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 "They haven't prepared yet but neither have we. Who knew such a thing would suddenly happen? How can we attack without having made preparations? If we just recklessly charge in, we'll definitely be defeated. Not only will we suffer countless injuries and casualties, but we'll also become laughing stocks," an intelligent-looking fat man said in response.

An alluring woman then said, "I feel we should go back and notify the various factions and Dynasties and have them prepare. Also, I think it would be best to lure the humans over. After all, the water is our domain.

"They can't breathe underwater, and they will become weakened in water. However, we can fight on both land and water, and we will have a very big advantage if we're in the water.

"Moreover, they will most likely come by boat, so we can hide in the water. They'll be in the open when that time comes, but we'll be hidden, so it will be incredibly easy to ambush them!"

Everyone was quite pleased with this plan and smiled. A cold-looking elder maliciously looked over at Zhao Fu and the others and said, "What should we do now? Should we just leave? What should we do with the human Legatees?"

"They're probably thinking the same things we are and will most likely spread the news first. After all, this is a war between worlds, so they probably won't do too much either. We should leave now and make preparations to slaughter the humans," a middle-aged man said as he coldly laughed.

The Fish Scale race Legatees looked at each other and grinned before turning into rays of light and diving into the ocean and disappearing.

Zhao Fu noticed the ill-intent from the other side, and he coldly harrumphed. He turned into a black ray of light and flew away first.

After chatting a bit more, the other Legatees also left.

After everyone left, a simple-looking little boy got out of the water with two streams of snot flowing out of his nostrils. Looking at the scene before him and then looking at the rainbow-colored shard in his hand, he felt that he had made some trouble.

The little boy also seemed to be from the Fish Scale race, but what was different was that he had a golden-colored dragon's tail.

The little boy wiped his nose and sucked the snot back in. Then, he put the rainbow-colored shard in his pocket. He felt that he couldn't stay here, as he was afraid of the adults scolding him, so he dove into the water and ran away.

The news quickly spread throughout the two worlds, and almost everyone knew about this. Everyone in the Fish Scale world prepared to massacre the humans. The environment they lived in was extremely cruel, and aquatic beasts ran rampant. They understood the principle of the strong devouring the weak, so they all supported massacring the humans.

However, because humans all lived vastly different lives, their attitudes were all different. Some people supported going to war while others rejected it.

"The other world hasn't attacked us, so why should we attack them? Invading is a shameless act, and we'll be scorned by later generations. I won't go, but I'll support the building of a defensive wall. I'm against all violence!"

"Why can't we resolve things peacefully? Why do we always have to resort to war? Do you know what the consequences of war are? You murderers, don't you know how to act like decent people? I won't join you!"

"That's right! I'm also in support of peace. It's best to be careful with things like this. I think we should send some people over to talk with them and reduce any unnecessary misunderstandings. I trust that the other side is kind and won't want to fight either."

"I know this was definitely proposed by Great Qin's Legatee. Do you really want to support someone as cruel and evil as Great Qin's Legatee? Everyone please wake up and oppose all fighting. I also support building a defensive wall, but we should never invade another world."

"You barbarians, it's already the twenty-first century, and yet you still don't understand things like human rights, justice, and morals. You're all tyrants! You say they're dangerous, but where's your proof? At the very least, they haven't attacked us yet!"

The human world was split into two main factions. Those who were not willing to fight rebuked those who were willing to fight, and the media on the side of 'righteousness' also blasted them through the news.

Those who were willing to fight started to gather at the boundary of the Southern Continent. They knew how important this war would be. If they did not respond appropriately, it would be too late to do anything when the human world was invaded.

Most of the factions started to research teleportation channels to get there. The Southern Continent factions supported them with money and resources, and the tension became greater and greater as time passed.

Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and summoned his Generals to discuss the matter. Facing the threat of the Fish Scale people, everyone present was incredibly serious. They could not dare to be careless, as this would affect the entire human world. As humans, they did not want the human side to lose this war.

After a three hour long discussion, Great Qin started to transfer all sorts of resources and prepared for a large battle. Everything else was paused temporarily.

Following this, Zhao Fu came to the Chaotic World Stone Stele. Before, nothing had caught Zhao Fu's eyes. However, they had now entered an Invasion Stage that could affect the survival or demise of an entire race. The rewards would definitely be quite good.

By now, Great Qin's Chaotic World Stone Stele had reached Level 8, which was far higher than ordinary Dynasties. There would definitely be some decent items at this level.

After hearing the rewards had been updated, Zhao Fu felt quite hopeful. After looking through the Chaotic World Stone Stele, he was not left disappointed.

Zhao Fu saw a few things that made him feel quite excited this time. Before, it was impossible to obtain such things.

The first thing that caught Zhao Fu's eye was a City Upgrade Stone; the second was a Dragon-Slaying Ballistae blueprint; and the third was a Ten Thousand Blood God Stone that could be used on the Corpse Soul Blood Lake, allowing it to create 100 Corpse Soul Guards and five Corpse Soul Commanders.

Moreover, there were also Cities of various levels being offered. There were even Great Cities and Capital Cities apart from the usual Towns and Cities.

This gave Zhao Fu some hope because Capital Cities were usually incredibly expensive. If he could exchange for a Capital City, then Great Qin would take a big step in the direction of the restoration of its empire. If he could exchange for three Capital Cities and level up the Great Qin City to Level 6, he could immediately establish a Kingdom.

This made Zhao Fu feel incredibly excited. Seeing so many things he was interested in, Zhao Fu felt quite eager to participate in this war. After the war was over, Great Qin would not be too far away from establishing a Kingdom.

After making preparations, they would be able to set out at any time. Zhao Fu felt at peace seeing this but did not have the army set out immediately. Instead, he went to the Southern Continent by himself.