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 Everyone had been filled with battle-intent when they left to defend against the Fish Scale people's invasion, but they had returned dispirited. This was a big blow to everyone's morale, and they started to doubt whether they had done the right thing. As for those who had not helped out, they started to mock the Legatees.

"Didn't you say that it was an incredibly dire emergency and that the human world might suffer a terrible disaster? You were making mountains out of molehills! Did anything happen? No! You think the other side is as selfish and greedy as all of you?"

"You were all completely wrong this time. So many people rushed over and wasted so much time and resources, and you even dragged down our image. You've lost face for all of humanity! They might even think that we're all just barbarians now!"

"That's right! I hate these idiots; some people casually said that there might be a war, and they all went running off to fight. Are they so stupid as to believe anything they hear? Luckily I was smart and didn't go. See, the reality is that the other side hasn't attacked us! Hahaha..."

"I want those who went to the boundary to apologize. This has affected our image as humans. And who knows, maybe this will actually cause a war. If they don't go to apologize and a war starts, they'll have to take responsibility."

"Actually, it's because those Legatees were too cowardly. We humans are incredibly powerful, so why would we have to fear others? We can defend against anything, but those Legatees have lost face for all of us."

Most of the people who said these things were those who lived the safest lives. They had all of their needs fulfilled, so there was nothing for them to worry about. Those who had gone to participate could not say anything in response and felt that they were in the wrong.

70% of the people had been in support of fighting before, 20% had been in support of keeping the peace, and the remaining 10% did not care.

However, now only 30% of the people supported fighting, 40% of the people wanted peace, and 30% of the people did not care anymore.

The ones who were the most active now were the ones who wanted peace. They demanded Great Qin's Legatee and the other eight Legatees go over and apologize. Since they were the Legatees of the world, they should take responsibility.

Those people believed the world belonged to everyone and that everyone had the right to live peaceful lives that should not be disrupted by anyone.

Moreover, these people believed that the world was predominantly a democratic world now, and no one could represent everything. Since these Legatees had made a mistake, they should apologize, or they would not deserve to be Legatees as they would lose face for everyone. The ones in favor of peace started to tell everyone to rise up and resist the violent Legatees.

This made the Legatees feel incredibly furious. Oleg announced that he would not care about this matter anymore while Geoffrey patiently explained the situation to everyone. Tina Pendragon did not mind these things and did not get angry, continuing to prepare for battle.

Akhenaten felt incredibly complicated inwardly and did not know how to deal with this. After such a long time, he had no idea whether the other side was going to invade or not. He did not want to make any trouble and just wanted to develop his faction steadily.

Zhao Fu was incredibly furious after hearing all of this and decided not to care about any of this anymore. Instead, he focused all of Great Qin's resources in developing weapons effective against the Fish Scale people.

At the same time, Zhao Fu started to train his soldiers in underwater fighting. He did not want them to be completely useless underwater and waste their powerful Cultivations.

Time passed just like that, and soon enough, it was nearly the New Year again. By now, it had been two or so months since the rift in the Heaven Domain Boundary had appeared.

Things gradually calmed down, and no one paid much attention to the Southern Continent anymore. Those in favor of peace did not make a ruckus anymore and turned their attention to other things. Now that two months had passed, perhaps the Fish Scale people would not attack.

Great Qin had continued to steadily develop in those two months. They had cleared out 25 regions, and Great Qin now controlled 123 regions with 21 system main cities joining Great Qin.

Natural disasters had swept through the Heaven Awaken World for about a year now, and there was now a lack of food all over the world. After all, it was difficult to grow crops amongst natural disasters.

Food crops, which had been incredibly cheap, were now becoming an overwhelmingly important resource. Conflicts between people began to rise as resources dwindled.

Even good-natured people became violent and ruthless while driven by hunger, and they started to attack other people to steal their food. The situation became even more chaotic than before.

Zhao Fu did not care about any of this as all was well within Great Qin. He continued to direct Great Qin's resources towards weapons effective against the Fish Scale people. By now, Zhao Fu had already decided that even if the Fish Scale people did not invade, he would go and attack in order to gain rewards from the Chaotic World Stone Stele.

After all, they were a different race, and Zhao Fu did not completely trust them. He had to at least fight with them a few times to see what their strength was like - even if they were not dangerous right now, that was not necessarily true for the future.

Zhao Fu treated the Fish Scale people like a group of fish, as they had similar living habits and physiologies.

As such, Zhao Fu decided to take measures against them like how people would normally deal with fish. Some people used their hands to catch fish, others used hooks, and others used harpoons.

However, none of these methods would actually work, as the Fish Scale people were not actually fish. Instead, Zhao Fu used an even more effective method that would be useful against a large number of Fish Scale people, such as using nets, poison, and naval mines.

These three methods were all quite effective in dealing with large numbers of fish, but the situation was different, so Zhao Fu had to adapt these methods.

For example, he spent money to buy a large amount of Silver grade metal and then added special materials to craft the nets. Those at or below Stage 1 would not be able to cut through them even with sharp knives. If he had Stage 1 soldiers send their Cultivation power into the nets, then even Stage 2 soldiers would not be able to escape from them.

Poison was next. This method was not commonly used because it was possible to kill everything in a lake if they poured a few bottles of poison in. That was too immoral and was generally prohibited.

Zhao Fu ordered his people to purchase a massive amount of poison from all over China's territory, and Zhao Fu finally used one of the treasures he had obtained before - the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron.

This cauldron could refine all sorts of poisons and increase their toxicity. The cauldron could also level up by refining poisons, and it was a growth type treasure.

Zhao Fu brought over barrels of poison that could kill hundreds of people with a single drop and had them all poured into the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron. The result was a few drops of poison.

Even though it was just a few drops, those drops possessed shocking toxicity. Zhao Fu did not dare to test them out, but he knew that their effects would be terrifying.