it started to walk towards them. It did not seem as savage as the normal Skeletons when seeing living beings; rather, it was as if it looked down on Zhao Fu's party.

Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, and Saar, the Great Qin Village's 3 strongest fighters, stepped out from within the shield wall.

The mysterious Skeleton looked at the three people who walked out, and its body blurred as it instantly appeared in front of them.


The mysterious Skeleton slashed at the three of them, its sword covered with massive sword qi. Facing this terrifying strength, the three of them didn't dare to be careless, and Bai Qi gripped the Star Slashing Sword with both hands, barely stopping the mysterious Skeleton's strike.

Bai Qi could be said to be the strongest person in the Great Qin Village, and even he found it difficult to block the mysterious Skeleton's attack. From this, anyone could see how powerful the Skeleton was.

The mysterious Skeleton pushed down on its sword, and Bai Qi was forced to take a step back, and he was clearly weaker than the Skeleton.

Luckily, Zhang Dahu and Saar raised their sabers and attacked the mysterious Skeleton from both sides, relieving the pressure on Bai Qi.

However, Zhang Dahu and Saar clearly weren't a match for the mysterious Skeleton either. They used all of their might to slash at the mysterious Skeleton, their sabers giving off harrowing saber lights. However, the mysterious Skeleton casually flicked its sword, and an arc of light appeared and knocked Zhang Dahu and Saar back by many steps.

At that moment, Bai Qi used all of his strength to release a Qi Slash. His sword erupted with sword light and he leaped into the air, attacking the mysterious Skeleton from mid-air.

Th mysterious Skeleton raised its sword and easily blocked Bai Qi's full-strength strike. However, at that moment, Bai Qi's body suddenly spun to the side as an arrow pierced through where he had just been. The arrowhead glinted in the light and shot straight for the mysterious Skeleton's head.

Zhao Fu nocked another arrow on his bowstring. The arrow just then had been shot by Zhao Fu, and if it wasn't for Zhao Fu and Bai Qi being familiar with each other after fighting together so many times, he wouldn't have done such a thing. After all, he had used all of his strength in that attack, and if Bai Qi had not been able to evade it, he definitely would have been injured.

Facing this sudden and unexpected attack, the mysterious Skeleton tilted its head, causing the arrow to narrowly pass by. However, this resulted in an opening, and Bai Qi once again used his full strength as his sword erupted with sword light, sweeping towards the mysterious Skeleton and sending it flying.

"Hurry!" Zhao Fu loudly yelled.

The 20 Infantrymen, 20 Archers, 10 Elven Priests, and Old Logue unleashed their skills, resulting in countless skills landing on the mysterious Skeleton while it was still in the air.

Bang, bang, bang...

A chain of explosions sounded out as the mysterious Skeleton wretchedly fell down from the air. At that moment, a white light silently shot towards the mysterious Skeleton. As it flew through the air, the light split into 2, then 3, then 4, and then finally 7 differently-sized rings of lights before landing on the mysterious Skeleton.

Daisy had also appeared outside of the shield wall and had unleashed Holy Ring Light.


The mysterious Skeleton was once again sent flying, and it smashed into a wall 100 meters away. 7 ring-shaped craters also appeared on the wall, and the Skeleton was in even worse shape than before, looking as if it was going to collapse as it fell from the wall.

Seeing this, everyone let out a breath of relief. However, in the next moment, the Skeleton once again stood up with its sword held by both hands. It lifted its sword to its chest with the blade pointing upwards, and its body gave off a brilliant golden light as it started to chant.