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 After hearing that the invading army had been poisoned to death and that the City Lords had fled in terror, the millions of Fish Scale people defending the barrier had also run away.

Without these Fish Scale people defending it, the humans could freely attack and destroy the barrier. Everyone started to go up and attack the barrier, and soon, the barrier that even Zhao Fu could not shake was destroyed by 900 million humans and City Lords.

Following this, seawater stopped pouring into the human world. They had finally resolved this massive crisis.

"What should we do with the remaining poisoned water in our world? The poison's simply too intense, and if it gets past the dikes, the result will be even more terrifying than the floods. It's a disaster waiting to happen if we leave it there!" Akhenaten said after they had destroyed the magic formations.

This made everyone feel quite troubled. There was a massive amount of poisoned water, and it would be quite difficult to deal with it. If it leaked into the rest of the world, things would become incredibly dangerous.

A Japanese person said savagely, "That water came from the Fish Scale world, so let's return it with some added poison. With so much poisoned water, we'll be able to kill countless Fish Scale people. Since they tried to exterminate us, let's exterminate them."

A white-haired General from China rolled his eyes before saying, "That's not quite possible; at most, it'll only be able to poison some of them. There's simply too much water in the Fish Scale world, and some of the deepest parts go thousands of kilometers down. The poisoned water will quickly be diluted and won't be able to harm too many people.

"However, I thought of a method that can allow us to completely stop the Fish Scale people from launching any invasions!"

Hearing this, everyone felt delighted and asked, "What is it?"

The elderly General smiled as he explained, "Before, we were afraid that the second dike would be broken through, so we prepared a large amount of Ice Powder to construct an emergency third dike.

"However, because Great Qin's plan was so successful, we can use the remaining Ice Powder to deter the Fish Scale people from attacking. We'll first send the poisoned water to the rift and then seal it with the Ice Powder to prevent it from diluting.

"That way, we'll be able to create a poisoned ice region and have people stand guard there. If the Fish Scale people attack again, we can melt the poisoned ice and have the poison quickly spread, killing all the invading Fish Scale people.

"Our greatest weakness is that we cannot breathe underwater or move around properly underwater, but now, living in the water has become a weakness for them. We can use this to suppress them."

Everyone expressed their approval of this plan, and they started to carry out the elderly General's plan.

They set up magic formations that sent the poisoned water to the rift. The City Lords then used the Ice Powder to freeze the water. Because of how many people had died in that water, the water was blood-red colored.

At first, it was only a blood-red colored island, but the island slowly grew and grew. It gave off an incredibly bone-chilling coldness and an immense sense of danger. No aquatic beast dared to go near it, and even the smaller fish and prawns did not dare to stay around it at all.

Moreover, it would not be possible to get rid of the seawater in the 400 flooded regions immediately.

The Fish Scale world was incredibly furious after finding out what the humans had done, but they did not dare to invade again. The rift was now blocked by poisoned ice, and even though City Lords could fly over, none dared to do so because 4,000 City Lords had just been slaughtered.

The deaths of so many Fish Scale people and City Lords shook the entire Fish Scale world. The various factions had to re-evaluate the humans and could not underestimate them anymore.

The news about the battle spread throughout the entire Fish Scale world, and the factions that had led the invasion were criticized by countless people. Twenty or so leaders immediately resigned or were ousted.

The Legatees were also sharply criticized, and they were the ones who had lost the most.

This massive defeat not only greatly reduced their forces but also completely destroyed their morale as well. Even though they were the Fish Scale World's Legatees, they were rebuked and punished by their various families' elders.

The Fish Scale people now recognized Great Qin's Legatee to be the most important person in that battle. He had sealed the eight aquatic beast kings, was the human with the most potential, and was the World Protector. He was also the human world's most licentious King.

He was the one who had turned the entire situation around, and he was now listed as an extremely dangerous figure by the countless Fish Scale factions. He was their greatest enemy and someone countless women had to be wary of.

While the others were setting up the poisoned ice, Zhao Fu's soldiers had finished collecting the corpses. There were three billion corpses in total - 2.5 billion players and 500 million system main city soldiers. Apart from their equipment, most of them carried other items as well.

Just the money on them alone was worth about 4.5 billion gold coins, and Zhao Fu decided to take out one billion gold coins to reward those who had participated.

The equipment, items, and money were worth around 25 billion gold coins, and this shocked even Zhao Fu. He had never thought that those corpses would be worth so much money.

Apart from the massive fortune, there were also the corpses themselves. There were 500 million Stage 1 corpses from the Fish Scale side and 100 million Stage 1 corpses from the human side. Great Qin would not have to worry about Stage 1 corpses for the next few years. This made Zhao Fu feel even happier.

Even though they did not receive any EXP for the Great Qin City by poisoning the Fish Scale people to death, Zhao Fu had received Invasion Points for them, so he now had a massive number of Invasion Points.

Adding on the Invasion Points he had obtained from sealing the eight aquatic beast kings, Zhao Fu could now exchange for a Capital City, something else to be excited about.

By now, Zhao Fu could not stop smiling. The gains he had made this time were simply too massive and shocking.

After everyone returned from destroying the barrier, Zhao Fu gave them the rewards he had promised, resulting in a lot of cheering and celebrating.

However, Zhao Fu suddenly sensed something, and he hurriedly looking into his spatial ring and found that countless City Lord Seals had lost their glows.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu could not help but sigh. There was only one situation where this would happen: If the City had been conquered by someone else and been de-leveled to an Advanced Town, the City Lord Seal would lose its power.

Before, Zhao Fu had been planning to venture into the Fish Scale world to bring some Cities back.