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 Zhao Fu was quite happy because after sealing the eight aquatic beast kings, he had obtained an ocean of Invasion Points. The number of Invasion Points he had was more than half of what he needed to exchange for a Capital City.

This was a big step for Great Qin's road to restoration!

However, Zhao Fu had used up half of Great Qin's Fate this time, which was the only thing that truly made Zhao Fu's heart ache.

Soon, they met up with Si Ji and the three others who had not helped out. They looked at Zhao Fu awkwardly, but Zhao Fu did not mind because no one had an obligation to help anyone else. There was nothing wrong for them to stand on the sidelines because it was up to them whether they wanted to help or not.

In the real world, they may have been blamed for being immoral, but in terms of duties and responsibilities, they were not at fault.

As such, Zhao Fu did not mind too much. Of course, when they were in danger, Zhao Fu would not go and help them.

Everyone had been planning on killing the remaining aquatic beasts, but the crisis was not over and had instead become worse.

This was because seawater had flooded 50 or so regions!

This was the Fish Scale people's extermination plan. They had thought about and prepared this for a long time. Those who believed the Fish Scale people were kind would not even know how they had died.

The Fish Scale people did not launch a true invasion and did not even step into the human world. However, they wanted to destroy the entire human world through incredibly cruel means, leaving nothing behind.

The human world's fatal weakness was that they could not breathe or live underwater like the Fish Scale people could.

What the Fish Scale people lacked least was seawater. The Fish Scale world was twice as big as the human world because the sizes of the worlds in the Heaven Awaken World were based on how big they were in reality.

The human world in the Heaven Awaken World was ten times bigger than the human world in reality, and because the Fish Scale world was bigger than the human world in reality, it was also bigger in the Heaven Awaken World.

In their world, 90% of the world was water, so they had more than enough water to flood the human world. At the rift between the worlds, millions of magic formations were transporting seawater into the human world.

While the aquatic beasts were invading the Southern Continent, the Fish Scale people had already been flooding the human world. Before, they had thought that the eight aquatic beast kings would lead the aquatic beasts and ravage the entire Continent, as they were quite confident in the aquatic beast kings' power.

After all, as Legatees, they too could not fight against the aquatic beast kings and would be completely suppressed if they ever fought against them.

The aquatic beasts went on ahead and rampaged, destroying everything, while they carried out their extermination plan at the back - this was their plan.

In their eyes, the human world was pitifully weak, and they were quite divided. If there were a few hundred million people gathered at the rift, they would not have been able to carry out their plan so easily. The noises from the aquatic beasts as soon as they appeared would have been noticed, and the humans could have greatly obstructed them.

However, the humans had left, leaving behind only three million people. In front of this massive invasion, those three million people were completely negligible. There also were not any powerful people defending, just some useless soldiers. That was why the Fish Scale people's plan had been so successful.

They believed that all of the humans were like this, and that they could not stop them at all. They already viewed the human world as theirs for the taking.

However, they never expected that the 8 aquatic beast kings would be sealed by Zhao Fu so quickly.

This completely exceeded their expectations, but the flooding would have been discovered sooner or later. Now, they were quickly building more magic formations to send more seawater into the human world.

They were incredibly fast, and in just a day, they had flooded 50 regions. A flood of this speed could not be escaped at all.

Everything within those 50 regions had drowned, and even some fish and prawn had died. After all, it was a flood of seawater, and the fish and prawn that lived in freshwater could not survive.

Moreover, the seawater from the Fish Scale world was even saltier, and the Fish Scale world's creatures had all adapted in those conditions. However, the creatures in the human world had not, so the seawater was incredibly destructive.

The extermination plan was not an extermination plan for no reason; it was a plan truly intended to exterminate all humans so that none survived.

Even though players would not die a true death and could escape to the real world, once the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, all humans would be doomed.

After inundating 50 or so regions, the seawater continued on to even more regions incredibly quickly.

This method made Zhao Fu incredibly furious, and this was the same for the other Legatees. The only way to stop this disaster would be to go to the source and cut it off. Only then would the flooding stop.

However, by the time Zhao Fu and the other Legatees arrived, they found that there were countless Fish Scale people, and they were simply innumerable. There were players and indigenous residents, and they numbered around one billion in total. Their goal was not to attack but to defend.

After all, there was no need for them to suffer any losses. The aquatic beasts were disasters to them as well, so the Fish Scale people did not care whether they survived or died. All they needed to do was defend this place and prevent the humans from destroying the magic formation. If they could do that, the humans would naturally be exterminated.

The Fish Scale people had set up a barrier in front of the magic formations, and it was supported by the strength of one billion people. Even if Zhao Fu used his full strength, he would not be able to shake it at all.

The Legatees' expressions were all quite grim because they could already imagine what the result would be. If the seawater could flood 50 regions in a day, that would be 500 regions in ten days, and in just 100 days, 80% of the Southern Continent would be gone.

In a year, the entire Southern Continent would be completely flooded, and the seawater would soon spread to the Midland Continent, Northern Continent, Western Continent, and Southern Continent.

In a few years, the world would be completely inundated, and it was almost unbearable to think about what would happen to the human race. The Fish Scale people would be able to easily take over the human world.

The extinction of the human race - that was the final outcome.

Zhao Fu felt a chill in his heart. He gripped his fist, and the Earth Realm Mark gave off a rainbow light and appeared on the back of his hand. However, he was unable to use the world's power yet; they still had to face this together as the human world.