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 Many humans jumped into the water after seeing the ships were being sabotaged. The ships were made out of wood, and it would be quite difficult for people with low Cultivation to destroy them. However, those with at least Stage 1 Cultivation would easily be able to sabotage them. And when the ships went down, they would also drag the people on them down as well.

Everyone had a Water Pearl; thus, even if they could not swim, they would not have to worry. After falling into the water, the Water Pearl on them would give off a faint light, and a membrane would appear around them. The membrane kept the water away from them and drew out oxygen from the water for them to breathe.

There were many people participating in this attack, and those at the front had already entered the water and were fighting with the Fish Scale people.

Even though the humans had received some training, they were still weaker in the water than the Fish Scale people who had lived their entire lives in water.

The Fish Scale people were like nimble fish in the water and were extremely agile, whereas the humans were quite awkward and clumsy.

A human player jumped into the water and stabbed towards a Fish Scale player, but the Fish Scale player twisted his body incredibly quickly, easily dodging the attack. Then, the Fish Scale player quickly swam behind the human player and used his short sword to attack.

The Fish Scale player's attack was extremely ferocious, and he rapidly slashed out with his short sword. The human player was forced to continuously defend while retreating, so he did not have an opportunity to retaliate.

Finally, the human player grasped an opportunity to shoot out a large amount of spear light toward the Fish Scale player, but the Fish Scale player coldly smiled and lithely retreated to easily avoid the attack before suddenly kicking out with his legs.

A whoosh sounded out as the Fish Scale player shot forwards like an arrow and slashed out with his short sword, sending out an icy glow.

The human player was greatly startled and tried to retreat, but it was too late. The short sword easily cut off his head, and blood flowed out from his neck, dyeing the surrounding water red - the headless corpse drifting downwards.

The Fish Scale player coldly harrumphed, "Arrogant humans! You dare to directly face us Fish Scale people in the water?"

Following this, the Fish Scale player turned and quickly swam over to another human and soon took another kill.

Humans who faced Fish Scale people of the same Cultivation were at a disadvantage, and humans who had lower Cultivation were guaranteed to lose. Only humans with a higher Cultivation could suppress the Fish Scale people, but because Fish Scale people were innately stronger than humans, the human side was at a great disadvantage.

In just a short while, the human side lost ten million people while killing less than one million Fish Scale people in exchange. The difference was quite great. If it was on land, there would not be such a great disparity. The water was the Fish Scale people's domain, and they were already stronger as well.

The people at the front quickly retreated. The person in charge of commanding this army was quite experienced, and he knew that if they continued like this, they would be bitterly defeated. As such, they had to quickly change their plans.

The players at the front were extremely furious because they felt incredibly powerless. They were being suppressed by the water and could not use their full strength, and the Fish Scale people's attacks were so ferocious. As such, they could only wait for orders.

Soon, the commander gave out an order, and the people at the front retreated. Archers who had been preparing at the back appeared; they drew their bows fully and sent their Cultivation power into them. The arrows gave off cold gleaming lights. And, because they were shooting in the water, the force of the arrows would be reduced, so they all used their full strength.

Arrows tore through the water which shocked many Fish Scale people. They immediately dodged, but many were still hit, which resulted in many injuries and casualties.

This immediately changed the situation for the human side, so they were finally able to gain an upper hand. This delighted everyone, but the situation quickly became grim as Fish Scale Cavalry started to appear at the sides.

There were three types of Fish Scale Cavalry: One rode on swordfish, one rode on sharks, and one rode on large catfish.

The Fish Scale people who rode on swordfish held spears that were incredibly fast and shot out like rays of silver light. They gave off incredible momentum as they tore into the human army.

They were completely unstoppable, and their spears continuously pierced into human bodies.

The Cavalry on sharks were not as fast, but they were not slow either. When they rushed in front of the humans, the three-meter long sharks would open their mouths and bite the humans in half.

The Shark Cavalry held large sabers suited to killing large numbers of people. As the Shark Cavalry slashed out, they were often able to take five or six heads.

The ones with the most ferocious auras were the Cavalry on catfish. They rode on catfish six meters long, and their heads were quite wide. They were also quite fast, so they ferociously charged into groups of people like bulls, blasting people away.

Ordinary players and soldiers were completely destroyed by the Fish Scale Cavalry. Moreover, the Fish Scale Cavalry flanked from two sides. The human army was greatly weakened and started to collapse, and all of the water was dyed red withblood.

In that one charge, the human army suffered 70 million injuries and casualties, whereas less than 500,000 Fish Scale people were killed. The human army no longer attacked so ferociously and instead took a defensive formation. Shieldbearers were on the outside, and their shields gave off a semi-circular energy barrier that could defend against attacks from the front, above, and below.

The Infantrymen supported the Shieldbearers from behind while the Archers on the inside drew their bows.

"Charge!!" a large Fish Scale person riding on a gigantic catfish roared as he led a massive number of Cavalrymen surging forward towards the human army.

The human commander roared, "Stop them even if you die! We're the most important line of defense for the human world. If we lose, all humans will die. Fire!!"

The human players and soldiers drew their bows and shot out icy arrows. The Shieldbearers roared as they prepared to stop the incoming Cavalry.

Countless arrows flew through the water which hit many of the Fish Scale people, and many of the arrows also hit their mounts. Even though the mounts did not immediately die, they started to go out of control due to the pain, which reduced the Fish Scale Cavalry's momentum.

However, the Fish Scale Cavalry still possessed immense momentum and slammed into the human army's shield wall.


"Ahhhh!!" the human Shieldbearers shouted as they used their full strength to defend against the massive force of the Cavalry, which momentarily stopped the tide of Fish Scale Cavalry.

The human side madly shot out arrows and killed many of the Fish Scale Cavalry. Once the Cavalry was stopped, their threat was much smaller.

The Fish Scale Cavalry could only turn and run, and the pressure on the human army was greatly lessened.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!" Bestial roars suddenly sounded out all around, and an extremely terrifying aura spread out.