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 After taking account of the various considerations, Li Chang decided to agree. Big changes were about to come to the Night Dynasty, and Ye Cang had a big enough advantage already. It was time to pick a side, and if he picked the right side, he would be promoted; if he picked the wrong side, he would die.

After Li Chang made this decision, Zhao Fu controlled Ye Cang and smiled, and he sent off Li Chang. He then went to find other people to convince them to join Ye Cang - Ye Ningshuang was the greatest factor here, and without her, he would not be able to convince any of the Generals.

That night, Zhao Fu gave Ye Ningshuang a good reward, and it was the first time that she fainted. In the end, she slept until noon the next day.

Now, Zhao Fu controlled 70% of the Night Dynasty's military. The remaining 30% was controlled by Generals who were loyal to the death to the Night Dynasty. Zhao Fu had no way of convincing them, but by now, Zhao Fu already had the strength to seize power.

Three days later, everything had been prepared, and Zhao Fu began to carry out his operation. The Night Dynasty was still in a peaceful state and did not sense the darkness about to overshadow it at all.

That night, stars covered the sky, making it seem incredibly beautiful. The City Hall was heavily guarded by soldiers, but with Ye Ningshuang's help, these people were essentially useless. After all, Ye Ningshuang was one of the five Ancestors, so they naturally trusted her.

Zhao Fu, who controlled Ye Cang's body and easily entered the City Hall. Looking at the City Heart, he smiled and walked over, choosing to conquer it.


A massive explosion sounded out throughout the entire Night Dynasty City, and a black pillar of light rushed into the sky. The entire Night Dynasty's Fate started to roil and gather towards the City Hall. These changes caused everyone to feel quite startled, and they all ran towards the City Hall.

The four other Ancestors immediately arrived, and looking at Ye Ningshuang blocking in front of them, they angrily asked, "Ningshuang, what's going on?"

Facing their angry glares, Ye Ningshuang sighed and said, "The Night Dynasty's Legatee has fully obtained the Legacy!"

"What?" The four Ancestors were infuriated. There was now a massive vortex in the sky, and a demonic dragon came out of the vortex and gave off a terrifying aura as it roared, seeming to shake the entire world.

The four Ancestors' expressions fell. They had never thought that Ye Ningshuang would help such a lowly person inherit the Night Dynasty. They were completely outraged, and they exploded out with power, rushing towards the City Hall.

The other City Lords sensed these massive changes and also rushed over.

Facing the four Ancestors, Ye Ningshuang looked quite worried, but she did not try to stop them because another person had already appeared beside her.

Zhao Fu directly unleashed all of his power, and his Great Qin Seal started to gather the power of the 300 other City Lord Seals. Starry lights representing the City Lord Seals appeared in the sky, and the power they gave off made it seem as if the sky was falling, and everything was locked down.

Everyone in the Night Dynasty City felt absolute terror, and their bodies uncontrollably trembled as if they had fallen into an icy cavern.

The four Ancestors and the Night Dynasty City Lords' expressions became grim. They had never expected this person to be so powerful.

One of the Ancestors yelled, "Hurry and activate the Demon Night Magic Formation. This person's extremely dangerous, and we can't stop him!"

Boom! Boom!

Two massive explosions simultaneously sounded out. One was the sound of a grand formation being activated, causing rays of shocking black light to erupt out. They brought with them a terrifying aura, and the Heaven and Earth Fate in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers started to quickly gather.

The other sound was the sound of the demonic dragon rushing down from the sky and entering Ye Cang's body. By now, Ye Cang had officially become the Night Dynasty's Legatee. A black jade seal rose out of one of the Ancestors' bodies, turned into a ray of light, and shot towards the City Hall. The Ancestor tried to stop it but was unable to do anything at all.

The terrifying magic formation suddenly stopped as City Lord Seals rose out of the Night Dynasty's City Lords. They could only watch in shock as the City Lord Seals turned into rays of light and flew towards the City Hall. All of the City Lords immediately lost the power of their City Lord Seals.

Under Zhao Fu's control, Ye Cang walked out with a big smile on his face as he looked at the people around him.

A few of the historical Generals and many of the residents immediately knelt, saying, "We greet Your Majesty!"

The four Ancestors and the ex-City Lords' expressions became extremely unsightly upon seeing this scene.

Even though the four Ancestors had lost their City Lord Seals, they were still immensely powerful and were still stronger than a City Lord of a Great City. However, they did not dare to act, because they feared Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu had the power of 300 or so City Lord Seals supporting him - how could his power not be terrifying?

One of the Ancestors was infuriated to the extreme, and his face was red with anger as he pointed at Ye Ningshuang and cursed, "You slut, you actually helped an outsider take over the Night Dynasty. I can't believe the Ye family raised you and cared for you for so many years!"

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, and he raised a hand. Immense power gathered around him as he prepared to kill that Ancestor - now that Ye Ningshuang was his woman, he would not allow anyone to humiliate him.

Sensing that Zhao Fu was filled with killing intent, Ye Ningshuang hurriedly grabbed onto Zhao Fu and said, "Honey, don't kill them!"

Zhao Fu looked at Ye Ningshuang and coldly harrumphed before stopping.

At that moment, Ye Ningshuang said, "I didn't help an outsider; Ye Cang was already our Night Dynasty's Legatee and received the acknowledgment of the Legacy Stone!"

One of the Ancestors angrily pointed at Zhao Fu and said, "If you didn't help any outsiders, who is he? And you're even calling him 'honey.' You've lost all face for the Ye family..."


Before she could finish her sentence, Zhao Fu waved a hand, and a massive formless energy smashed into her, causing her to fly out like a rubber ball. She was unable to resist at all, and seeing this, the three other Ancestors felt quite startled.

Ye Ningshuang's eyes were wet as she angrily hit Zhao Fu and said, "Honey, I said not to attack them, but you still attacked them!"

Seeing how upset and wronged she seemed, Zhao Fu felt a bit of an ache in his heart, and he hugged her. At the same time, he controlled Ye Cang to loudly laugh and walk out, saying, "I'll give you one last chance: will you surrender to me or not?"

The current Emperor of the Night Dynasty, Ye Canhong, who was Ye Cang's biological father, said furiously, "You unfilial son, you dare to ask me to submit to you?"

Zhao Fu did not feel angry at all when hearing this. Now that all of the higher-ups in the Night Dynasty were here, it would be good to capture them all in one fell swoop.

Traces of eerie ghostly qi started to spread out and covered everyone present. Everyone was quite alarmed, and they felt a chill in their hearts before the scene before them blurred, and they came into a world of ghosts with countless ghosts attacking them.

The three Ancestors were not simple at all; their eyes became hazed for just a moment before they broke out of the illusion, and they tried to flee the ghostly qi-filled region in terror.

Zhao Fu had already brought Ye Ningshuang out of the ghostly qi-filled region, and he looked at the three Ancestors who were trying to get away. He grabbed at the air, and three massive formless hands grabbed their bodies, making it impossible for them to move.