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 As Zhao Fu dodged the three-headed python's attack, he slashed out a sword light that smashed into the python. This strike, which would have been able to slice a normal aquatic beast in half, only left a shallow wound on its body.

The three-headed python was furious and loudly hissed before shooting out a black ray of light. This ray of light was like a laser that tore apart the ground as it approached Zhao Fu, leaving behind a deep groove in the ground.

The ground was instantly destroyed, and the ground around the groove started to crack and collapse as well.

Zhao Fu threw himself to the side, narrowly avoiding this ray of light, and seeing that the three-headed python had finally stopped attacking, he sent all of his power into the next strike. A 1,000-meter long sword light, bringing with it an intense sword, slashed out towards the three-headed python.


The massive power from the sword light sent the gigantic python flying back ten or so meters before crashing to the ground, sending a lot of dust into the air.

"Ssss!" the three-headed python went berserk, and there was now a one-meter-deep wound on its belly, causing blood to continuously flow out. Even though it was a small injury, it had never been injured like this before.

Within the dust, the three-headed python reared its heads and opened its mouth, shooting out three rays of black light.

These rays of black light flashed through the air and instantly reached Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu was unable to dodge in time and could only slash out with his sword, the sharp sword light splitting apart the three rays of black light, dispersing them into countless motes of light.


Suddenly, a black figure smashed into Zhao Fu's body; it was a snake head that was as big as a small mountain. In just an instant, the three-headed python had reached Zhao Fu's side and attacked.

The enormous snake head sent Zhao Fu flying, and he crashed heavily against a mountain. A trace of blood flowed out from his lips - this time, he had not been able to release the Emperor's Domain in time and had received a minor injury.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The three-headed python once again shot out three rays of black light towards Zhao Fu before charging towards him as well, and Zhao Fu could only duck to the side. As the three rays of light hit the mountain, they blasted three wide tunnels into it.

"Hah!!" Zhao Fu felt a bit furious and raised the Sin Dragon Sword with both hands, sending all of his power into it. The Sin Dragon Sword gave off a brilliant sword light, and the sound of a dragon's roar could be heard as three water dragons rushed towards the three-headed python with immense force.

The three-headed python's massive body was unable to dodge at all, and after being hit by the three water dragons, it was blasted back hundreds of meters and even caused a peak to collapse.

The gigantic noise caused the spectating aquatic beasts around to feel incredibly terrified.

"Ssss!" The three-headed python was truly enraged. Even though it did not seem very injured on the outside, it had suffered internal injuries, and blood leaked out of its mouth. It raised its heads and gave off a piercing hiss.

Orbs of black light continuously shot out of the three-headed pythons mouths, raining down toward Zhao Fu like bullets from a machine gun.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The orbs of black light continuously shot out, and Zhao Fu unleashed his Emperor's Domain while continuously dodging about. These orbs of black light were incredibly powerful, and each of them blasted open a crater that was ten or so meters wide on the ground.

In just a short while, the ground was covered with over 10,000 of these craters, creating an extremely horrific scene.

Suddenly, a stream of demonic qi rushed into the sky, and the sun seemed to be dyed black. There was no sunlight or heat anymore, and instead, the sky only gave off boundless demonic intent, and an extremely terrifying sword aura swept about like a wild wind.

Zhao Fu's body was currently shrouded with demonic qi, and he raised the Sky Demon Sword, which he now had equipped, preparing to cast its most powerful skill, Demon Sun.

The three-headed python sensed how dangerous this attack was, and it opened its mouth, spewing forth large amounts of black light that gathered in front of its head into a massive ball.

The black ball continuously absorbed the black light, becoming larger and larger. Soon, it was 100 meters wide and had arcs of lightning around it. It also gave off an aura of complete annihilation and could strike fear into anyone's heart.


Zhao Fu slashed out, and a gigantic black sword light that seemed to split the heavens and the earth rushed out. The space it passed through seemed to be crushed, and it hurtled towards the three-headed python.

"Sssss!!" the 3-headed python gave a massive hiss before releasing the black ball. The massive ball gave off an aura of extermination as it flew towards Zhao Fu.


A shocking explosion rang out, causing the ground to continuously tremble. Even the Legatees who were ten or so regions away could hear this explosion and feel the tremors, and they felt extremely surprised. It was likely that something big was happening where Great Qin's Legatee was.

Back at Zhao Fu's battlefield, there was a 10,000-meter wide crater between where he and the three-headed python were, and everything was deathly silent.

Within a pile of boulders, Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood and climbed out. The three-headed python was also on the ground with countless wounds on its body. Blood continuously streamed out, and it seemed to be heavily wounded.

A determined look appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he tapped off the ground, his body shooting forwards like an arrow towards the three-headed python.

On the ground, the three-headed python sensed Zhao Fu's approach and lifted its heads, sending three rays of black light towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu swung his sword, and an arc of sword light destroyed the incoming rays of black light. Zhao Fu came before the three-headed python and once again equipped the Sin Dragon Sword, gathering countless traces of water vapor and forming a 1,000-meter long water sword.


Zhao Fu hacked down with all of his strength, and the terrifying water sword descended accompanied by gusts of wild wind. In response, the three-headed python's body shined with black light, preparing to defend.

However, it was still sent flying hundreds of meters by Zhao Fu's attack. It crashed heavily onto the ground, destroying countless trees and rocks, and gave a massive hiss in pain.

The three-headed python was nearly dead, and Zhao Fu once again rushed up, preparing to finish it off.


Suddenly, a massive pillar of water rushed towards Zhao Fu, making him feel quite shocked. He hurriedly dodged to the side, but another pillar of water slammed towards him. He was unable to avoid it and was sent flying.

The ground continuously shook as a mountain-sized figure appeared. It was a gigantic tortoise that was 10,000 meters wide, and it had a dark green shell on its back. It had a dragon's head and four powerful claws, and it gave off an aura that was as heavy as a mountain.

The three-headed snake was called the Three Soul Great Snake and was one of the Fish Scale world's aquatic beast kings. This tortoise was also one of the aquatic beast kings and was called the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise.

This Earthwater Dragon Tortoise was even more difficult to deal with than the Three Soul Great Snake, as it had an incredibly firm shell. With its defense, barely anyone would be able to damage it. The Fish Scale people had paid a massive price to bring it to the human world.

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise had been attracted over by the massive explosion, and when it saw powerful human, it had chosen to attack first.