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A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu was knocked away, and he heavily crashed into a cliff. Countless cracks appeared on the cliff, and Zhao Fu coughed up a large mouthful of blood. He had already been in a weakened state, and after taking this sudden blow, he had been seriously injured.

A lizard-like aquatic beast that was 10,000 meters long and covered with reefs appeared. Its eyes were a deep green color, and it gave off a fishy smell and an incredibly monstrous aura.

Yet another aquatic beast king had been attracted over - this was called a Reef Lizard!

The Reef Lizard had just shot out a rhombus-shaped reef that had instantly pierced through Zhao Fu's defenses and sent him flying. Even though the Reef Lizard was easier to deal with than the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise, Zhao Fu was already seriously injured and was not a match for it.

At the same time, there was also the Three Soul Great Snake that was always preparing to strike, and the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise still had a bit of strength.

Since he could not defeat them, he could only run. Zhao Fu's body turned into a ray of light and escaped in the direction where there were no aquatic beasts.

The Reef Lizard gave a mocking hiss, and its back trembled as thousands of three-meter long reefs flew towards Zhao Fu.

The reefs had incredible piercing power, and if he was hit, he would most likely be fatally injured at this point. As such, Zhao Fu could only dodge while doing his best to block them.


Zhao Fu was suddenly hit by a massive explosion, and he crashed onto the ground. Blood flowed out from all over his body, dyeing him completely blood-red.

"Skreeee!!" A piercing cry sounded out as a massive bird appeared in the sky. The bird did not have any feathers and only had gray scales and blue eyes. Its claws seemed to be made out of metal and gave off icy glows, and its body was surrounded by an intensely hot, blue flame.

The heat it gave off was not any ordinary heat but a heat like that of evaporating steam. The blue flame around the massive bird was actually water-attributed.

The massive bird spread its wings, which were 10,000 meters wide, and its massive figure covered much of the sky. Yet another aquatic beast king had arrived.

This aquatic beast king was called the Ghostscale Flame Bird, and the blue fireball that it had released had blasted Zhao Fu to the ground.

Zhao Fu continuously coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood and stood up with great difficulty.

The Reef Lizard, Earthwater Dragon Tortoise, Ghostscale Flame Bird, and Three Soul Great Snake, four aquatic beast kings, coldly looked at Zhao Fu, simultaneously unleashing their own attacks at him.

Sensing these four terrifying attacks, Zhao Fu felt a chill in his heart. He would have to use his Nation Armament, or he would die here.

Suddenly, four figures appeared around him. Masanori Hano held a devilish halberd and swung it vigorously, causing countless traces of devil qi to block the reefs from the Reef Lizard. Geoffrey spun his spear and stopped the black light from the Three Soul Great Snake.

Tina Pendragon slashed out with her sword, the golden sword light splitting the gigantic blue fireball in half, while Akhenaten raised up a shield of light, blocking a massive water ball.

Seeing the four people around him, Zhao Fu's expression became quite complicated; he had never expected these people to save him.

Not only the aquatic beast kings had been attracted here, but the other Legatees had also sensed those terrifying shockwaves and hurried over. Seeing the ravaged land, they felt incredibly shocked.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had been surrounded by four aquatic beast kings, they hurriedly came to help. Geoffrey and Tina Pendragon were selfless people and chose to directly help.

Masanori Hano had her own motives, which was why she had come even faster than the others. As for Akhenaten, he knew that Zhao Fu was important to his defenses because without Great Qin's Legatee, it would be very difficult to stop this invasion.

If it wasn't for the fact that it was the Southern Continent being attacked, Akhenaten would not have helped Zhao Fu and would have watched from a distance like the other four Legatees.

Even though this was a war between worlds, as long as the entire world was not in danger, they were still competitors. With how powerful Great Qin's Legatee was, who knew if he would act against them in the future.

Moreover, the aquatic beast kings' power could strike fear into anyone, and none of them felt that they were strong enough to fight them.

They were unable to use the Earth Realm Mark's power yet, as the world was not yet in danger of being destroyed. The Earth Realm Mark was not something that could be used at will, as it had its own consciousness that decided when to give power.

After all, the Earth Realm Mark's power came from the world's source energy itself and could affect the entire world. Apart from when the world was facing true destruction, it would not be available to them.

The four spectating Legatees felt that they could not defeat the aquatic beast kings, and because they also wanted to weaken Great Qin's Legatee, they decided to just watch from a distance.

"I can deal with this myself; I don't need you to help!" Zhao Fu said to the four other people. Zhao Fu did not want to owe anyone any favors because such favors were incredibly difficult to return.

These words caused Akhenaten to feel quite displeased. If it wasn't for the Southern Continent, he would not have helped Great Qin's Legatee. Perhaps if Great Qin's Legatee died, one of them would be able to take his place.

However, Akhenaten only inwardly thought these things and did not say them.

Geoffrey dryly laughed and said in response, "Great Qin's Legatee, this isn't something you can deal with by yourself. These aquatic beast kings are too monstrous, and I can barely hold one off by myself, let alone four."

Tina Pendragon lightly nodded and said, "What Geoffrey said is correct. We shouldn't face such a massive disaster by ourselves. We should instead work together and help each other out!"

Masanori Hano's face became a bit red, and she also nodded.

Zhao Fu did not reply to them, and he looked up at the sky seriously as he said, "If you don't run, all of us will die here together!"

They did not understand what Zhao Fu meant, but in the distance, Si Ji and the others' expressions fell, and they quickly ran away.

Four incredibly horrifying auras once again descended. Those auras were ones that induced absolute despair, and now, Tina Pendragon and the others understood what Zhao Fu meant.

In the East, a jellyfish slowly floated over. This jellyfish was 10,000 meters long and was transparent, and it had countless tentacles. It was surrounded by mist, giving it an illusory but powerful feeling. This was the aquatic beast king Heaven Cloud Jellyfish!

In the West, a whale flew over, also 10,000 meters long. Its body was a pale white color and it had 18 blood-red eyes, giving off a powerful demonic aura. This was the aquatic beast king Netherocean Demon Whale!

In the South, a 10,000-meter long stingray flew over. Its body seemed to be made out of metal, and its tail gave off an icy glow. It gave off a thick, metallic aura - this was the aquatic beast king Sift Metal Stingray!

In the North, a 10,000-meter long flood dragon with no feet and violet scales appeared. It gave off a ferocious might - this was the aquatic beast king Sin Flood Dragon!