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 In the end, Zhao Fu spent a great deal of energy to fuse the two together, forming a blood-red cube that gave off a dense smell of blood and intense killing intent. The City Creation Stone also rose from Gold grade to Legendary grade.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite surprised, and he quickly looked at its description.

[Seven Kill Capital City Stone]: An ordinary Capital City Stone that was fused with a growth-type treasure with immense killing intent, creating a special City Creation Stone. Its Grade can be increased through slaughter, and the people it spawns will innately have [Slaughter Power]. This City Creation Stone is an extremely dangerous item and should only be used by a special person. Ordinary people will not be able to control its killing intent, causing that person and the spawned residents to become monsters who only live for slaughter.

This Seven Kill Capital City Stone was incredibly powerful, and ordinary people indeed would not be able to use it. Luckily, Bai Qi had the Seven Murders Star and was definitely the most ideal person to use it. As such, Zhao Fu did not worry too much.

"What are your orders, Your Majesty?" Bai Qi paid his respects after arriving, his cold face showing a trace of gentleness. This was something that ordinary people would never be able to see, and Bai Qi only showed this side when he was alone with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded before handing him the Seven Kill Capital City Stone. After receiving it, Bai Qi's expression became one of shock, and he cupped his hands as he said, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

"Alright, there's no need for such formalities between us. I want to take a look at this Seven Kill Capital City Stone's power, so let's go now!" Zhao Fu said as he lightly laughed and walked out.

Bai Qi nodded and followed behind Zhao Fu.

Following this, the two of them went to the Abyss Province, the former Little Abyss. Bai Qi went to an empty area of land and pressed the blood-red Capital City Stone against the ground.


A wave of blood-red energy exploded out, and a gory and bloodthirsty aura spread out. As the terrifying energy blasted out, the ground immediately cracked.

Standing 1,000 meters away, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked and flew into the sky. He had never thought that the Seven Kill Capital City Stone would have such power.

After being pressed onto the ground, the Seven Murder Capital City Stone gave off a large amount of blood-red flames that slightly wavered as if they were trying to escape from all restrictions. Bai Qi's expression became serious, and he gathered his Seven Murders General Star's power in his hands. Sensing the Seven Murders General Star's power, the Seven Kill Capital City Stone's resistance became much weaker.


A gigantic explosion rang out as the Capital City Stone fused into the ground, and a blood-red pillar shot to the sky and dyed the sky blood-red. A berserk, bloody aura quickly spread out, and Great Qin's residents within the Abyss Province all felt a chill through their bodies as their hairs stood on end.

Bai Qi suddenly raised a hand and roared, causing a powerful aura to explode out from him.


A gigantic blood-red star, bringing with it immense might, slowly descended. The blood-red starlight and the blood-red pillar of light fused together, seeming to dye the entire world blood-red, causing countless people to tremble in fear.

"Condense!" Bai Qi once again yelled as a resplendent mote of light appeared within the blood-red pillar of light, seeming to devour all of the blood-red light, causing the blood-red pillar of light and the blood-red starlight to fade away.

A blood-red, crystalline City Lord Seal, giving off a brilliant blood-red light and boundless killing intent, appeared in the air - this was the Capital City's City Lord Seal.

The pure killing intent that it gave off caused even Zhao Fu's hairs to stand on end; that was how frightening it was.

The City Lord Seal slowly descended into Bai Qi's hand and fused into his body. A bloodthirsty aura exploded out, and now, Bai Qi's aura was only weaker than Zhao Fu's by a bit, making Zhao Fu feel quite surprised.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the Seven Kill Capital City's stats and found that it could rival an Epic grade City. The people it spawned would have the Slaughter bloodline, and it would be possible for them to face ten ordinary people each with this bloodline. It was a bloodline even more powerful than the Ice and Fire bloodlines.

Zhao Fu smiled in satisfaction and went over to find Black Forest and Moon Wolf. The two of them were play-fighting near a Den, and seeing that Zhao Fu had arrived, they quickly went over and affectionately rubbed against him. Zhao Fu smiled and patted their heads before having them stand in front of him.

Zhao Fu wanted to try out the secret technique that the golden dragon had told him about, which was to use the useless City Lord Seals to fuse with the beasts' bodies, making them even stronger.

Black Forest and Moon Wolf obediently stood where they were, looking at Zhao Fu curiously and wondering what he was going to do.

Zhao Fu took out two City Lord Seals and performed different hand seals as taught by the golden dragon. The two City Lord Seals floated in the air, giving off different lights.

"Accept them and don't fight back. Otherwise, it'll be very painful and the fusing will fail," Zhao Fu said.

The two beasts stood and nodded expectantly. They felt that their master was going to do something good for them.

Seeing that they were ready, Zhao Fu pointed, and the two City Lord Seals turned into two rays of light and shot into Black Forest and Moon Wolf's heads. After the City Lord Seals entered their heads, they gave off a monstrous attractive force, causing Black Forest and Moon Wolf's bodies to visibly wither.

Moreover, their eyes became completely lifeless as if their souls had been sucked away. Right now, they looked like two dried corpses.

The two City Lord Seals absorbed a lot of flesh and blood and Black Forest and Moon Wolf's souls. They gradually became a blood-red color and gave off blood, covering their bodies and forming balls of blood.

Zhao Fu waited by their side because fusing often took a while.

Five hours later, Zhao Fu felt that he could not just keep waiting here, and he prepared to go deal with some other things before coming back to take a look.

At that moment, the two balls of blood gradually disappeared, revealing two orbs that were as big as chicken eggs. They seemed to be made of jade, and one was silver while the other was green.

The silver one started to give off boundless silver light, while the green one started to give off immense green flames, and the two beasts' auras became stronger and stronger.

Boom! Boom!

The two beasts' bodies gave off a massive amount of power, and the two jade eggs started to rapidly grow. In the end, they became two massive beasts that were 100 meters tall - their eyes now had life in them again, and feeling the power within their bodies, they heaven-shakingly roared.

Zhao Fu could sense that this immense strength could rival that of the Stage 5 Wyverns, and he smiled. Of course, this was not their final strength either.

After fusing a City Lord Seal into them, the City Lord Seal would become stronger as they became stronger. In the future, it was possible for them to surpass boss monsters. Zhao Fu currently still had another 3,500 or so City Lord Seals, and he would be able to develop an army of despair-inducing beasts.