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 Zhao Fu rushed up and unleashed the Great Qin Seal's power, releasing a massive aura and killing almost one City Lord with each strike. All of the human City Lords also chased after the escaping Fish Scale City Lords, who could only desperately run.

This was human territory, so there many more human City Lords than Fish Scale City Lords. What's more, there were even more human City Lords hurrying over, and they were also supported by countless soldiers. As such, the Fish Scale City Lords did not dare to stay here at all.

After this round of wild hunting, the human side lost 100 or so City Lords, but they had killed 4,000 or so Fish Scale City Lords. Zhao Fu alone killed 150 of them, obtaining 150 City Lord Seals. However, it was a pity that he would only be able to obtain their cities if he went to the Fish Scale world.

That would be incredibly dangerous, as both sides were still at war. If he was discovered, he would be surrounded and killed.

This time, the human side had killed three billion Fish Scale people and 4,000 Fish Scale City Lords, dealing a heavy blow to the other side. The Fish Scale people most likely would not dare to do anything for a while.

After hunting down and chasing away the remaining City Lords, Zhao Fu looked down at the countless corpses in the water. Zhao Fu had the ten million soldiers he had brought to start collecting corpses. All of them had Water Repelling Pearls and were safe from the poisoned water.

The Water Repelling Pearls were much more powerful than ordinary Water Pearls, as Water Pearls were unable to keep the poisoned water away - the toxicity of the poison would quickly erode the membrane that the Water Pearl created.

Even if the equipment on the corpses was worth around one gold coin each, that would be three billion gold coins in total. In reality, a set of equipment on each of the corpses would be worth around six or seven gold coins, so that would be at least 18 billion gold coins realistically.

Even though this battle had immense risks, they had also made incredible gains. What's more, Zhao Fu was also interested in the system main city soldier corpses.

After the previous battles, Zhao Fu had secretly collected one billion system main city soldier corpses - he could only do this secretly; otherwise, he would be viewed with enmity by the entire Southern Continent. After all, these were their soldiers.

Each system main city had sent around 500 soldiers, so even though losing one billion people sounded like quite a lot, each system main city did not lose too many people.

If it wasn't for the fact that these corpses were very important to Great Qin, Zhao Fu would have wanted to properly bury them. After all, they had died for the safety of the human world.

However, Great Qin desperately needed Stage 1 Blood God Pills, as Great Qin could no longer buy corpses so easily. As such, Great Qin could only collect corpses itself. Zhao Fu did not mind - as long as Great Qin could become powerful, doing anything was fine.

As everyone watched Great Qin's soldiers collect the Fish Scale corpses, they immediately realized how much the corpses were worth. However, most people did not dare to enter the water, as some people who had done so had been poisoned to death.

As such, they could only look at Great Qin's soldiers, who were quickly storing corpses into their spatial rings, with envy.

The other Legatees and City Lords understood how much these corpses were worth. Even though they could pick up corpses while in the air, they all had noble statuses; how could they collect corpses just to earn a bit of money? Moreover, they would not be able to collect many by themselves.

The one who had benefitted the most from this battle was definitely Great Qin, while Great Qin had not sent a single soldier to fight. Great Qin's Legatee had only put out a bit of effort but had received so many benefits, making most people feel quite dissatisfied, and they looked at him angrily.

"Great Qin's Legatee, aren't you embarrassed for taking so many of the corpses?" one of the City Lords said after looking around at the others.

If it was just him alone, he would not dare to say anything to Zhao Fu, but since there were other people feeling the same way, things were different.

Someone from the Southern Continent also said from a distance, "That's right! All of the benefits were taken by you, and we weren't able to get anything. Aren't you going too far?"

Some people were quite angry and looked at Zhao Fu unhappily, while others started to look quite hostile.

The City Lords stood far away because they had to consider their own safety. If it wasn't for the possibility of the Southern Continent being destroyed, they would not have worked together with players. They did not care if the players lived or died at all.

Now that the crisis had been resolved, they did not want to get involved in a fight between players. They did not set their eyes on this fortune.

The Dynasty Legatees all secretly felt quite pleased and expressed their support to those people who had spoken. They were still quite frightened of Great Qin and wanted to reduce its strength as much as possible. It hurt their hearts to see such a fortune falling into Great Qin's hands.

Zhao Fu coldly looked at them and said, "The corpses are right there; if you want them, you can take them."

Hearing this, the various people present felt quite angry. They all had prestigious statuses, so how could they do such a thing themselves? Moreover, their soldiers did not have Water Repelling Pearls, so they would die if they entered the water.

Now, the smell of gunpowder was in the air, and there was a noticeable tension. Thousands of City Lords started to consider attacking because even though Great Qin's Legatee was powerful, with so many of them, they should be able to kill him.

"Alright, the true crisis has not yet been resolved - we have not destroyed their magic formations yet, so let's just put this matter aside," Akhenaten said, trying to keep the peace as the main leader of the Southern Continent.

If they started fight before the true danger was over and the Fish Scale people came to attack again, they would be like a pile of loose sand. In the end, it would be the Southern Continent that suffered the most. Even though Akhenaten also felt quite annoyed, the most important thing right now was defending against the Fish Scale invasion.

Most people also realized that the crisis was not yet over, and yet they had started to squabble over the spoils. Many of them remembered why they had come here and no longer minded as much.

Moreover, if it wasn't for Great Qin's Legatee, they would not have been able to achieve such a decisive victory so easily. They might have been crushed by the Fish Scale people, and all of them would have died. When they thought of that, many of them felt much better.

After losing the support of the others, the people who had spoken immediately felt quite apprehensive and stopped speaking. They hid within the crowd, afraid that Zhao Fu would come for them.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and decided to compromise, saying, "I can take out a portion of the spoils and give them out as rewards for everyone who participated!"

They had only obtained such a massive victory through everyone's efforts, and only Zhao Fu had contributed out of all of Great Qin. It would not be appropriate for Zhao Fu to take everything, so he decided to leave a bit for the others as well.

After hearing what Zhao Fu had said, all of the ordinary people started to happily laugh. All of them could earn some extra money from this, so they naturally stood on Zhao Fu's side.

As for the City Lords, they did not dare to say anything either and hid their hostility within their hearts.

Following this, countless people got on ships and started to head towards the rift. Apart from the powerful barrier, there was nothing defending the magic formations.