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 Within the barrier, the Fish Scale people mockingly and condescendingly looked at the human Legatees and City Lord.

They all chatted and laughed, and some people even started to drink wine. Everyone was incredibly delighted and did not put Zhao Fu and the others in their eyes at all. They were incredibly arrogant, and in their eyes, the entire human world was trash.

"Old Xi, your plan is great! All we have to do is wait, and we'll obtain their whole world. Now, we should start talking about how to divvy up the human world," an ugly-looking fat man said as he laughed.

A skinny old man calmly replied, "It's still too early for that; we haven't even taken over a continent yet. We'll talk about it after we've exterminated all of the humans!"

A handsome-looking young man lightly laughed as he said, "That's right; it's still early! The other side still has its World Protector and Legatees, and there might be some unexpected changes. We should still be careful."

The ugly-looking fat man laughed disdainfully, "Look, it's just those Legatees outside; do you really think they can break through the barrier? All they can do is look at it! We made this barrier using one billion people, so I don't believe for one second that they can break through it unless they use their world's power. However, our Fish Scale world's Legatees aren't weak either."

An enchanting woman flirtatiously looked at the people outside the barrier and lightly laughed as she said, "Now that the eight aquatic beast kings have been lured into the human world, our world has become much quieter. Just those eight aquatic beast kings are incredibly difficult for the humans to deal with, let alone us.

"It's a pity; I wanted to make some of those humans slaves, but they can't live underwater, so I have to give up on that. If you see any beautiful men or women, make sure you keep them for me so I can at least turn them into ice statues!"

A big man with fangs coldly harrumphed, "No way, I want to eat human flesh. I've never tried it before, but the aquatic beasts seem to enjoy it a lot, so the taste must be quite good. I want to find some nicer things to eat, and I'm sure the better they look, the better they'll taste."

After hearing this, the enchanting woman looked at the fanged man in contempt and turned her head aside.

"What should we do? We can't let things drag on like this. Let's work together to see if we can destroy this barrier!" Akhenaten said worriedly, seeing that the Southern Continent was in such great danger.

Tina Pendragon shook her head and said, "There's no need to try; we can't destroy that barrier. Unless we also gather one billion people or so, we won't be able to break through it."

"We should see if there's some way to stop the seawater. In just a short while, another ten or so regions have been flooded," Masanori Hano said as she looked at the seawater pouring into the human world.

Geoffrey thought for a moment before saying, "We can't destroy the barrier right now, so we can't stop them from pouring seawater into our world. Right now, we can only construct dams and the like to block the water. This will require everyone from the Southern Continent to help."

Akhenaten nodded and said, "I know. I'll get the word out immediately."

Geoffrey then continued, "Moreover, constructing dams are only temporary measures and can only stop the seawater for a short amount of time. If the Fish Scale people invade to stop us, things will be even more troublesome. Once the dams are destroyed, the seawater will continue to flood the world, so we have to cut it off at its source as soon as possible."

Facing such a powerful barrier, all of them felt powerless, and they all looked at Zhao Fu, who had been silent this entire time.

Zhao Fu could only shake his head. He could not break through a barrier formed by one billion people either, even if he used up all of Great Qin's Fate. Zhao Fu had also tried to use his Earth Realm Mark but found that he was unable to use the world's power yet, so he could only sigh.

Seeing that Zhao Fu could do nothing about it either, everyone else's hearts sank, and their expressions became grave.

Si Ji then said, "We should tell the whole world about this. We can't solve this by ourselves, and the Southern Continent can't solve it by themselves either. The whole world should know about this crisis!"

Everyone else nodded because this invasion was not just about the Southern Continent; once the Fish Scale people's plan was successful, everyone would be doomed.

Following this, everyone turned into rays of light and left.

This news quickly spread throughout the entire human world, shocking all of the factions. Upon hearing that the human world could face annihilation, no one dared to take things lightly anymore.

At the start, everyone else was hoping to weaken the Southern Continent. After all, the danger most likely would not reach them, so they had no plans of helping. Now that this disaster could affect them, they had to help. All factions, government or player, started to discuss how to deal with this issue.

Now that they were facing the extermination of the human race, everyone stood together. No one continued to say that the other side was kind or that they should still seek peace.

Anyone who still tried to maintain peace and call the other side kind when the other side was trying to kill them was an idiot. Those pacifists were not stupid, and because this severely affected their survival, they naturally would not stand on the Fish Scale people's side.

The various factions cooperated, setting up gigantic magic formations that allowed people to travel to the Southern Continent en masse. This allowed the various factions to send large portions of their military to help.

Once they were able to all gather at the Southern Continent, the human world's battle power would become many times more powerful. They would be able to fight together and resist the invasion together.

The human side started to become more united, and they worked together to stop the seawater. However, the seawater was flowing incredibly quickly, and even though they were building dams as quickly as possible, around 400 regions had been flooded. This area was equivalent to 15 Chinas.

Some system main cities and player factions fared better, as they immediately relocated when they heard about the floods. However, some of the villages in the wilderness and wild beasts were not able to escape in time. Only some beasts that had good instincts were able to survive.

However, the people in the wilderness were not so lucky, and the world-ending flood devoured everything in its path. None of them were able to react at all before they were all drowned.

No one knew just how many people had died in those 400 or so regions, but there were countless corpses floating on the water. There were humans, Outlanders, and beasts, creating a horrific scene.

The Fish Scale world started to notice the dams being built. After all, they were part of the Water Race and were quite sensitive to changes in the flow of water.

As such, the Fish Scale world started to send its soldiers into the human world. Those 400 inundated regions had all been filled with seawater, turning them into their territory. Anything they did would be much easier now.