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 The Dark Demon world's World Protector also paid mind to the changes in the human world and discussed it with the other Legatees. However, they did not put the human world in their eyes at all and were instead incredibly condescending as if they did not see the human world as an opponent at all.

The matter about the Night Dynasty sent ripples throughout the Dark Demon world. All of the other Continents' factions investigated these things.

However, Zhao Fu kept a low profile, and their attention soon shifted elsewhere.

After all of this, Zhao Fu finally returned to Great Qin. Five months passed in the blink of an eye, and it had changed from Summer to Winter. It became cold again, and leaves fell off trees. Soon, two years passed in the Heaven Awaken World.

Time flew by incredibly quickly, and during those five months, Great Qin had cleared out 77 regions, causing Great Qin's strength to drastically rise.

Firstly, Great Qin had been a Level 1 Capital City, but it had risen by two levels, becoming a Level 3 Capital City. There were only three levels until it could become a Royal City. These were its Level 3 Capital City stats:



Village Name: Great Qin City (Epic)

Level: Level 3 Capital City (231,000/300,000,000)

Village Area: 94,400 square kilometers

Village Territory: 5,421,800 square kilometers

Residents: 3,492,950/80,240,000

Military: 892,640/12,482,000

Popular Support: 86

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +220%, Territory Crop Growing Time -220%, Population Limit +145%, Residents' stats can randomly +16, Soldiers' stats +17%, Population Attraction +160%, chance of attracting higher grade population +160%.

Subsidiary Village Limit: 126,930

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

It would take 300 million EXP to level up into a Level 4 Capital City, which was an astronomical amount of EXP. However, now that they had come so far, Zhao Fu was not too worried, and it would level up sooner or later.

Now, there were 108 regions that Great Qin completely controlled. It had 408 Great Cities, 20 Cities, 136 Towns, and 12,489 Villages.

Great Qin now had 420 million residents and 50 million soldiers. They now had 40 million Stage 1 soldiers, 1.2 million Stage 2 soldiers, 100,000 Stage 3 soldiers, and 6,000 Stage 4 soldiers.

This was Great Qin's terrifying strength; it could almost rival an entire country. Now, even if they didn't have the Reality-Harming Talismans, they would not be afraid of all of China's players attacking. That was how confident Great Qin was.

During this period of time, the natural disasters and chaos became even more intense, and with the good relations between Great Qin and the various system main cities, 52 system main cities joined Great Qin.

They all joined voluntarily without Zhao Fu having to bring out his army. This was all done through Great Qin's foreign affairs policies.

Zhao Fu was naturally very happy to be able to easily obtain 50 or so system main cities. At the same time, the ten or so regions near Great Qin became cityless regions.

This was because those nearby either became part of Great Qin or did not dare to stay there, and they could only move away. Great Qin had just finished clearing out 77 regions, and it obtained another 15, giving the soldiers more work to do.

Of course, clearing out regions now was not difficult anymore. Great Qin now had 50 million soldiers, and Zhao Fu split them into five teams. Each team was responsible for clearing out a region, and it took each team about five days to clear out a region. This way, they were able to clear out five regions in five days, which was an average of one region per day.

This speed was quite shocking, and the 15 regions took only 15 days to clear out.

Zhao Fu had also constructed thick defensive walls on the northern side that was bordering Vietnam. This allowed them to both attack and defend. However, Zhao Fu did not yet have any plans to attack Vietnam.

Vietnam was a relatively small country, and its territory only had 350 regions; Great Qin's territory was already one-third of Vietnam.

Now, Zhao Fu did not place Vietnam in his eyes at all. The main reason he did not want to directly attack was because he wanted to use the Vietnamese Guard. By now, the Vietnamese Guard had around ten million people, while Vietnam only had around 100 million people. In other words, the Vietnamese Guard took up around 10% of all of Vietnam's population.

With Zhao Fu's support, the Vietnamese Guard's strength had already surpassed the government's strength, becoming the most powerful faction in Vietnam. It was like a barrel of dynamite that could explode at any moment.

Right now, Zhao Fu did not intend on fighting. They already had friendly relations with the countless system main cities around them, so they naturally would not attack. They only had to wait for the situation outside to become worse and worse, and they would soon voluntarily join Great Qin without Great Qin having to expend a single soldier.

As such, they continued with these peaceful days, and the temperature became colder and colder. Zhao Fu and Shama's mother were currently doing it next to a fireplace within a room, while Shama's little sister and his aunty were asleep nearby.

Shama's mother loudly moaned, and her body fell limp. Zhao Fu picked up Shama's ex-fiancee and started to go at it. Shama had never touched this woman before, which suited Zhao Fu. Now, Shama's ex-fiancee started to passionately do it with Zhao Fu.

After Shama's ex-fiancee also fell asleep, Zhao Fu picked up Shama's sister-in-law. He still remembered how desperate and lustful she had been and decided to fulfill her properly this time.

After much tussling about, Shama's mother lay on Zhao Fu's chest and raggedly breathed, looking at Zhao Fu flirtatiously. "Your Majesty, the Maurya City's City Lord Seal can only be properly wielded by someone from the Maurya Dynasty's imperial clan. Please think about this!"

Zhao Fu gave it some thought and felt that this was indeed true. However, Zhao Fu wanted to make it a Capital City in the future, and City Lord Seals were used for fighting. A Capital City's City Lord Seal would be incredibly powerful, and he told these thoughts to Shama's mother.

Shama's mother said understandingly, "I understand, Your Majesty. Actually, Shama's little sister's archery is extremely powerful, and you can test her for yourself. I'm extremely confident that she can fulfill your requirements!"

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and said, "So that's why you called me over!"

Seeing that Zhao Fu did not seem angry, Shama's mother smiled happily and said, "Your Majesty, I'm your woman now, so I need to think of Great Qin's best interests. It's best to give the City Lord Seal to an appropriate person to unleash its full power."

Zhao Fu knew that Shama's mother was not telling the full truth, but he did not mind too much. If Shama's little sister could really fulfill his requirements, since she had the Maurya Dynasty's imperial bloodline, it would be good to give the City Lord Seal to her.

"I'll think about it!" Zhao Fu said.

Shama's mother felt quite happy and beautifully smiled, taking the initiative to passionately kiss Zhao Fu. She was doing her best to keep the Maurya Dynasty's imperial family alive, and soon, Shama's sister-in-law also rode Zhao Fu's body.

"System announcement! The Heaven Domain Boundary between the human world and the Fish Scale world has been damaged, and the two worlds' territories have been connected, triggering a special stage of the Chaotic World... the Race Invasion!"

"System announcement! During the Race Invasion Stage, both the attacking side and defending side will receive four times rewards for killing enemies."

"System announcement! The exchangeable rewards in the Chaotic World Stone Stele have been updated."