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 Ye Ningshuang's body madly tussled about with Zhao Fu, but he suddenly stopped just when she was feeling incredibly good. Ye Ningshuang tightly hugged Zhao Fu, a pleading look in her eyes. "Give me more, it's not enough!"

Zhao Fu controlled Ye Cang to walk over. He had him lift up Ye Ningshuang's chin and turn her face towards him as he smiled, and he said, "Well? Ancestor, are you feeling very good? Are you willing to submit to me now? As long as you obey me and let me control the Night Dynasty, I'll have him give you pleasure every day!"

After Zhao Fu spoke through Ye Cang, he felt quite awkward. It was as if he was selling his own body.

Now that Ye Ningshuang was filled with lust and desire, she did not immediately refuse. She looked quite hesitant and reluctant, and she turned to look at the man she was hugging. Gazing at that handsome and beautiful face and sensing the noble and prestigious aura he was giving off, she understood that she could not leave him now. Moreover, right now, she felt so lustful that she could die.

"I agree to help you take control of the Night Dynasty, but you have to promise that the power will not fall into anyone else's hands. You have the Ye family's bloodline anyways, so giving you the Night Dynasty will be the same as giving it to the Ye family. Now, he'll belong to me and will be my man!"

Ye Ningshuang's voice was cold, and she suppressed the flames of desire within her as she spoke.

Zhao Fu inwardly laughed. The Night Dynasty was now within his hands, so how could he give it to anyone else. He controlled Ye Cang to reply earnestly, "I promise you that the Night Dynasty will never fall into anyone else's hands!"

Ye Ningshuang was satisfied with his promise, and she said coldly, "Please leave us for now!"

Zhao Fu understood that she did not want to do these things while someone else was watching, so he controlled Ye Cang to leave them. However, she would never have expected that Ye Cang was actually Zhao Fu.

As soon as Ye Cang left, Ye Ningshuang's cold face immediately became incredibly flirtatious, and she breathed raggedly and said, "Now, you can give me more, right?"

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smiled and kissed her lips, and he started to fulfill her desires.

They went at it for an entire night, and afterward, Ye Ningshuang sweetly hugged Zhao Fu and no longer seeming cold at all. Instead, she said shyly, "You villain, why didn't you appear earlier? I had to wait all this time to enjoy pleasure like this!"

Zhao Fu laughed, "I never thought that you would be a virgin for so long!"

Ye Ningshuang lightly harrumphed, "Maintaining one's virginity is beneficial for one's Cultivation, and I never met a suitable man. As such, I kept my virginity all this time, but now, it's all been ruined by you."

Zhao Fu felt quite happy, and he hugged Ye Ningshuang as he said, "I'll treat you well, and I won't neglect you."

Ye Ningshuang sweetly smiled and tightly hugged Zhao Fu as she said curiously, "Honey, just who are you? You're so powerful, but you obey Ye Cang. Moreover, after doing these things with you, not only was my Cultivation not negatively affected, but it instead greatly boosted my Cultivation. What sort of secrets are you hiding?"

Zhao Fu lowered his head and kissed her, lightly stroking her back. "I'll tell you more in the future. Ye Cang's been waiting for a while now, so let's stop here and put on our clothes."

Of course, Zhao Fu could not tell her these things now. He had no idea what she would do if she knew his true identity and aim, so he decided to hide these things for now.

Ye Ningshuang was a bit dissatisfied, and she blushed as she said, "Then spend more time with me tonight!"

Zhao Fu lightly nodded, and only then did Ye Ningshuang get up and start putting on her clothes. Zhao Fu also put on his clothes, and after they were ready, then went and found Ye Cang.

Zhao Fu then controlled Ye Cang to start outlining the plan. He wanted to take control of the Night Dynasty in the Heaven Awaken World and the Night Dynasty in the real world.

Ye Ningshuang only controlled 10% of the authority in the Night Dynasty, and each of the other four Ancestors each controlled another 10%. Out of the other 50%, the Emperor held 20% of the authority, and the three other factions each controlled 10%.

After hearing Ye Ningshuang's explanation, Zhao Fu felt that this faction was incredibly complicated. However, now that he had Ye Ningshuang's support, he had 10% of the authority of the Night Dynasty.

Out of the remaining four Ancestors, even though one of them was a woman, she was already 290 years old and looked like a 70 or so year old granny.

Of course, Zhao Fu could not use the same method on her as Ye Ningshuang.

As such, he had to think of other methods. Zhao Fu planned to talk to some of the Generals of the various factions. Of course, there was no need to talk to ones who were completely loyal to the Night Dynasty; he wanted to find Generals who had different ideas to the Night Dynasty.

If he wanted to seize power, he had to first control the military, and Zhao Fu soon started to move.

Within a secluded room, Ye Cang sat as he watched a valiant-looking middle-aged man walk in. He smiled and stood up as he gestured at the chair beside him. "General Li, please have a seat!"

Li Chang felt quite furious and coldly glared at Ye Cang as he asked, "Where is my wife?"

In order to ensure that news did not spread and that the Generals would be willing to meet him, Zhao Fu had captured some of their family members to use as hostages. Even though this was quite shameless, it was the most effective method.

"Don't worry; your wife is safe for now. I should introduce myself first - I am Ye Cang, the current Legatee of the Night Dynasty!" Ye Cang smiled as he introduced himself.

Li Chang's expression changed, and he immediately understood Ye Cang's goal, which was to seize power in the Night Dynasty. However, no one in the Night Dynasty acknowledged him, so he if helped Ye Cang, his entire family would be slaughtered. Helping someone like him was a crime deserving of such punishment.

As such, Li Chang immediately refused, "I will never betray the Night Dynasty, nor will I agree to your request. If you want money, I can give you as much as you want!"

Zhao Fu did not mind Li Chang's response, because this was to be expected. He then controlled Ye Chang to say, "I know what General Li is worried about, but don't worry. I already have 100% confidence to control the Night Dynasty in the Heaven Awaken World. However, the Night Dynasty in the real world is something that requires more consideration.

"I need your support to completely control the Night Dynasty; as soon as we succeed, I'll immediately promote you by three ranks!"

Of course, Li Chang did not believe such words; he did not believe such a minor figure like Ye Cang would have such ability.

However, someone walked in, making Li Chang feel quite shocked. This person was the Night Dynasty's youngest Ancestor, Ye Ningshuang.

By now, Ye Ningshuang had regained her cold composure, and she said, "General Li, there's no need for you to worry about this. He is fully prepared, and I can promise you that you will be fine."

Li Chang had never expected the Ye family's Ancestor to stand on Ye Cang's side. Immediately, Li Chang felt that a sinister plot was about to overshadow the Night Dynasty.

What should he do now? His wife was in their hands, and one of the Ancestors supported him. Moreover, he had the Ye family's bloodline, and they seemed incredibly confident. What's more, the Night Dynasty had no idea about any of this at all.

He was also the current Legatee, and if he was able to conquer the Night Dynasty City, he would be able to obtain ultimate authority. All of the Night Dynasty's residents and soldiers in the Heaven Awaken World would only obey him. Now that he had an Ancestor's help, it would be no problem for him to sneak into the Night Dynasty City.