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 Zhao Fu crashed to the ground, his face ashen. He had never thought that another aquatic beast king would appear. He had not even taken care of the Three Soul Great Snake, and now, an Earthwater Dragon Tortoise had appeared, placing many times more pressure on him.

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise coldly looked at Zhao Fu, and in the next moment, water pillars that were three meters wide suddenly rushed up from the ground, smashing towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu quickly dodged, but the water pillars did not stop flying at him. The water pillars were incredibly powerful, and he would not just be lightly injured if he was hit. If a 30-meter long aquatic beast was hit by a water pillar, it would be smashed to death.

Only after Zhao Fu flew into the sky again was he able to avoid the continuous assault.

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise continued to coldly stare at Zhao Fu and did not move as countless traces of water vapor gathered, forming dozens of gigantic water balls.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

The water balls shot towards Zhao Fu with immense force, leaving faint air waves behind them.

Zhao Fu was forced to use his Emperor's Domain while dodging and continuously slashing out with his sword, destroying the incoming water balls.

Right after dealing with that wave of attacks, in the next second, the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise once again condensed massive water balls and sent them shooting towards Zhao Fu. Right now, let alone attack, Zhao Fu could not even get close, making him feel quite frustrated.

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise was most likely a water-type since it had incredibly powerful control over water. As Zhao Fu dodged its attacks, he considered how to deal with it.

Suddenly, a black blur rushed towards him. The Three Soul Great Snake had regained some of its strength, and it opened its mouth and bit towards him.

Zhao Fu was quite startled and hurriedly threw himself to the side, narrowly avoiding this attack. The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise grasped this opportunity to shoot out a powerful water ball, blasting Zhao Fu flying. Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain was now covered with cracks.

After steadying himself in mid-air, Zhao Fu decided that he had to at least attack the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise; he could not just continue passively defending like this.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and rushed at the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise. Seeing Zhao Fu approach, the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise once again gathered countless water balls and shot them toward Zhao Fu with immense force.

Zhao Fu continuously dodged as he charged forward, and if he couldn't avoid them, he would slash out sword lights to destroy the water balls.

As the distance between them shrank, a trace of panic appeared in the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise's eyes, and it continued to gather water vapor.

"Roarr!" the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise condensed a gigantic water dragon that gave an ear-splitting roar, bringing with it a powerful aura as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and sent his power into the Sin Dragon Sword and slashed out. A water dragon of his own appeared, slamming towards the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise with immense force.


The two water dragons collided, giving off a gigantic explosion, and a massive amount of water splashed everywhere.

By now, Zhao Fu had already reached the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise, and his sword gave off a terrifying sword light as he slashed at it.

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise immediately pulled its head into its shell, and as the sword light hit the shell, it only left a faint mark and was unable to harm the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise at all.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite furious. Just as he was about to continue attacking it, countless pillars of water rushed up from the ground, forcing him back.


A black orb of light sent Zhao Fu flying - the Three Soul Great Snake had grasped this opportunity to once again attack. It was determined to repay the pain it had suffered ten times back.

After crashing to the ground, Zhao Fu once again coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise stretched out its head again and continued to condense water balls and send them flying towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu could only continuously dodge, feeling extremely frustrated at being suppressed like this. Suddenly, Zhao Fu had an idea, and his mind quickly worked out a plan.

"Ssss!" the Three Soul Great Snake gave a loud hiss and opened its bloody mouth, biting towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, and his sword brought with it an immense sword wind, once again slashing at the Three Soul Great Snake and sending it flying. After its gigantic body crashed to the ground, the ground continuously trembled, and leaves fell off trees like rain.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise continued to condense countless water balls and sent them flying towards Zhao Fu, while Zhao Fu could only dodge to the side.

He took out the Sky Demon Sword and raised his free hand, casting Hell's Doors.

"Roar!!!" Countless demons flew out of the black hole, flying towards the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise. However, the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise showed no fear, condensing over 10,000 water balls in an instant and sending them flying towards the demons.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

As the water balls hit the demons, the massive power they contained immediately annihilated the demons. The seemingly-terrifying demon horde was instantly crushed by the water balls.

Suddenly, a ray of light shot towards the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise incredibly quickly, giving it a big fright. It immediately pulled its head and legs into its shell.

Zhao Fu had thrown out the Sin Dragon Sword in front of the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise, and it was firmly planted in the ground in front of it. After a while, seeing that nothing had happened, the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise cautiously stretched out its head and legs again.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed, and his Emperor's Seal, upgraded from the King's Seal, appeared on the palm of his hand. An immense wave of power flowed out from his palm, entering the Sin Dragon Sword, which gave off a resplendent sword light.

The ground started to shake, and the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise sensed something and was greatly startled. It immediately tried to move away, but it was already too late.


A 10,000-meter wide pillar of water suddenly rushed out from the ground and blasted the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise thousands of meters up into the air. As it crashed back down to the ground, the impact caused the surrounding mountains to shake.

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise created a crater that was more than 10,000 meters wide, and it was as if a meteor had collided with the world. All the trees and rocks nearby were completely obliterated.

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise looked incredibly wretched - blood continuously flowed out of its mouth, and it looked heavily injured.

Zhao Fu wiped away the blood at his own lips. The skill he had just used, King's Profoundness, had used up too much of his power, making him feel quite weak.

Before, Zhao Fu had always used the Sky Demon Sword to cast King's Profoundness, but this time, he had used the Sin Dragon Sword.

Moreover, the method he had used was the method that eagles used to eat tortoises. Tortoises had incredibly solid shells, so eagles would pick them up and smash them down. The heavier they were, the bigger the impact would be, so in just this one strike, the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise had been heavily injured.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate to rush towards the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise. If he could kill it, he would be able to kill the Three Soul Great Snake easily.