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 Zhao Fu had obtained 150 City Lord Seals from the previous battle, which was quite a large figure for Great Qin. Those City Lord Seals were all incredibly important, but they were now unusable, making Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed. It seemed that the Fish Scale people were more willing to destroy the Cities than give them to the humans.

Zhao Fu considered the problems of going to relocate the Cities - the Cities were scattered all over the Fish Scale world, and it would also be incredibly dangerous. When he thought of this, Zhao Fu no longer felt as disappointed.

He had already made shocking gains, so he decided to not be too greedy.

At that moment, the golden dragon suddenly said, "Even though those City Lord Seals are unusable now, they are still valuable treasures. You should collect as many as you can; they will be useful in the future!"

Hearing the golden dragon's words, Zhao Fu started to feel quite curious. After all, these unusable City Lord Seals were like ordinary rocks; what could they be used for in the future?

The golden dragon explained that the City Lord Seals could be used as special equipment, and they would be incredibly powerful. One could also use secret techniques to fuse these City Lord Seals into beasts' bodies, making them almost as strong as the boss monster of a region.

After hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked; he had never thought that they could be used in such a way. He then realized that since the City Lord Seals in his hands were now useless, the ones that the others had obtained were most likely useless as well.

Before, Zhao Fu had planned to immediately leave, but he now decided to talk with the others and see if he could have their useless City Lord Seals.

After some discussions, Zhao Fu planned to buy City Lord Seals for 100,000 gold coins each. To City Lords, 100,000 gold coins was a large sum of money, so they were all quite happy to trade something so useless for something so useful.

"Here, no need to pay me." Tina Pendragon came over to Zhao Fu, took out 30 or so City Lord Seals, and handed them to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at her and asked, "Why?"

Tina Pendragon smiled as she replied, "They're useless to me, but they should be useful to you, so I'm gifting them to you. It was all thanks to your poison that our side was able to win so easily."

Zhao Fu replied straightforwardly, "There's no need to thank me; this matter concerned the safety of Great Qin, and I was just helping Great Qin."

As he spoke, he took out a spatial ring filled with gold coins and handed it to Tina Pendragon.

"Great Qin's Legatee, this is for you. Please also help if my Northern Continent is in danger in the future," Geoffrey said as he brightly smiled.

"Great Qin's Legatee, I'll give this to you too!" Masanori Hano walked over and gave ten or so City Lord Seals to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu received all of them and smiled, but he still gave them spatial rings with gold coins. He did not want to owe any favors.

Even though they had killed 4,000 or so Fish Scale City Lords, Zhao Fu had only obtained 3,500. The system main city City Lords were willing to exchange with Zhao Fu, but the players were not willing, as they were worried as to what Zhao Fu was going to use the City Lord Seals for.

Even if these City Lord Seals were useless, they would rather throw them away than give them to Zhao Fu. They did not want to strengthen Great Qin at all.

Zhao Fu did not force these people, but in the future, Zhao Fu would not care about the lives or deaths of those people. They had nothing to do with him.

Obtaining 3,500 City Lord Seals was already quite a surprising number; if he could actually obtain that many Cities, that would be the most ideal situation. If that happened, Great Qin would be invincible within the human world.

Now, their main task was to continuously expand the area of the poisoned ice. Akhenaten and some other Southern Continent factions planned to build a City on the ice, standing guard there.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu quickly went to the large Chaotic World Stone Stele and exchanged for a Capital City Stone. After selecting it, a golden cube appeared in front of him.

This Capital City was Gold grade, and a City Lord Seal had to be condensed for it. This was Great Qin's first Capital City, apart from the Great Qin City itself, and Zhao Fu cared about it greatly.

As to who he should give the position of City Lord to, Zhao Fu immediately thought of Bai Qi. Bai Qi had been with him since the very beginning, and he was the person Zhao Fu trusted the most. He was Zhao Fu's most important subordinate, so it was only right to give this City to him.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu also thought about Tuoba Qing. With her bloodline, Zhao Fu always felt that she would be very important in the future.

As her bloodline slowly awakened, even without a City Lord Seal, her strength would be at Stage 8 level. She was abnormally powerful, and without the Great Qin Seal, Zhao Fu would not be able to fight with her at all. What's more, her bloodline had not even fully awakened yet.

Zhao Fu felt quite conflicted, because he wanted to make Bai Qi the City Lord, but he also wanted to make Tuoba Qing the City Lord.

In the end, Zhao Fu decided to make Tuoba Qing the City Lord of this Capital City. If she became the City Lord, not only would she be able to obtain enormous power, but the people that this City spawned would also have bloodlines that were stronger than normal. Although they would not have the same bloodline as her, their strength would be at least Stage 0-6 when they spawned.

After Zhao Fu had made this decision, the golden dragon said, "Are you sure you want to make her this Capital City's City Lord? This sort of low-level City is not good enough for her. I suggest you wait - you're only missing a single shard of the Desolate Blood Mask, and if you can restore it, you'll be surprised!

"I was wrong about the Desolate Blood Mask before - it's not a Nation Armament. It is instead something that surpasses even Emperor Heaven Armaments. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but because of the amount of power it gave off, I thought it was a Nation Armament.

"As such, I suggest you wait until the Desolate Blood Mask is restored. In actuality, your subordinate, Bai Qi, is the most suitable candidate. Do you remember the Seven Kill Stele?

"You can fuse the Seven Kill Stele into the City Creation Stone and give it to Bai Qi, who has the Seven Murders Star. There will definitely be extraordinary effects."

After hearing what the golden dragon had to say, Zhao Fu decided to wait to complete the Desolate Blood Mask before doing anything with Tuoba Qing. He took out the Seven Kill Stele, causing a berserk killing intent and gory stench to spread out. The Seven Kill Stele was incredibly powerful, and even ordinary Great Cities would not be able to suppress it.

Great Cities could not fuse with the Seven Kill Stele; otherwise, the City Heart would be destroyed by the berserk killing intent. Perhaps only some special Great Cities would be able to suppress it.

Zhao Fu did not have any special Great Cities, but the Capital City he had would be enough. After all, it was a level higher than Great Cities.

The Capital City's power would be able to withstand the Seven Kill Stele's killing intent, and Zhao Fu started to fuse the two together. The process was quite difficult, and the Seven Kill Stele gave off an intense blood-red light to resist the City Creation Stone, while the City Creation Stone gave off a bright golden light in response.