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 The massive beast tide was continuously split up when they arrived at the V-shaped man-made mountains, forming groups of thousands or tens of thousands of aquatic beasts, and they split off in all directions. Luckily, they had 7,000 or so City Lords helping out, and they split into small groups and went to kill the aquatic beasts.

Otherwise, with the human world's current power, they would be completely ravaged by these aquatic beasts without being able to retaliate at all.

However, they still did not have enough people to face off against millions of aquatic beasts, and Akhenaten understood this. As such, he traveled around, convincing City Lords to come and take a look for themselves. If they could not defend, everyone would be doomed together.

After many of the City Lords came and saw the aquatic beasts for themselves, they could only join in.

However, they still did not have enough people. Even though the beast tide had been split up into smaller groups, it would take them at least half a year to clear out all of them with the people they had now. If they left things for that long, the damage that the beast tide would cause would be dozens of times more severe than right now.

This forced the Southern Continent factions to request for support from all over the world.

It was not quite possible for system main cities to help, as they did not care about the situation on a different continent. As such, they could only count on player factions. However, there were many player factions that were also unwilling to help, as they wanted to preserve their own forces and let the Southern Continent use their own forces. Only a small portion of people was willing to come to the Southern Continent and help.

Zhao Fu was already helping as much as he could. It was impossible for him to go around begging people to come and help the Southern Continent.

The other Legatees were already starting to hunt down the aquatic beasts, and Zhao Fu came above a group of 10,000 or so aquatic beasts.

Looking at the oddly-shaped aquatic beasts, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief, as the aura they gave off was not too powerful; they were just very big. If they were not only big but also had the power of a boss monster, let alone the human world, no world would be able to stop their rampage except those with high-level Kingdoms.

Zhao Fu deeply breathed in, and the Great Qin Seal within his body continuously trembled as he gathered the power of 400 or so City Lord Seals and prepared to use all of it.


A rainbow-colored aura flame erupted around Zhao Fu, causing his black cloak to flutter. An incredibly terrifying might descended, and the aquatic beasts that were slowly walking forwards after feasting on humans felt a sense of danger.

This was the first time they had felt this feeling in the human world, and in the distance, the other Legatees also felt quite shocked when they sensed this power.

Zhao Fu drew the Sin Dragon Sword and started massacring.

A 1,000-meter long black crescent swept through the group of aquatic beasts, causing their bodies to be ripped apart. Blood gushed out like a fountain, dyeing the ground red and causing a pungent smell to spread.

"System announcement! You have killed the Fish Scale world's Lone Duck Beast and obtained 1,200 Invasion Points."

"System announcement! You have killed the Fish Scale world's Blunt Green Fish and obtained 1,000 Invasion Points."

"System announcement! You have killed the Fish Scale world's Palm Fish and obtained 1,100 Invasion Points."

A single attack from Zhao Fu killed dozens of aquatic beasts, and he received a flood of system announcements. It seemed that killing these aquatic beasts gave many rewards.

After the dozens of aquatic beasts died, the other aquatic beasts became enraged and roared as they furiously rushed at Zhao Fu, wanting to kill him.

An octopus-like aquatic beast stretched out its tentacles and whipped them at Zhao Fu, causing the air to explode.

A shark-like aquatic beast opened its mouth as it bit towards Zhao Fu.

There was also a swordfish-like aquatic beast that was as fast as lightning and created massive winds as it shot towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stood his ground, and the Sin Dragon Sword in his hand gave off a resplendent sword light as he casually slashed out. A sword arc flashed out, slashing countless tentacles, and the octopus-like aquatic beast roared in pain before stumbling backward.

The shark-like aquatic beast also reached Zhao Fu, and it bit towards him when Zhao Fu suddenly slashed back in the opposite direction. A black sword light split its body in two, and both halves fell to the ground.

The swordfish-like aquatic beast also shot over incredibly quickly, and Zhao Fu dodged to the side, causing the swordfish-like aquatic beast to shoot past Zhao Fu. Just as it was about to turn around and continue to attack, Zhao Fu stretched out his free hand and grabbed at the air, causing countless chains to shoot out and pierce through its body, killing it instantly.

Zhao Fu was not too happy after killing these three aquatic beasts, as there were many more aquatic beasts furiously heading over.

A group of 10,000 aquatic beasts charging was quite terrifying, and because of how big their bodies were, it was like an incredibly big beast tide.


Zhao Fu sent a massive amount of power into the Sin Dragon Sword, preparing to unleash all of the strength it contained. He then raised it high and slashed downwards, causing three gigantic water dragons, which gave off ferocious auras, to shoot towards the group of aquatic beasts.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Muffled explosions sounded out as many aquatic beasts were sent flying. As the three water dragons dove into the group of aquatic beasts, hundreds of them were sent flying.

However, the remaining aquatic beasts continued to ferociously charge. Zhao Fu showed no fear, and his body seemed to turn into a ray of sword light as he darted forwards, creating a river of sword qi as he rushed into the massive group of aquatic beasts. The sword qi was incredibly sharp, and nothing could stop it as he swept through the group of aquatic beasts in an instant.

Countless aquatic beasts' bodies were reduced to pieces, causing blood to spurt everywhere. Over 1,000 aquatic beasts had died in an instant, causing the other aquatic beasts to feel terrified.


Suddenly, a dark figure flashed by, and Zhao Fu's body was sent flying, crashing against a few aquatic beasts and knocking them to the ground from this impact.

Zhao Fu immediately unleashed his Emperor's Domain. Even though he had been hit, he was not injured, but he became more serious. In front of him, there was a 10,000 meter long, three-headed python.

The appearance of this python made the other aquatic beasts feel afraid, and they did not dare to get close. This showed just how powerful this aquatic beast was.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three-headed python spat out three rays of black light, which contained immense destructive power. Zhao Fu quickly dodged to the side, and as the black rays of light fell to the ground, they blasted open three massive craters that were 100 meters wide and ten or so meters deep.

Those that were 10,000 meters long were considered to be super aquatic beasts in the Fish Scale world, and they could be called aquatic beast kings. They were incredibly powerful and took 100 City Lords form the Fish Scale world to kill one. Even then, they still suffered disastrous losses, so they had decided to lure them into the human world.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had dodged, the three-headed python's eyes gave off immense killing intent. Its body blurred as it bit towards Zhao Fu.

The three-headed python was incredibly powerfu and very fast. It opened its bloody mouth, and Zhao Fu could only once again dodge to the side. The other aquatic beasts had long since left, not daring to interfere in this terrifying battle.

While the humans and aquatic beasts fought, the Fish Scale people felt that the time was right and started their true invasion, and they set into motion their true extermination plan.