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 In the distance, ten or so people looked at the rampaging aquatic beasts and grinned. These were the aquatic beasts that rampaged in their world, and they could not be controlled. They had paid a massive price, including resources and fatalities, to lure them out, and it had taken two months to do it.

That was why they had done nothing for two months; they had been luring the aquatic beasts and investigating the human world. They had seen all of the discord among the humans themselves.

At first, they had wanted to wait for the humans to invade and use their geographical advantage to destroy them. However, it was a pity that the humans had no plans to attack, so they could only change their plans. They decided to use the power of the aquatic beasts to wipe out the human world.

With the aquatic beasts as the vanguard, they could effortlessly follow behind and pick up the spoils of war without any danger.

However, they did not dare to attack yet because even though they had lured the aquatic beasts over, they could not control them. If they got too close, they would also be attacked by the aquatic beasts, resulting in countless injuries and casualties.

This was quite a crafty plan because these aquatic beasts were scourges of the Fish Scale world. By luring them over to the human world, the Fish Scale people would be able to reduce the human world's strength and get rid of them without having to expend a single soldier.

The flood of aquatic beasts was tens of times more terrifying than an ordinary beast tide. It was like a massive bulldozer that annihilated everything in its path. Nothing was left intact, and there were deep footprints riddled all over the ground.

After breaking through the defensive wall, the terrifying beast tide moved further inland. The wild beasts sensed this first and started to madly run for their lives.

By the time the humans nearby discovered this, it was much too late. Villages and Towns in the wilderness were instantly devoured, and they were unable to retaliate at all. It was like a massive beast stepping on an ant.

When the City Lord of a system main city discovered this terrifying beast tide, it was already too late to run. The enormous figures gave off auras that seemed to be able to topple mountains and rushed towards the system main city.

The City Lord immediately led his 100,000 soldiers to fight back - the soldiers drew their bows, sending their Cultivation power into them. Countless arrows shot out with immense force, but the aquatic beasts that were hit only yelped in pain and only received minor injuries. This showed that Stage 1 soldiers were unable to kill these aquatic beasts.

It would take a group of thousands of people to kill such a massive beast, and they would have to cooperate well. However, now that they had formed such a massive beast tide, if Stage 1 soldiers' attacks were ineffective, it would be useless no matter how many people they had.

Some soldiers with high accuracy were able to shoot into the aquatic beasts' eyes, allowing them to hit the aquatic beasts' brains. Only then were they able to kill some low-grade aquatic beasts, but it was quite difficult to hit their eyes. Aquatic beasts were somewhat intelligent and naturally knew what their weaknesses were.

As soon as they closed their eyes or moved, it would be quite difficult to hit their eyes. The 100,000 soldiers were only able to kill ten or so aquatic beasts, but there were millions of them. It was a completely unfair battle.


A gigantic explosion sounded out as the system main city's tough city walls were destroyed by the beast tide. If it had been an ordinary beast tide, the system main city would have been able to use its neutral mode to bring up its barrier. However, this beast tide was from another world, so they were unable to use the neutral mode to defend against it.

As the city walls collapsed, countless soldiers crashed down. Some were injured while others who had been prepared were able to land safely and immediately started to fight with the aquatic beasts.

However, they were quite pitiful, as they were unable to kill many of the aquatic beasts. In fact, they were not even much of an obstacle and were either stomped to death or eaten.

Only some of the soldiers were able to rush up to the aquatic beasts, but with how massive their bodies were, the soldiers were unable to deal any fatal blows. At most, they could only lightly injure them, which was quite useless.

Seeing the countless soldiers dying, the City Lord above furiously slashed out a large amount of saber light, slashing an aquatic beast that was hundreds of meters long in half. This caused blood to spurt out and rain down on the ground below.

The City Lord's actions were noticed by a few of the thousand-meter long aquatic beasts. A catfish-like aquatic beast that floated in the air flicked its tail, and its massive body slammed towards the City Lord like a mountain.

The City Lord was unable to dodge in time and could only hold out his saber in front of him, trying to block. However, he was still sent flying backward by the massive figure.

After being sent flying, the City Lord coughed up a large mouthful of blood. Another aquatic beast grasped this opportunity to bite onto the City Lord's body, and it ferociously bit down, breaking through the City Lord's barrier and biting his body in half.

The City Lord died immediately, and the lower half of his body was eaten while the upper half of his body heavily crashed onto the ground. The aquatic beast then dove down and ate the top half of the City Lord's body along with his City Lord Seal.

City Lords were like delicious snacks to the aquatic beasts, and they enjoyed eating them very much.

Seeing that its snack had been stolen, the catfish-like aquatic beast roared in anger. The other aquatic beast that had eaten the City Lord seemed to feel guilty and ran off as if expressing that it would not steal from this aquatic beast again.

Only then did the catfish-like aquatic beast stop roaring, and it turned its savage gaze to the residents who were running and screaming in fear.

Even though there were teleportation channels, only a small portion of people had escaped, and most of the people were still within the city.

Now that the City Lord and the soldiers had died, they could only desperately run. The catfish-like aquatic beast flew over and opened its mouth before inhaling. A few hundred people were sucked into its mouth, and it started to munch on them, causing the sound of bones cracking and blood spurting to sound out in its mouth.

The catfish-like aquatic beast gulped and swallowed everything in its mouth, looking quite horrifying.

The remaining people screamed as they ran away, but how could they outrun a beast tide? They were either eaten or squished into meat paste.

400,000 or so people instantly disappeared, and the system main city was stomped to the ground, turning into a deathly-silent ruin. There were broken corpses and blood everywhere.

This happened to countless system main cities, and the beast tide of millions of aquatic beasts rampaged through five or six regions at once.

Soon, the aquatic beasts had swept through 20 or so regions, causing bodies to be strewn all over the place. Very few creatures survived, as the aquatic beasts viewed all living creatures as something that they could eat.

There had been almost 100 million indigenous residents and a few million players in those 20 or so regions, and they had all died just like that. This terrifying scene shocked countless people.