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 The final battle was about to begin, and both sides waited in anticipation. In that battle, the human side had lost another 100 million people, and there were only 900 million humans standing on the second line of dikes.

The area below them was completely filled with Fish Scale people, and their army numbered roughly three billion. They had not lost many people from the battle before.

The Fish Scale people felt incredibly confident, and looking at the dikes that were even simpler than the first ones, they all looked incredibly condescending. They felt that victory was already in their hands.

The fanged man laughed as he pointed at Tina Pendragon and called out, "From now on, you'll be my woman. As long you serve me well, I won't eat you. You're the prettiest woman I've met, and I want you to be my slave and to do you every day!"

These words made Tina Pendragon, who was very well-tempered, quite angry, and she slightly frowned.

The ugly man laughed as he also chose one and pointed at Masanori Hano, saying barbarically, "You'll be my female slave. I don't want to bother saying too much, so as long as you're willing, I'll spare you and your family's lives. Otherwise, I'll skin you all to make decorations."

The enchanting woman dissatisfiedly harrumphed seeing that two of the prettiest ones had been taken. However, many of the remaining men were not bad either, so she pointed at Si Ji and Geoffrey, saying, "Both of you can be my slaves! You humans have no chance of beating us, so as long as you're good slaves, I'll guarantee your safety!"

The two people's words made Masanori Hano, Geoffrey, and Si Ji incredibly angry. Masanori Hano's expression became completely icy, while Si Ji and Geoffrey glared at the enchanting woman.

"I'll give you all one last chance. If you're willing to submit to the Fish Scale race, you humans can survive as slaves. Otherwise, all of you will perish!" the white-haired elder said domineering with his hands behind his back.

Tina Pendragon did not say anything. Instead, slashed out a shocking golden sword light. This sword seemed to dye the entire world golden, and it flew toward the white-haired elder and the others.

This officially began the battle, and seeing that the humans were not willing to surrender, the Fish Scale people started to attack. Countless arrows filled the sky and descended, while the majority of the Fish Scale people dove underwater to destroy the dikes' barriers.

With three billion Fish Scale people attacking 900 million humans, the humans had already lost in terms of morale. They were greatly outnumbered and were innately weaker, so they were completely suppressed by the Fish Scale people.

However, the situation quickly changed - countless Fish Scale people suddenly coughed up blood and immediately died.

This made countless people feel incredibly shocked, and the Fish Scale City Lords in the air looked completely dumbstruck. None of them could understand why countless Fish Scale soldiers had suddenly died.

Even many of the humans felt confused, not knowing what was going on. However, the 20 or so people most important to the Southern Continent alliance, including the Legatees, knew what was happening and grinned.

Geoffrey heavily sighed while Tina Pendragon remained silent, and Masanori Hano smiled as she looked at the ugly man, feeling quite pleased.

The Fish Scale people realized that they had fallen for the humans' trap, but there was nothing they could do about it now. Every second, tens of thousands of Fish Scale people died, and the surface of the water was already clumped with corpses. Their expressions were all quite terrifying, causing the rest of the Fish Scale people to feel horrified.

At that moment, one of the Fish Scale City Lords cried out, "There's an intense poison in the water!"

This made all of the Fish Scale leaders' expressions to become grim. They had never expected the other side to use such insidious means, and they immediately ordered their soldiers to use their Cultivation power to suppress the poison in their bodies. The countless soldiers did so, but it was completely useless.

One of the Fish Scale soldiers yelled as he coughed up blood, "This poison's too intense; I can't stop it at all!"

This caused the Fish Scale leaders' hearts to sink. They could only order their soldiers to leave the water with the poison. However, they were unable to do this at all, as they could not fly - only City Lords could fly using their City Lord Seals' power.

In just a while, 1.5 billion Fish Scale people were poisoned to death, making the Fish Scale leaders angry to the point they felt like they were going mad. They yelled, "Attack the dikes! Only then can we escape from the poison!"

A black ray of light, bringing with it an immense aura, suddenly appeared above the dikes, followed by thousands of City Lords. Immediately, everything fell silent.

As soon as this person appeared, the Fish Scale Legatees' expressions fell, because from his aura, they could sense that he was the one who had sealed the eight aquatic beast kings.

The humans looked at this person and started to cheer, "Great Qin's Legatee! Great Qin's Legatee! Great Qin's Legatee!"

Zhao Fu ignored them, took out 100 bottles, and opened them before pouring them into the water. Following this, the City Lords behind him also took out barrels of poison and poured it all into the water. At the same time, barrels were delivered to the soldiers on the dikes, who also started pouring them into the water.

Now, the water was being poisoned in the front and the back. Anyone who entered the region filled with poison would be poisoned to death, as this poison could enter one's body through one's skin.

This was the trump card that the humans had been hiding this entire time, and only the important leaders knew of this. This plan had been suggested by Zhao Fu and carried out by him - he had been collecting poisons all this time just for this day.

If they poured the poison into the Fish Scale world, because of how big it was, the poison would be quickly diluted and would not have much of an effect. However, they had constructed dikes in the human world, keeping the water in one place, making this poison plan quite effective.

After all, Zhao Fu had collected poisons from all over the human world and refined all of them using the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron, making them even more toxic.

Because of how much poison it had refined, the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron had leveled up to a Level 2 Saint Armament and was now the same level as the Sin Dragon Sword.

This was the reason why Zhao Fu and the Legatees had not appeared when the Fish Scale people had attacked the first line of dikes. The human world's plan was to suffer a defeat and lure the Fish Scale army in before killing them all.

In other words, they were trading the lives of 600 million humans for the lives of three billion Fish Scale people.

The Fish Scale people's ferocity surprised Zhao Fu, and if they did not use such methods, the humans definitely would not be a match for the Fish Scale people. If they properly fought directly, the humans would definitely lose.

The poison spread incredibly quickly, and the Fish Scale people trapped there died in horror and despair. None of the Fish Scale City Lords could do anything about this.

Now, there were only 300 million Fish Scale people. The Fish Scale City Lords' hearts ached, but they could only abandon them. They had already lost and could only escape. However, they only left after hatefully looking at Zhao Fu.

However, how could the human side allow them to just run like that? Countless City Lords filled with battle intent excitedly flew forwards, and Zhao Fu also shot towards the Fish Scale City Lords.