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 Large numbers of aquatic beasts started to head over. Even though they were all less than 1,000 meters long and not as terrifying as the ones that had just invaded, they were still quite powerful. What was more important to note was these aquatic beasts were under the Fish Scale people's control - unlike the ones before.

Millions of aquatic beasts controlled by the Fish Scale people started to charge and gave off terrifying auras as they rushed towards the human army.

"Get in formation!" the human commander yelled. Everyone started to move into their positions and roared, exploding out with might as traces of aura rose up from their bodies.

These auras gathered above them which formed an azure dragon, a black tortoise, a vermillion bird, and a white tiger. These holy beasts stood around the human army and gave off monstrous auras and brilliant lights.

Four energy barriers appeared around the human army which were azure, black, red, and white. They represented different energies.


The world-destroying aquatic beast tide of millions of aquatic beasts smashed against the energy barriers. Even though the barriers madly shook, they were still able to block the beast tide's assault.

This allowed the human army to give off a sigh of relief. However, the sound of countless conches being blown could be heard as the aquatic beasts seemed to be stimulated. Their eyes became red, and they gave off terrifying auras as they once again started to smash against the energy barriers.

Soon, the energy barriers shattered, and the ferocious aquatic beast tide rushed at the human army. The human players and soldiers were greatly shocked, and the Shieldbearers once again roared as they defended with all of their might.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Many Shieldbearers were knocked away, but they were able to greatly slow down the momentum of the aquatic beasts. The large numbers of Infantrymen behind them madly attacked and stabbed their weapons into the aquatic beasts' bodies. One after another was killed. The aquatic beasts' corpses drifted downwards, and the entire region was filled with blood.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The remaining aquatic beasts madly sent the Infantrymen at the front flying. But in the next moment, more Shieldbearers roared as they charged up with their shields to reduce the momentum of the aquatic beast tide once again. At the same time, the Archers continued to let loose arrows.

The massive beast tide was unable to destroy the human army's formation and was instead gradually weakened. However, the price that the human army paid was quite great. They had lost 120 million people.

However, they had made great gains. They had killed seven million or so aquatic beasts and destroyed the tide. There were not many left, and they were easily hunted down by the human army.

Seeing this, the Fish Scale people's commander quickly withdrew the surviving aquatic beasts. Moments after, the Fish Scale Cavalry gathered once again to charge from the front, left, and right.

Apart from the Cavalry, large numbers of Fish Scale Archers and Infantry also appeared, and they had much more than the human side.

As the Fish Scale Cavalry started to charge, countless Fish Scale Archers started to fire off arrows as the Fish Scale Infantrymen roared and followed behind the Cavalry.

The two sides quickly clashed, looking like a massive wave crashing against a big mountain. However, the human side's formation was already weakened by the aquatic beast tide. As the Fish Scale Cavalry charged, they dealt an even greater blow to the human army.

The human army could not defend against a simultaneous charge from three sides, and their formation was completely destroyed. Adding on the countless arrows, things became even more chaotic.

As the Fish Scale army continued to ferociously press forwards, the human army started to collapse, and they could only retreat. They quickly rose to the surface and got onto the ships waiting for them there. All the ships had magic formations on them, so it would be much faster than swimming.

As the humans ran for their lives, the Fish Scale people continued to chase after them while shooting arrows out toward the ships which caused soldiers to fall into the world. They were abnormally excited, and it was as if they were hunting animals.

Out of the one billion people who had set out, only 500 million people returned. 400 million players had died, and 100 million Stage 1 soldiers had died. It was only because of the Stage 1 soldiers they had been able to put up a good fight. Else, the human army would not have been able to stop the Fish Scale Cavalry at all.

On the other hand, the Fish Scale people only lost approximately seven million people. It could be said the humans were crushingly defeated.

The humans who returned were all quite terrified after being crushed like that; they had basically been one-sidedly slaughtered.

In contrast, the Fish Scale people were incredibly happy. They had won a resounding victory and lost only seven million people to destroy 500 million humans.

None of the Fish Scale factions thought such a thing was possible. Even though they knew they would destroy the humans in the water, the humans were much weaker than they had expected. Their Fish Scale army had completely slaughtered the human army.

"Let's see if we can use this victory to continue attacking. The humans just suffered a crushing defeat, and their morale has plummeted. If we suddenly invade, we'll be able to make great gains. Moreover, we don't need to directly fight with them and only need to destroy their dikes.

"Right now, the water at the dikes has risen to about 30 meters. If the dikes are destroyed, we will be able to instantly flood more than 100 regions, and we can use the seawater to continue to invade the human world. We won't give them an opportunity to build more dikes. This way, we'll be able to conquer the human world," a white-haired elder said to countless Fish Scale people.

The ugly fat man grinned as he nodded in agreement, "Yes! And, we should continue to gather more soldiers to deal a big blow to the humans. With enough soldiers, we'll be able to defend against any tricks they have as well as any death throes!"

The enchanting woman smiled and said, "In that case, should we talk about how to divvy up the human world? Back when we lured over the aquatic beast tide, they destroyed many system main cities, but the City Lord Seals were devoured by the aquatic beasts. Let's try to avoid that; it's quite a pity to see so many cities go to waste."

"That's easy! Whoever takes the city, town, or village will get to keep it. We've flooded approximately 400 regions in the human world, and there are still many towns and villages left," the fanged man said.

A handsome young man smiled as he said, "This is not a bad suggestion; those who put in more effort should receive more. This will also make everyone more motivated to invade the human world. However, for fairness, no one should take any villages or towns until we've dealt with the dikes."

The Fish Scale people all grinned, and they accepted this decision. Then, they held more discussions and made some more detailed plans.

After this battle, they had enough confidence to destroy the human world. The humans were just like livestock to them that could be killed whenever they wanted. That was how confident they were.

Indeed, with the results of this battle, they had the right to feel this way.

This time, they sent out three billion Fish Scale people. With so many people in the Fish Scale army, just one look at them would make most humans terrified to the point where they did not dare to fight.