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 Zhao Fu looked at all of the imperial family's women. All of them were incredibly beautiful, and since this was an olden-style world, those in power could gather all of the beautiful women for their own purposes. This time, Zhao Fu had gathered 32 of them.

Zhao Fu did not capture the ones who were not as beautiful or were not as tied to the main branch of the imperial family, or else there would have been hundreds of them.

After all, the Emperor had many concubines, and there were also princesses. The other factions also had concubines and daughters, and there were too many of them.

Zhao Fu primarily captured them to fulfill his promise to Ye Cang. Zhao Fu was someone who kept his promises, and the women here were all the most beautiful and most closely related to the imperial family, so this would fulfill Ye Cang's request.

The first woman was Empress Qian. She had a very mature figure and delicate looks, looking incredibly enchanting. She was a classic mature beauty, and she was the previous Legatees' mother. After the previous Legatee died, she had lost power.

The second was Concubine Shui, one of the most beloved concubines of the previous Emperor. She was extremely beautiful and had a graceful demeanor. She had supple skin and gave off a weakly aura.

The third was Princess Ye. She was naturally incredibly pretty and was quite tall. She had a very intelligent aura, and though she was already married, she had been forcefully brought here. Her mother was also a beauty, so Zhao Fu also brought her over.

The fourth was called Princess Liu, and she was from one of the other factions. She looked quite domineering and had a pretty face and slim figure.

The fifth was called Princess Nan. She was quite beautiful and had a sweet and fair demeanor. She had snow-white skin and was a classic virtuous mother.

The sixth was Princess Nan's daughter. She was 16 years old and also had snow-white skin. She had a slim body and looked quite cute.

The seventh was Princess Nong. She had a pretty face and a sexy body, and she looked like a very flirtatious woman.

The eighth was called Princess Jiang, and she wore a green dress and had good looks. She looked culture and refined and was most likely a scholarly woman.

Zhao Fu controlled Ye Cang and sat above as he said, "The reason I called you all here is to announce that from now on, you are my women. If you serve me well, I will not harm you or your families!"

The women all gave different expressions; some had looks of submission because Ye Cang now controlled the greatest power in the Night Dynasty. If they disobeyed him, they would die, and their families would also suffer. Others were furious, as they were either concubines or princesses, yet he wanted them to serve him.

Princess Ye was the first to speak out. She angrily glared at Ye Cang and said coldly, "You licentious fellow, you dare to do such a thing? Don't you know that everyone here is related to you by blood? They're all your aunties, sisters, or cousins!"

Ye Cang loudly laughed, "Now you see me as family? Everything you've all done in the past, did you ever see me as family? I want to take revenge for everything you've all done."

As he spoke, Zhao Fu was influenced by Ye Cang's memories, and he felt quite angry and vengeful.

Princess Ye stood her ground, not showing any weakness as she said, "I would rather die than submit to you. I only have a single man, my husband!"

Ye Cang did not reply, and Zhao Fu smiled as he walked towards her. He was quite interested in such strong-willed women. Seeing Zhao Fu walk over, Princess Ye said sharply, "What are you doing?"

Zhao Fu did not answer her and instead directly hugged her and kissed her lips. Very soon, Princess Ye got in the mood, and the two of them started to go at it on the spot.

This caused the other women to feel incredibly disdainful. She had seemed pure and resolute before, but now, she was acting so lewdly.

Zhao Fu controlled Ye Cang and picked up Empress Qian, his father's Empress. Technically speaking, she was his step-mother, but Zhao Fu did not care. He controlled Ye Cang to kiss her, and because Empress Qian had long since decided to submit, the two of them started to passionately kiss before also entangling together.

Because this was quite taboo, Empress Qian seemed to get quite into it and continuously begged for more. Zhao Fu had wanted to use Ye Cang's body to help him fulfill his request. After all, he had taken over Ye Cang's body in order to obtain the Night Dynasty.

It was a pity that Zhao Fu found that Ye Cang's body was not enough to fulfill Empress Qian alone. His body was not very strong and did not have much power.

After all, Empress Qian was the Empress of a dynasty, so she had a massive amount of Fate. She was not someone an ordinary man could deal with.

Currently, Zhao Fu was tussling about with Princess Ye's mother. Seeing Zhao Fu doing it with her daughter, she decided to take the initiative and give herself to Zhao Fu, taking her daughter's place.

Soon, she lay weakly on the ground, and Zhao Fu picked up the incredibly desperate Empress Qian. Empress Qian looked at the handsome man in front of her and started to kiss Zhao Fu because she knew that Zhao Fu could give her the pleasure that she wanted.

Zhao Fu kissed her back and pressed her against a table before starting to vigorously go at it with her.

Even though Zhao Fu and Ye Cang were a single person, Empress Qian had no idea about this, and it was as if she was doing it with two men, making her go crazy.

After finishing that extravagant 'banquet,' Zhao Fu placed the sleeping women onto a bed nearby and walked out of the room feeling refreshed.

Most normal men would be incredibly tired, but Zhao Fu was incredibly high-spirited; that was the power of a Celestial Art.

The Night Dynasty was now under Zhao Fu's control, and he had taken the women from the imperial family. He had fulfilled Ye Cang's first wish.

Zhao Fu planned to bring these women back to Great Qin. On one hand, they would be able to provide Phoenix Qi, and on the other, he wanted to use the Night Dynasty's power to grow Great Qin. If the rest of the people found out that he had done it with the imperial family's women, they would fight him to the death.

Now, Zhao Fu planned to declare that he had taken them hostage. Also, he did not want other people to touch the women he had been with.

Zhao Fu went outside and saw a blood moon in the sky. It seemed that the Dark Demon world's moon was blood-red, and Zhao Fu looked at it curiously.

At that moment, Ye Ningshuang walked over and asked, "Ye Cang screwed all of those women?"

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "As promised!"

Ye Ningshuang coldly harrumphed and said somewhat angrily, "Was that promise for you to screw them?"

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and looked at her as he asked, "How did you know?"

Ye Ningshuang walked over and pinched Zhao Fu, saying, "You villain, you have so many women's auras on you; do you think I wouldn't notice? If you don't satisfy me tonight, I'll cut your thing off!"

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and hugged her before moans started to sound out.

The next day, Zhao Fu received a letter from Mo Yao'Er. The contents of the letter stated that she accidentally leaked the information about Ye Cang, and she felt incredibly guilty and apologetic. At the same time, there was a trace of flirtatiousness in the letter.