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 Cough! Cough! Cough!

Zhao Fu continuously coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood and got up with great difficulty. That attack just then had broken a few of Zhao Fu's bones.

Zhao Fu's eyes were filled with rage, and since he could not escape, he could only fight this battle. He rushed up and slashed out with all his strength, sending a gigantic sword wind towards the three aquatic beast kings.

Over at Tina Pendragon's side, things were not going well either. Even though she was only facing two aquatic beast kings, one less than Zhao Fu, she could only fight against one. She was evidently at a disadvantage and was in a tough spot.

The Netherocean Demon Whale's blood-red eyes savagely looked at Tina Pendragon, and it opened its enormous mouth and sucked in a large amount of air. It then spat it all out, sending out a pillar of wind that gave off an aura of destruction towards Tina Pendragon.

Tina Pendragon gripped her golden sword with both hands, and her body also gave off a faint golden light, making her look both noble and beautiful. This was her full-strength mode.

Facing the might pillar of wind, Tina Pendragon quickly moved to the side, and the pillar of wind blasted into a mountain that was hundreds of meters tall. In just an instant, the mountain trembled, and a 100-meter wide gap appeared. It was evident just how powerful the Netherocean Demon Whale's attack was.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Ten violet spears of light tore through the sky, giving off ten explosions. The ten spears had immense piercing power and shot towards Tina Pendragon, who had just dodged the Netherocean Demon Whale's attack. It was the Sin Flood Dragon that had raised its body and unleashed this attack.

The ten spears of light were 100 meters long, and they gave off terrifying auras. They were extremely fast, making it impossible for Tina Pendragon to dodge in time. She could only stand her ground and grip her sword. Just as the ten spears of light were able to hit her, she suddenly slashed ten times, sending out ten golden sword lights simultaneously.

The ten violet spears of light were destroyed with a bang, turning into motes of violet light and falling to the ground, looking quite pretty.

"Roar!!!!" The Netherocean Demon Whale appeared behind Tina Pendragon and roared, once again opening its enormous mouth. It sucked in a massive amount of air and shot out an air blast that was 1,000 meters wide towards Tina Pendragon.

Tina Pendragon had only just defended against the Sin Flood Dragon's attack, and facing this terrifying attack, she did not even have the time to turn around. She could only explode out with golden light, forming a golden defensive barrier.


The 1,000-meter wide air blast smashed into Tina Pendragons' shield and exploded, turning into wild gusts of wind that spread out in all directions.

Tina Pendragon was sent flying by the impact and crashed against a peak. Her defensive barrier shattered with a crash, turning into countless shards that disappeared, and a trace of blood leaked out from her mouth.


Suddenly, three violet vortexes appeared around Tina Pendragon, and three snakes that were 100 meters long hissed as they came out and bit towards her.

Tina Pendragon was greatly startled and hurriedly slashed out twice, cutting two of the snakes in half and causing them to turn into traces of violet qi.

However, the third snake savagely bit onto the left half of Tina Pendragon's body, tearing through her armor and ripping into her body. Blood immediately flowed out, dyeing her silver-white knight's dress red.

Tina Pendragon endured the pain as the golden sword in her hand gave off waves of sword light. She swung vigorously, and a crescent-shaped sword light flew out and cut the snake in half.


After being cut in half, the 100-meter long snake exploded into countless traces of violet qi.

By now, Tina Pendragon's face had a rare look of worry on it. She raised her golden sword and a formless sword aura swept out, and eight gigantic golden ripples appeared in the air. Eight massive golden swords, giving off brilliant golden light, slowly emerged from the golden ripples.


As Tina Pendragon slashed down, the eight golden swords gave off a massive amount of holy light power and shot towards the Sin Flood Dragon and Netherocean Demon Whale extremely quickly, dyeing the entire sky golden.

Facing the eight massive swords, the two aquatic beast kings did not dare to be careless.

The Sin Flood Dragon spat out a large amount of violet mist that surrounded its body. The violet mist looked incorporeal and not very strong, but it had immense flexibility and toughness, and it was the Sin Flood Dragon's most powerful defense.

The Netherocean Demon Whale shot out an air blast, wanting to cancel out the incoming golden swords.

"Roar!!" Roar!!" Two roars of pain sounded out.

Four of the gigantic golden swords tore through the violet mist, piercing into the Sin Flood Dragon's body and causing blood to flow out like a fountain, and the four other golden swords destroyed the air blast and continued onwards to the Netherocean Demon Whale, stabbing into its body.

Even though it was painful, the two aquatic beast kings were not heavily injured. To the aquatic beast kings, which had bodies that were 10,000 meters long, the 100 meter giant swords were quite small. This attack caused the Sin Flood Dragon and Netherocean Demon Whale to become completely furious, and they rushed up and launched even more crazed attacks.

Over at Akhenaten's side, he summoned three sand giants that were 100 meters tall, and they picked up massive boulders and threw them at the Sift Metal Stingray in the sky. The boulders hit the Sift Metal Stingray's body, resulting in a few clanging sounds, but they were unable to harm it at all.

The Sift Metal Stingray flapped its fins, giving off a sharp, metallic wind storm that rushed down and broke into pieces all the trees and rocks in its way.

Akhenaten's expression became grim, and he controlled the three sand giants to rush up, wanting to block the Sift Metal Stingray's attack.


A massive explosion sounded out as the three sand giants were obliterated by the Sift Metal Stingray, and they had been unable to obstruct its attack at all.

An unsightly look appeared on Akhenaten's face as he stuck his staff into the ground. An eerie aura rushed out as a 100-meter tall metallic sarcophagus, which gave off an extremely gloomy aura, blocked in front of Akhenaten.


The Sift Metal Stingray's metallic wind storm smashed against the gigantic sarcophagus, creating an ear-splitting noise. The sarcophagus gave off boundless gray light and actually stopped the attack.

The Sift Metal Stingray gave off an angry gargling sound as its entire body gave off intense light and sent forth an even more terrifying wind storm.


A few cracks appeared on the sarcophagus, and they spread and became longer. Akhenaten was greatly startled and hurriedly dove to the side as the metallic sarcophagus collapsed.

Akhenaten was still sent flying by the wind storm, and cuts appeared all over his body. The immense pain caused Akhenaten to go berserk as runes started to appear all over the staff he held.

Yin Qi in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers wildly gathered above him, forming a gigantic vortex that gave off a shocking might.