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 A few days later, Zhao Fu brought a few people with him to the Dark Demon world. The people he brought were all disguised with a large amount of demonic qi around them in order to prevent their identities from being exposed.

Zhao Fu now had a plan, which was to take down the Night Dynasty's five Ancestors. Because the Dark Demon world was a cultivation world, the five Ancestors were immensely powerful and had lifespans longer than normal people.

The five Ancestors' Cultivations had naturally reached the highest realm in the Dark Demon world, which was the Demon Origin Realm, and they were all 300 or so years old.

The eldest out of them was 326 years old, and they were all incredibly terrifying. They had all fused their bodies into the Heaven Awaken World, so their own Cultivations had fused with their bodies in the Heaven Awaken World, making them more powerful than an ordinary City Lord of a Great City.

Moreover, the five of them all had the City Lord Seals of Great Cities, so they could each fight seven or eight ordinary City Lords singlehandedly.

The five Ancestors wielded a lot of power in the Night Dynasty, and they were split into different factions. With how big a Dynasty was, it was only natural to have multiple factions.

Zhao Fu did not want to make things too troublesome, so he decided to lay hands on the five Ancestors who had the most power in the Night Dynasty.

A letter was delivered into a woman's hand. The woman was quite tall and was extremely beautiful. She had snow-white skin and was wearing a purple dress, giving off a cold and noble aura.

She was the youngest Ancestor and was 128 years old this year, but she looked like she was in her twenties. She was called Ye Ningshuang, and she was previously a Princess of the Night Dynasty. She had immense talent and had once been the number one beauty of the Night Dynasty.

Ye Ningshuang looked at the letter somewhat seriously because this letter contained a trace of the Night Dynasty's Legacy Fate. The person who wrote this letter was most likely that new Legatee.

She knew a bit about this Legatee - the Night Dynasty's Emperor had once gone out and favored a peasant woman, and he was the product of their union. Back then, none of the Ancestors had paid great mind to this and had forgotten about it afterward. They had never thought that such a thing would happen.

Of course, Ye Ningshuang did not support a Legatee of such low standing, who was not even one-tenth of what the previous Legatee was. Almost no one supported him, so they had all unanimously decided to kill him and have the Legacy Stone choose another Legatee.

Even though they wanted to kill him, they had failed every time. After hearing some information about him a few days ago, they had seemed to lost him. Now, he had written a letter to her.

Within the letter, he asked her to meet in the forest outside Nether City, as he had an important matter to discuss with her. He asked that she come alone, or he would leave.

Ye Ningshuang coldly laughed and understood what he wanted. He most likely wanted to officially become the Legatee through her. However, Ye Ningshuang had already decided to kill him. As someone who was at the apex of this pyramid, Ye Ningshuang had nothing to fear.

She quickly went to Nether City by herself, flew out to the forest outside, and quickly saw Ye Cang.

After seeing Ye Cang, Ye Ningshuang did not hesitate and sliced at the air with her finger. An extremely sharp and cold light gave off a terrifying power as it flashed through the air, reaching Ye Cang almost instantly. This cold light could instantly kill a Stage 3 soldier, and Ye Cang had no way of defending against it.

At that moment, a black-cloaked figure suddenly appeared in front of Ye Cang. The figure lightly waved their hand, easily blocking this attack.

Ye Ningshuang's expression became cold as she could sense that Zhao Fu's power was quite extraordinary. Just as she was about to unleash more of her power, Zhao Fu suddenly exploded out with strength. An incredibly terrifying aura rushed out, causing the surrounding temperature to drop.

This aura greatly startled Ye Ningshuang; she had never thought that this cloaked person would be so powerful. In fact, he seemed even more powerful than her - this was a trap, and she had been too careless. However, how could a peasant like Ye Cang have such a powerful person protecting him?

Ye Ningshuang suddenly thought of something and said coldly, "Sir, this is the Night Dynasty's business, so it's best that you Demon Path Sect people don't get involved."

Ye Ningshuang assumed that Zhao Fu was from the Demon Path Sect, but that was a good guess. With Ye Cang's identity, only the Demon Path Sect would help him. Perhaps they wanted to use him to control the Night Dynasty.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed but did not reply. He stretched out a hand as 36 stars appeared in the sky. The 36 stars gave off a shocking power, and in just an instant, the air around them seemed to freeze.

Ye Ningshuang's expression greatly changed, and she immediately tried to turn and run. She could not fight against this sort of power, as she could sense that each star represented the power of a City Lord Seal.

However, it was too late - the monstrous power from the 36 stars was like a massive mountain that smashed against Ye Ningshuang's body. She used all of her strength to try to block, but she was still sent crashing down from the air. At that moment, countless chains stretched out, binding her firmly and suspending her one meter in the air.

Zhao Fu controlled Ye Cang and smiled as he walked over saying, "Ancestor, I'll give you an opportunity to follow my orders and submit to me!"

Ye Ningshuang coldly glared at Ye Cang and said mockingly, "You think that you can become the Legatee of the Night Dynasty? You're not qualified, and I won't submit to you. I won't let the Demon Path Sect have their way!"

Ye Cang started to wildly laugh, and he pointed at Zhao Fu as he said, "This person is not from the Demon Path Sect. He will only obey me, and soon, he'll show your body what true pleasure is!"

Zhao Fu had Ye Cang speak like this to make him seem more mysterious in order to give him more power to control the Night Dynasty.

Hearing Ye Cang's words, Ye Ningshuang felt quite surprised. If this person was not from the Demon Path Sect, where was he from? How was he so powerful? Was he an expert from another continent? But why would he obey Ye Cang?

Ye Ningshuang could not understand any of this at all, but hearing Ye Cang's final sentence, she felt that she was in danger and started to struggle.

Zhao Fu came before Ye Ningshuang and looked at her beautiful face. He lightly laughed and caressed her face.

Ye Ningshuang struggled even more and said with a trace of killing intent, "If you dare to touch me, I'll kill you and make you suffer a terrible death!"

Zhao Fu ignored her words; most of the women started off with such words but said the opposite later on.

Zhao Fu lowered his head and kissed Ye Ningshuang, and the Six Desires Demonic Qi streamed into her body. After struggling for a bit, Ye Ningshuang quickly got in the mood and passionately responded. Following this, Zhao Fu undid the chains and took off her clothes, and their bodies started to intertwine.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that Ye Ningshuang was still a virgin. She had maintained her purity for over 100 years, which was quite rarely seen.

However, now that the gates of pleasure had opened, Ye Ningshuang seemed to go crazy when assaulted by this flood of pleasure.