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 Zhao Fu stood in the air, the black and gold Great Qin Seal hovering above his head and giving off a black light and ripples of energy. The entire sky was filled with a dangerous aura.

"All City Lords, heed my orders!" Zhao Fu raised one hand as he yelled.


A gigantic explosion rang out as the Great Qin Seal turned into a black dragon and rushed into the sky, giving off an intense black light that covered the surrounding area. The might it gave off was like a massive hand that pressed down, destroying countless trees and rocks and causing the ground to crack.

Within Great Qin, all of the City Lords felt their City Lord Seals trembling, and they understood that Zhao Fu was going to use their power.

Their City Lord Seals rose out of their bodies and gave off different-colored lights and powerful auras.

"Westpan City heeds His Majesty's orders!""Moongazing City heeds His Majesty's orders!""Whitelight City heeds His Majesty's orders!"

Shouts sounded out as City Lord Seals gave off monstrous auras and shot into the sky, giving off brilliant lights and looking like stars.

A wondrous scene appeared in the sky above Great Qin; 400 or so stars scattered in different areas, illuminating the land below.


As the City Lords sent their power into the Great Qin Seal, Zhao Fu's body gave off boundless black light, and a black pillar of light shot to the sky. A deafening explosion sounded out as Heaven and Earth Qi madly gathered.

A large vortex quickly formed in the sky and gave off a powerful attractive force. It was like a black hole that could devour anything. Many large trees were pulled up by their roots, and even boulders were swept into the sky. It was as if a catastrophe was about to descend.

Tina Pendragon and the others were shocked at the power Zhao Fu was releasing, and the eight aquatic beast kings felt an immense sense of danger. They even started to consider running away.

This place was covered by a massive haze, and the aquatic beasts and City Lords in the distance felt the ripples of energy. They all looked quite shocked.

However, Zhao Fu was not done yet - within the Great Qin City's City Hall, the Twelve Metal Colossi, Imperial Ruler's Seal, Nation-Suppressing Pillar, and Great Qin Emperor Peacock all seemed to have been summoned by something and started to tremble.


Another gigantic explosion sounded out as four pillars of light, bringing with them monstrous power, shot into the sky. Black traces of Fate rose up from the ground and floated towards the four pillars of light, and Great Qin's ocean-like amount of Fate suddenly decreased by half.

A gigantic explosion rang out as if the sky had exploded, and a domineering might descended. The space around Zhao Fu's body shattered, and an extremely dangerous aura filled the heavens and the earth.

In the face of this power, the other Legatees seemed as small as ants, and the eight aquatic beast kings felt they were just like little beasts.

This was the first time they had felt such terror before, and it swept through their souls like an icy chill, causing their bodies to tremble. The eight aquatic beast kings all looked terrified, and they quickly retreated. They all wanted to escape because they felt an incredibly real threat of death.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of chains could be heard as millions of chains shot out from where Zhao Fu was towards the eight aquatic beast kings. They quickly found their targets and bound up the aquatic beast kings.

"Roarrr!!" the aquatic beast kings roared in fury and horror and desperately struggled, wanting to break free from the chains. However, no matter how they struggled, they were unable to free themselves at all.

The shattered space quickly re-formed, and Zhao Fu, giving off boundless might, looked at the eight aquatic beast kings struggling in fear.

Zhao Fu's gaze was cold and he slowly descended to the ground before squatting down and pressing a hand against the ground. A formless energy spread out as the chains that bound the aquatic beast kings started to drag them underground.

"Roarrr!!!!" the aquatic beast kings continued to roar in fear as they madly struggled, but they were still gradually dragged underground.

After being dragged underground, the eight aquatic beast kings still ferociously struggled, causing the ground to shake, and the ground rippled as if it was water.

Zhao Fu then took out an azure spear, called the Azure Wolf Spear, which was an Epic grade weapon. Zhao Fu gripped the spear, causing it to become dyed black, and the item spirit, a giant azure wolf, became a demon wolf.


Zhao Fu vigorously stabbed the black spear into the ground, and as the body of the spear sank one meter deep into the ground, a 1,000 meter wide Emperor's Seal appeared. A black light rippled out, after which the ground became calm again, and the eight aquatic beasts no longer struggled.

"Cough!" Zhao Fu half-knelt on the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood, almost collapsing. He immediately took out a bottle of healing medicinal pills and consumed them all, and his wounds started to gradually recover.

Zhao Fu looked at the others, and only Tina Pendragon and Akhenaten were barely able to stand.

No matter why they had done it, they had taken a great risk to save him and had fallen into great danger, so Zhao Fu still thanked them sincerely.

Tina Pendragon mustered up a smile before inwardly sighing. She had barely been of much help this time, and the two aquatic beast kings had almost killed her. In the end, it was Zhao Fu who had resolved this, and compared to him, she was still quite lacking.

Akhenaten dryly laughed. He had regretted saving Zhao Fu, but after hearing Zhao Fu thank him, he did not feel any more regret. To be able to obtain some goodwill from Zhao Fu, it was already enough.

Geoffrey's handsome face had been beaten black and blue, and he lay on the ground as he smiled with great difficulty. It was quite a pitiful smile.

Zhao Fu took out a bottle of Great Qin's special medicine and gave it to him, and Geoffrey did not hesitate to use it before summoning an angel image to help with his recovery.

Following this, Zhao Fu went over to a crater and looked at the unconscious Masanori Hano. Zhao Fu held her in his embrace as he fed the medicine and some Water of Life to her.

After a while, Masanori Hano slowly woke up. Seeing that she was lying in Zhao Fu's embrace, her face became red, and she sat up. With her devil constitution, her recovery speed was quite strong.

Everyone paused and recovered for a while before looking over at the battlefield. The result made them feel quite happy because after the 8 aquatic beast kings had been sealed by Zhao Fu, the aquatic beast tide seemed to have lost its momentum.

Even though some of the aquatic beasts continued to charge, many of them stopped and started to rest. Others ran towards oceans, and the crisis was temporarily resolved.

The Southern Continent's City Lords and various Generals had killed many aquatic beasts, numbering around four million.

After paying the various factions some money, Zhao Fu was able to obtain those corpses.