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 The expressions of the people around him became serious, and one of them nodded and said, "The eight aquatic beast kings rule the eight cardinal directions in the Fish Scale world, so how could they not be powerful? If he hadn't dealt with those eight aquatic beast kings, we would not have been able to stop the aquatic beast tide, and they would have swept through many more regions."

Hearing this, the bearded man said with admiration, "It'd be great if I could be as powerful. I want to see just how powerful those aquatic beast kings are!"

In response, the other person said, "You'd most likely get instantly killed if you went. However, I'm a bit worried because the place where they were sealed was flooded by seawater. I wonder if anything will happen!"

Just as the bearded man was about to say something, the whole scene suddenly fell quiet. Everyone looked towards the door where a black-cloaked man had appeared without anyone realizing.

It was Zhao Fu, and he disregarded everyone's gazes as he walked in. He looked around and walked over to sit beside Tina Pendragon.

Seeing Zhao Fu had finally arrived, an elderly man stepped out and smiled as he said, "The meeting will now begin!"

A tough-looking man from the Chinese government walked out and spoke first. There were two things on the meeting's agenda: how to attack and how to defend.

"The Fish Scale people have occupied the rift and are pouring large amounts of water into our world. They've also set up a powerful barrier. First, we need to cut off the inflow of seawater at its source; only then will the flooding stop. Moreover, even though our dikes are supported with countless runes and talismans, they're made of mud, trees, and rocks. The water has risen to ten or so meters. And, if the Fish Scale people destroy the dikes, the outcome would be unimaginable. We need to use firmer materials to build a second line of dikes to take precautions."

Hearing this, everyone else nodded. Everyone agreed that they had to construct a second line of dikes in order to stay safe.

However, the problem was how to break through the barrier. There were one billion Fish Scale people on the other side defending it, so everyone heatedly discussed this matter. Zhao Fu did not say anything and attentively listened to everyone else speak.

As the humans discussed, the Fish Scale people started to move. Thousands of scouting teams had already stealthily entered the human world.

After obtaining some information, they returned to the Fish Scale world. Apart from finding out detailed information about the dikes, they had also discovered where the eight aquatic beast kings were sealed.

That was because the dangerous aura coming from that region was simply too strong, and it would have been difficult not to notice it. When this news was reported back to the Fish Scale world, everyone was quite shocked as they had thought the eight aquatic beast kings were still rampaging in the human world. They had never expected them to be sealed so quickly.

They were incredibly curious as to how the humans had done this. After all, even the Legatees of the Fish Scale world were not able to do anything to the eight aquatic beast kings.

The Fish Scale world's Legatees snuck into the human world and looked at the jet-black spear stuck into the ground underwater. It looked extremely ordinary but approaching it made one's hairs stand on end.

"I never thought the eight aquatic beast kings would be sealed here. It seems we cannot underestimate the human world. However, they've actually just left this seal here! If we can break the seal, the eight aquatic beast kings will definitely attack the humans even more furiously, helping out the invasion!" the ugly man said as he smiled and looked at the black spear in the ground.

The fanged man harrumphed, "The humans are too used to peace and security. They are too careless. I'll go and get rid of this seal!"

Everyone else was quite supportive of this, but none of them wanted to act. No one knew just how powerful the black spear's sealing power was. Now that someone was willing to try, everyone else was only too happy to support him.

However, to be able to seal the eight aquatic beast kings, the sealing power of the spear would definitely be incredibly terrifying. Everyone silently retreated as the fanged man walked over so as to prepare for anything unexpected.

The fanged man came before the black spear, and his body gave off a large amount of green light. He exploded out with a monstrous aura that sent out a shockwave that blasted the surrounding water away.

Suddenly, the fanged man grabbed the black spear!

Everyone was quite surprised since none of them had expected him to grab the spear like that and be fine. Following this, the fanged man started to use his strength to try to pull the black spear out.


A black light flashed and a formless energy sent the black man flying with his chest covered with blood. He seemed quite injured. In front of that power, he was completely defenseless.

No one was too surprised. Since the other side had dared to leave the seal here unguarded, it was definitely quite special.

It seemed this seal was not something they could break through, but perhaps their World Protector could try. However, the Fish Scale world's World Protector had been cultivating in the depths the entire time and normally disregarded matters of the world. He had not participated in this invasion, and everything had been planned and carried out by the other Legatees and factions.

The enchanting-looking woman said, "We should quickly leave! Now that we've triggered the seal, that person will definitely be able to sense it."

Everyone nodded, and the ugly man carried the fanged man. Even though the fanged man was quite stupid, he was very powerful. The others always used him to test the waters, so they had to save him.

Now, both sides had information about the other side but could not do much, resulting in a temporary deadlock.

Time gradually passed. After waiting a while, the human side gradually lost its passion for battle. The water below the dike was rising higher and higher and was now at 20 or so meters. Even though the dike was now ten meters taller, the situation was not very good.

The Fish Scale world had always been on the offensive, and the human world had always been on the defensive. As time went on, the human side gradually lost morale. If they started to leave like before, the Fish Scale people would most likely attack.

They could not continue on like this - the various factions decided they had to attack. Even though the rift had a powerful barrier around it, they would still be able to easily break through it if one billion people simultaneously attacked.

Many people had already thought of this, but they did not have much confidence in fighting on water. After all, this was a war between worlds. If they made any mistakes, countless people would die. As such, they had been hesitating this entire time, but they had no more time to waste.

Ships started to cover the water, and the people finally prepared to fight. Everyone felt quite excited to fight as they were incredibly infuriated by the Fish Scale people's plan.

Everyone's battle intent was once again lifted up after seeing they were about to fight, and they started to head towards the rift.

However, many ships started to be attacked halfway there. Arrows shot out from underwater. Because many people were careless, there were many injuries and casualties. Many Fish Scale people also swam underneath ships and started to use blades to sabotage the ships.