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 Ye Cang's expression became one of shock - he had never expected this person to be the World Protector of another world. The World Protector was someone who stood at the peak of the world and was extremely powerful. Their Dark Demon world's World Protector was immensely terrifying as well.

For another world's World Protector to come to their Dark Demon world, there was definitely a great plot at hand, and the Dark Demon world could be greatly affected.

This person wanted to use his body, and if that happened, no one would be able to tell his true identity. He could hide in the Dark Demon world and do as he pleased. With the World Protector's power, it would spell a disaster for the Dark Demon world.

However, Ye Cang did not care about any of this. Whether this world survived or not had nothing to do with him. Currently, he felt as if the entire world had betrayed him. Since this person was the World Protector, he would have the power to take revenge for him.

"You'll do anything for my revenge as long as it's within your power?" Ye Cang's face was completely twisted with madness and hatred as he savagely smiled.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu earnestly nodded.

Ye Cang started to madly laugh and said loudly, "Alright! I agree to give my body to you, but you have to promise me two things!

"First, you have to destroy the Night Dynasty's imperial family and screw all of their women!

"Second, you have to destroy the Demon Path Sect and turn that bitch, Mo Yao'Er, into a sex slave!"

Hearing Ye Cang's words, Zhao Fu was not sure why he hated these people so much, but he felt confident in fulfilling these promises, so he agreed.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had agreed, Ye Cang relaxed and started to wildly laugh. He was certain that Zhao Fu would help him take revenge. Thinking about the Night Dynasty's imperial family being destroyed and the woman he loved being turned into a sex slave, he continuously laughed. His heart was wracked with pain, and tears flowed out of his eyes. Seeing this, Zhao Fu silently stood at the side and waited.

A while later, Ye Cang calmed down and looked quite dispirited as he said, "You can start! I give my body to you!"

Zhao Fu nodded and brought Ye Cang to a secluded mountain cave. He had Ye Cang lie on the ground as he started to wipe away his consciousness. Now that Zhao Fu had unlocked Divine Sense, his mind was quite powerful, and it started to pour into Ye Cang's head.

Ye Cang's face became distorted in pain, and as Zhao Fu's mind continuously flowed into his head, his struggling weakened. In the end, his expression became stiff, and he laid there like a corpse.

Zhao Fu carried out the method that the golden dragon had taught him and started to split apart his soul. This process was incredibly painful and was dozens of times more painful than being cut with a knife all over his body.

After three or so hours, Zhao Fu finally split off a bit of his soul, making him feel incredibly weak. Following this, Zhao Fu sent the little piece of his soul, a mote of light that was as big as a bean, into Ye Cang's head using a secret technique.

As the mote of light entered Ye Cang's head, it started to spread out roots, stretching into a massive orb of light. That orb was Ye Cang's soul, but it no longer had consciousness and seemed incredibly still. As the motes mote of light entered, the orb of light started to move again.

Zhao Fu felt as if he now had two bodies, which felt quite strange. He tried controlling Ye Cang, but he was not very proficient, and Ye Cang's body awkwardly crashed to the ground.

This did not discourage Zhao Fu, and over the next few days, he gradually became accustomed to the body. Because he had successfully taken over the body completely, he also had access to all of Ye Cang's memories, giving him a large amount of information about the Dark Demon world. He also found out why Ye Cang hated those people so much.

What shocked Zhao Fu was how powerful the Night Dynasty was. He had never expected them to be so powerful, and if he could take over the Night Dynasty, Great Qin's strength would instantly become even more monstrous.

He could use the Night Dynasty's power to continue developing in the Dark Demon world, becoming an overlord in the Dark Demon world. With its help, if the Dark Demon world invaded in the future, he could use the Night Dynasty to backstab all of them. This was incredibly important to Great Qin.

Even though this matter was quite dangerous, it was worth it for Zhao Fu to do it. The risk was great, but the rewards were much greater.

At the same time, this was no simple matter. He had to first sneak into the Night Dynasty City and then take it over.

The Night Dynasty City most likely had both indigenous residents and players. The indigenous residents and system main city soldiers would only follow the Legatee's orders. Similarly, the historical Generals would also only be loyal to the Legatee.

This gave Zhao Fu an opportunity to seize power. However, the Night Dynasty was a powerful nation in the real world, and its soldiers and Generals had also remained loyal to it after entering the Heaven Awaken World as well.

They were loyal to the imperial family, and they would be the greatest obstacle to Zhao Fu seizing power.

Moreover, even if he took over the Night Dynasty in the Heaven Awaken World, what about the Night Dynasty in the real world? If he could control it as well, it would be a great help in controlling the Night Dynasty in the Heaven Awaken World. If he couldn't, they would madly attack the Night Dynasty in the Heaven Awaken World.

This would be a big problem for the Night Dynasty in the Heaven Awaken World, and Zhao Fu did not want to see this. However, Zhao Fu was unable to enter the Dark Demon world's real world.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided that he still lacked enough information to make any important decisions. He left Ye Cang here for now and headed to various cities to collect information.

This was not too difficult - with enough money, anyone could obtain any sort of information.

The Night Dynasty had a population of 150 million people. 100 million were players, who were subjects of the Night Dynasty in the real world, and 50 million were indigenous residents. They had 12 million soldiers, made up of seven million players and five million system main city soldiers.

If Zhao Fu took over the Night Dynasty, he would be at a disadvantage in both population and soldiers. If the Night Dynasty in the Heaven Awaken World clashed with the Night Dynasty in the real world, it was more likely that Zhao Fu's side would lose.

This was because even if he had 50 million residents and five million soldiers, he only had a few historical Generals to help him. However, the other side would have countless Generals, Ministers, and people from the imperial family. If they started to fight, Zhao Fu would not be able to control and command all of the people effectively.

This was not something that could be resolved easily. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to return to the human world for now and discuss with his Generals as to what to do.

As for his mission, which was to simply collect information, he had already completed it perfectly.

Zhao Fu returned to the teleportation channel and activated it. After a wave of dizziness, he had returned to the human world. He first told the eight Legatees about the information he had obtained. Of course, it was only general information, and he did not yet tell them about the Night Dynasty.

The eight Legatees discussed this matter further and started to construct a Great Wall on the Northern Continent, while Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and started to discuss with his subordinates as to how to seize power in the Night Dynasty.