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 The reason Zhao Fu came alone was to obtain detailed intelligence about the Fish Scale people. He did not want to send his army out without knowing anything. If he sent his army out and there were billions of Fish Scale people invading, then Zhao Fu's soldiers would most likely be wiped out.

He could not afford to be careless at all in a war between worlds. Zhao Fu did not want to play around with his soldiers' lives, and there was still a majority of people who had not arrived yet. Gathering information would take some time.

However, some people from the Southern Continent had already arrived and were constructing a defensive wall. The wall was mostly made from massive trees with rocks and stuck together using mud. The wall was simple, but construction was fast.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and flew into the Fish Scale world. After looking at the boundless ocean, Zhao Fu unleashed his Emperor's Domain and dove into the water.

Zhao Fu felt that it would be quite easy to attack the Fish Scale people as they lived in the water and did not have many defenses. If they constructed defensive walls, it would be quite easy to swim past them.

Zhao Fu soon discovered a village near a coral reef. Zhao Fu found that the Fish Scale people all built their villages against something to use as a barrier. Some used coral reefs, and others used underwater cliffs.

If they used natural barriers, they would not have to construct defensive walls, and it would actually be quite difficult to attack. After all, they could hide in the coral reefs to both defend and attack.

The Fish Scale people would not be so easy to deal with, and it seemed that attacking would not be as convenient. First, humans could not breathe underwater and could only do some basic diving. They would not be able to fight underwater at all unless they could find some way to breathe underwater.

After looking around, Zhao Fu did not find any signs of an army. It seemed that the Fish Scale people were still preparing for the large battle.

Zhao Fu did not discover much in the end, and he returned to the human world. Time gradually passed, and more and more people gathered. There were about 100 million people gathered by now.

There were also indigenous residents apart from players. Zhao Fu wanted to rope in system main city City Lords as well, but none of them wanted to participate. They believed that they would not have to act at all with the players defending.

Zhao Fu could not say or do much, so he returned to Great Qin and ordered people to start manufacturing Water Pearls.

Water Pearls were precious tools that allowed one to breathe underwater, and they cost ten silver coins each. After news of the impending war with the Fish Scale people spread, the price of Water Pearls quickly rose. They were now worth 15 silver coins, and Zhao Fu did not want to have to buy a large number of them, so he bought a blueprint and had Bai Shan and his people manufacture some themselves.

They also needed a large number of ships apart from Water Pearls. Even though they would be able to breathe underwater, they still needed a place where they could stand, regroup and rest.

These were their preparations for attacking; they had already finished preparations for defending, so there was not too much to worry about.

Half a month later, they had fully prepared everything for both attacking and defending.

There were now 300 million people gathered at the boundary of the Southern Continent, and the defensive wall had been completed. It was 12 meters tall and six meters wide, and it stretched as far as the eye could see. It was quite shocking to be able to construct such a massive wall in such a short period of time.

Most of the people gathered were from the Southern Continent, and various leaders had come. There was an alliance among thousands of factions. Akhenaten was well-known and trusted here, so everyone gathered under his command while Zhao Fu was seen of more as an outsider.

Not just Zhao Fu, but the other Legatees were treated with less respect than Akhenaten. Apart from the reason that they were outsiders, it was also because they did not bring many people.

Tina Pendragon brought 100,000 people, Si Ji brought 80,000 people, Geoffrey brought 90,000 people, Masanori Hano brought 70,000 people, and Zhao Fu brought 120,000 people.

It was not that they did not want to send more people, but crossing over to the Southern Continent was no simple task. Zhao Fu's 120,000 soldiers had been sent over by the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel after a long period of continuous teleportations, but it did not seem like much compared to 300 million people.

As such, all of the other Legatees were scorned by the Southern Continent's factions.

Zhao Fu did not care too much about this as he did not want to invest too much until he had seen the Fish Scale people's strength. This was just scoping out their power for now.

After such a long time, the human world was fully prepared. But, there did not seem to be any reaction from the Fish Scale people.

Half a month later.

They had now waited for a full month. The Fish Scale people still had not reacted at all.

This caused some people to feel quite displeased; surely they couldn't just continue to waste time like this!

Zhao Fu wanted to take the initiative to attack and see what the situation was like. However, he did not have much authority here, and he did not want to send his 120,000 soldiers. After all, with only that many soldiers, they would be wiped out if there was any danger.

Akhenaten also wanted to attack, but because everyone had been rushing to defend, at least 80% of the people had not made any preparations to attack. They did not have enough ships or items to allow them to breathe underwater. Moreover, it would be difficult to fight underwater.

As such, many people were not willing to invade because not only did they not have enough preparations, but there was also great risk involved. Even though the rewards were quite good, they did not want to risk everything.

A few days later, the crowd's dissatisfaction swelled to its peak. Some people started to say that Zhao Fu and the Legatees had made a big fuss out of nothing and that the other side had no plans of attacking the human world. It was Zhao Fu and the Legatees who were scared and paranoid, thinking everyone was out to get the humans.

As the World Protector who was the most important person in the world, Zhao Fu received the most blame.

The other Legatees were quite angry and left one after another. In the end, it was only Tina Pendragon, Geoffrey, and Zhao Fu left. Even though they were quite angry, they still remained.

Another three days passed, and some more people left while feeling quite disgruntled. As soon as this happened, many people also chose to leave. After all, they had just wasted a month here, and no one wanted to continue wasting time like this.

There were only three million people left on the defensive walls in the end. The various factions all left a small portion of their forces before returning to their own headquarters.

Seeing that only so few people remained, Zhao Fu decided to bring his soldiers back to Great Qin. He felt quite confused - why hadn't the Fish Scale people invaded? Could it be that they were waiting for the humans to invade?

However, humans had very little experience fighting underwater. They only had experience fighting on land or on ships. And, while facing the uncertainties of the opposite world, no one wanted to take the risk and attack.

Could it be that neither side was going to invade and they were going to live harmoniously? Zhao Fu thought back to the malicious intent he sensed from the other world's Legatees and felt that things would not end so simply.