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 After reading through the letter, Zhao Fu thought about Ye Cang's second wish. If it was Ye Cang who had seen this letter, he most likely would have felt incredibly happy and excited. However, it was a pity that it was Zhao Fu who saw it.

Zhao Fu had long since known that it was Mo Yao'Er who had intentionally leaked Ye Cang's information to the Night Dynasty; it seemed that Mo Yao'Er was quite crafty.

In actuality, Ye Cang's experiences were quite similar to his: Both of them were 'outsiders' who had received a Dynasty's Legacy, but their outcomes had been incredibly different. Ye Cang had a pitiful end, as not only were his friends and family killed, but he himself was also almost killed.

On the other hand, Zhao Fu had become the most powerful person in his world. Back then, if he had stupidly run over to the Ying family, the same would have happened to him.

Thinking about Ye Cang's second wish, Zhao Fu used Ye Cang's memories to write an incredibly lovey-dovey letter in response and had people send it to the Demon Path Sect.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to a room where the four other Ancestors were. Zhao Fu controlled Ye Cang to walk over, smile, and bow, saying, "Greetings, Ancestors!"

Now that the four Ancestors were being placed under house arrest by Zhao Fu, they were naturally quite displeased. As such, they only coldly harrumphed and ignored Ye Cang.

Zhao Fu did not mind and said through Ye Cang, "Ancestors, since I've taken over the Night Dynasty and become its Emperor, I hope that you will continue to serve the Night Dynasty. I and the others will treat you with the same respect!"

Hearing Ye Cang's words, the Ancestors continued to coldly harrumph and ignore him.

Zhao Fu did not give up and said again through Ye Cang, "Aren't you afraid that the Night Dynasty's foundation of hundreds of years will be destroyed in my hands? I don't care much about the Night Dynasty, and who knows? Maybe I'll let it perish on its own!"

These words caused the four Ancestors to feel extremely furious. The Night Dynasty was their home and was the product of generations of hard work. It was their Ye family's blood, the most important thing to them. Hearing Ye Cang say such a thing, of course they would be furious.

Ye Cang continued, "Ancestors, even if you don't want to serve me, you need to think about the Night Dynasty. What you are serving is the Night Dynasty, and as long as you are willing to serve me, I promise that I won't allow anything to happen to the Night Dynasty and will make it more powerful!"

The four Ancestors did not say anything and now had pensive looks on their faces. Ye Cang silently waited, and in the end, the five Ancestors decided to give in, and a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face.

Each Ancestor could resist eight City Lords, so four of them were equivalent to 32 City Lords. They were an incredibly powerful battle force, and having them submit was the most ideal situation. No faction would ever not lack high-end forces, and they would be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Seeing that they decided to submit, Ye Cang took out four Ginseng Fruits and gave them to the four Ancestors. Seeing the information of the Ginseng Fruits, the Ancestors' expressions lit up. Now that they were at this age, what they needed most was lifespan.

After accepting the Ginseng Fruits, their attitude towards Ye Cang became somewhat better. Now, there were not as many factions in the Night Dynasty, and all of the power was held in Zhao Fu's hands. Zhao Fu wanted to turn them into a single, mighty force and expand outwards.

The Night Dynasty currently controlled 12 regions, which contained 30 Great Cities and five Basic Cities. There was a great disparity between its strength and Great Qin's strength, so they still needed to develop more.

Zhao Fu wanted to make the Night Dynasty into an incredibly powerful faction, turning it into Great Qin's biggest pawn in the Dark Demon world. That way, he would be able to stealthily control things in the Dark Demon world. It was incredibly important to Great Qin in the future and the entire human world.

After dealing with these things, a few days later, Zhao Fu started to establish friendly relations with the surrounding nations. Right now, most of the Night Dynasty's forces were concentrated on conquering regions.

This caused the surrounding nations to feel quite relieved. They all felt a lot of pressure when facing the powerful Night Dynasty, and they all accepted the Night Dynasty's friendly conduct. Most of them also responded in kind, and the tension gradually decreased.

During these few days, Zhao Fu had been corresponding with Mo Yao'Er through letters. By now, Mo Yao'Er was certain that Ye Cang still deeply loved her, or else he would not write such lovey-dovey letters. As such, she proposed meeting up with him.

After reading this letter, Zhao Fu grinned; it was time to reap the harvest. He controlled Ye Cang's body and went to a bamboo forest.

Soon, a peerlessly beautiful figure walked over. She had a graceful bearing and skin as white as snow, and there was not a single blemish on her face. She wore a red dress, making her look incredibly captivating; she was someone who would be able to take the hearts of countless men.

Mo Yao'Er smiled as she walked into the bamboo forest. If she could control Ye Cang, she would be able to control the entire Night Dynasty. When she thought of this, Mo Yao'Er couldn't help but feel excited.

At that moment, Mo Yao'Er saw Ye Cang, and she tried to walk over. However, her body was frozen. She felt that Ye Cang was completely different - his eyes, when looking at her, did not have even a trace of love, and they were incredibly peaceful.

Mo Yao'Er felt that something was off and immediately tried to leave. However, the sounds of countless chains rang out, and she was quickly bound up by chains. This caused Mo Yao'Er's expression to fall, and she started to struggle. However, she could not break free, and her body fell to the ground.

Zhao Fu smiled as he walked towards Mo Yao'Er. Seeing that he had bound her with chains, Mo Yao'Er's expression became cold, and she cried out, "Don't you know who I am? I'm the daughter of the Demon Path Sect's Sect Master. Free me immediately, or I'll have your head!"

"Of course I know who you are!" Zhao Fu grinned as he squatted down and lifted her chin up.

Zhao Fu looked closely at Mo Yao'Er's beautiful face, which was comparable to Wu Qingniang's. She innately gave off a bewitching aura; no wonder Ye Cang had been so devoted to her.

Sensing Zhao Fu's gaze, Mo Yao'Er's expression became a bit afraid as she said coldly, "If you dare to do anything to me, I'll kill you!"

Zhao Fu ignored her and lowered his head to kiss her lips. The Six Desires Demonic Qi entered her body, and after struggling for a few moments, she began to deeply kiss Zhao Fu back, and their tongues intertwined.

When Mo Yao'Er almost couldn't breathe anymore, Zhao Fu finally let her go. Mo Yao'Er looked at Zhao Fu lustfully, a desperate look on her face.

"Do you want more?" Zhao Fu smiled as he asked.

Mo Yao'Er shyly nodded, but Zhao Fu did not do anything and said, "Call me master first!"

Hearing that this man wanted her to do something so shameful, Mo Yao'Er gritted her teeth and turned her head away, fighting against the boundless desire within her.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he stretched his hands into her clothes and started to move them about. In the end, Mo Yao'Er could not endure it and cried out, "Master!"

Following this, Zhao Fu gave her what she wanted and started to do it with her and discipline her in various ways.

In the end, Mo Yao'Er lay on the ground with her tongue out, begging for Zhao Fu to do it more with her. Zhao Fu had successfully made her into a sex slave, and seeing her like this, Zhao Fu sighed. He did not want to ever do this to a woman again.