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 The aquatic beasts were like a massive nuke that exploded in the human world. After hearing about this, countless people were incredibly horrified.

Akhenaten immediately started requesting for help because he could not face a beast tide of millions of aquatic beasts by himself. They needed at least 600 million to 700 million Stage 1 soldiers to put up a decent resistance, and even then, there would be many casualties.

Facing this massive crisis, everyone in the Southern Continent responded to Akhenaten's requests for help. Even the system main city City Lords were no exception, as they had personally gone to see the beast tide, forcing them to work together with the players.

Ordinary soldiers were essentially useless in the face of such a massive beast tide, and they could only cause some slight damage. Even Stage 1 soldiers were not very useful and could only kill the aquatic beasts by hitting their vitals. Only Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers could have any real impact.

However, who had that many Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers? After such a long time of development, a system main city had a maximum of 2,000 to 3,000 Stage 2 soldiers, which was only 20,000 to 30,000 Stage 2 soldiers for ten system main cities.

If they wanted to face the millions of aquatic beasts, they would also need millions of Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers. A single aquatic beast was incredibly powerful, and it would take a few Stage 2 soldiers to deal with one.

Right now, the human world was unable to put up a good resistance even though there were a few thousand City Lords who were willing to help.

However, compared to millions of aquatic beasts, a few thousand City Lords was simply not enough. Having a few thousand City Lords join them was already a miracle, but they were still unable to defend. The invasion of the aquatic beasts was a massive disaster.

Akhenaten had no choice but to continue asking the rest of the world for help.

Now that such a crisis had erupted, those who had wanted peace all fell silent, but there were still a few trolls who commented.

"See, I told you this would happen. You idiots went over with your massive army, and now they're angrily retaliating. All of you caused this, so you better take responsibility!"

"That's right! I also said that those Legatees should go and apologize, but they refused to apologize. Now you're afraid when they're attacking! Serves you right!"

"The Legatees and the World Protector don't deserve their titles. Everything was caused by them. If they had wanted peace, how could this have happened? It would have been impossible for this to happen."

"The people from the other world are probably kind; it's just these ferocious aquatic beasts that are invading. You can't judge an entire world just on some ferocious beasts - you should peacefully talk with the other side to resolve this."

"That World Protector and Legatees are so useless. The aquatic beasts are invading, but they're not doing anything about it. If you can't do your job, give your position to someone else instead of just sitting there and doing jack all."

These words almost angered the Legatees to death, and those who were about to go and help out decided not to for now. Oleg directly announced that if those people were not killed, even if the world was destroyed, he would not help. Worst came to worst, everyone would just die together.

After Oleg said those things, many people started to hunt down those trolls. Those who were worried that the world really would perish were afraid that their interests would be harmed, so they went to teach those trolls a lesson.

Some even found the trolls in the real world and beat them up, and only then did they stop. Those who were advocating for peace did not dare to say anything either.

Zhao Fu did not care about what those people were saying, and they hurried over immediately because this could affect Great Qin.

Some people said that the Southern Continent factions did not welcome him, and many people who wanted peace said that Zhao Fu should not act and should only act when times were truly desperate.

However, this was a war between worlds, and Great Qin was unable to carry the world by itself. If things went out of control, it would be a disaster for everyone. Zhao Fu did not care if anyone else lived or died, but because Great Qin was something that he had to protect, Zhao Fu ignored those words.

After seeing the massive beast tide and sensing its overwhelming aura, Zhao Fu and the other Legatees felt incredibly dismayed because this did not seem like something their human world could stop.

It was not just them; Zhao Fu had no easy way to stop this either. The Earth Realm Mark could only be used when the world was about to be destroyed. Right now, they still had to rely on themselves to deal with this.

Facing such a massive beast tide, even if Zhao Fu threw down all of his Destruction Crystals, the effects would not be too great. The aquatic beasts were simply too big and had immense vitality. At most, the 75 Destruction Crystals would only be able to kill one million or so of them.

"What do you think we should do?" Akhenaten felt incredibly worried because the aquatic beasts had already swept through 50 or so regions. More than 200 million people had perished, and if this went on, the Southern Continent would be finished.

Zhao Fu said, "With so many aquatic beasts gathered together, their momentum is simply too terrifying. We need to split them up and then take them down. Otherwise, if we were to rush over and face them directly like this, even I would die!"

Hearing Zhao Fu say this, everyone could only agree to Zhao Fu's plan and rely on him.

"How can we split up such a massive beast tide?" Tina Pendragon asked. After all, this massive beast tide could destroy everything, and it would be difficult to change the direction they were going in.

Zhao Fu already had a plan and explained it to everyone, "It's actually quite simple - we can build V-shaped man-made mountains with the pointed sides towards the beast tide. The aquatic beasts will be split each time they come to a V, allowing us to split them up. However, this requires a lot of resources and man-power, so we'll have to rely on the Southern Continent to do this."

Hearing this, Akhenaten felt quite relieved, and he smiled as he said, "Don't worry. In the face of such a monstrous beast tide, it's not just the countless players who are worried but also the City Lords. They will all naturally help."

The Southern Continent had 7,000 regions in total, and 3,000 of the regions had already started getting involved. Luckily, the regions were all accessible to each other, making it convenient for countless people to gather.

Even though there were many people helping out, the construction still took a lot of time. The beast tide was incredibly ferocious and had already swept through over 100 regions, and 600 million people had perished. Only a small minority had escaped, and the situation was incredibly dire.

Perhaps the aquatic beasts were full or tired, but they started to slow down. Otherwise, the human side would not have had enough time to finish the construction.

They used countless massive boulders and tree trunks to create V-shaped man-made mountains, and they then used adhesives to stick them together, resting them against mountains and peaks.