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 After entering the Heaven Awaken World, Ye Cang immediately used the True Body Stone. in the real world, Ye Cang's body was covered with light before slowly disappearing.

Seeing this, the men giving chase were outraged. He had been right there, and yet he had just disappeared like that. They angrily looked around for a while but could not find anything, so they could only go back to report this.

After hearing about this, the higher-ups deduced that Ye Cang may have entered the Heaven Awaken World and ordered people to gather all information about him. At the same time, the gave out a reward of 100,000 gold coins to kill Ye Cang.

Now that Ye Cang's bodies from the real world and Heaven Awaken World had fused together, his feet immediately healed by quite a lot. He could walk a bit, and he immediately took out some medicine and started to treat his feet.

A day later, his feet had completely recovered, and by now, he understood that he would be chased down by the Night Dynasty, so he started to wear a cloak.

He went to a city nearby and found out that there was now a 100,000 gold coin bounty for his head. This was a decent fortune, and countless people would be enticed by it. There were now countless people looking for him, and the Night Dynasty's people had also come to this place.

Seeing this, Ye Cang did not dare to stay here any longer. Luckily, it was easy to go from a system main city to another, so he immediately teleported away.

Five days later, Ye Cang was desperately running in a forest. He had never thought that he would meet people from the same sect here, and those people were ones he had been on good terms before. As such, they had immediately recognized him, and there was now a big group of people chasing after him.

There were already a few injuries on his body, and blood continuously flowed out. Ye Cang could only continue to run or die. By now, his face was completely twisted by anger and hatred.

Zhao Fu was currently on the way to Peaceful Soul City when he saw a group of people chasing after a young man. He took a look but did not plan to act, as he did not know the situation. Moreover, they were enemies of the human world.

The golden dragon suddenly said, "That demon being chased has an immense amount of Fate; he's most likely a Dynasty Legatee. However, he has not fully received the Legacy yet and can only be counted to be half a Legatee!"

Zhao Fu felt a bit confused and asked, "What does that mean?"

The golden dragon replied, "He has received the acknowledgment of the Legacy Stone but has not conquered the Legacy City yet."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite confused, and the golden dragon rolled its eyes as it said, "After the first Legatee dies, the Legacy Stone will once again choose a master. He's most likely the second Legatee.

"Right now, he only has the status but does not have any power. He needs to go to the city and conquer the Legacy Stone. Only then will he be officially recognized and obtain a massive amount of Fate, allowing him to use the Nation Fate.

"However, if he's killed, the Legacy Stone will once again open up a trial and choose another Legatee."

After hearing this, Zhao Fu understood everything. However, he still did not plan to act because he was only here to obtain information. He did not want to get involved in any trouble. After all, this matter concerned an entire nation, and getting dragged in could result in his identity being exposed.

Moreover, he would not gain anything from helping this demon and would only bring trouble on himself.

Perhaps by helping him, they could form an alliance or have that demon submit to him. If he had a strong pawn in the demon world, it could help him a lot in the future.

However, Zhao Fu did not trust the Dark Demon race. After all, they were from two different worlds; even if they made an agreement, there was no guarantee that the other side would keep it. Moreover, Zhao Fu was not sure if he would completely submit; after all, he was now a Dynasty Legatee.

Moreover, that Legacy Stone would most likely be heavily guarded, and he did not have the power to help this demon obtain the Legacy. In fact, he could even die as a result, because if the demons found out that he was from another world, they would all gather to attack him together.

The golden dragon understood what Zhao Fu was thinking and said, "You can take over his body, making him effectively a clone. That way, you will be the Legatee of his Dynasty!"

Zhao Fu was pleasantly surprised; he had never thought that such a thing would be possible. However, this was a cultivation world, so if he took over Ye Cang's body, it would be easy for him to be found out.

"You can take over his consciousness; that way, no one will be able to find you out. No one will be able to tell anything from his body or soul," the golden dragon once again said.

Zhao Fu felt quite confused and said, "I understand taking over someone's body, but how do you take over one's consciousness?"

The golden dragon explained, "It's like this - you need to first wipe out his consciousness before splitting off a bit of your own consciousness and insert it into his soul. It will be a bit painful, but it will allow you to fully take over him.

"However, this requires him to be willing, because it is quite difficult to wipe away someone's consciousness without harming their soul if they retaliate.

"Alright, go and save him now, or he'll die."

Zhao Fu came back to his senses and saw that Ye Cang had already been surrounded!

Ye Cang furiously looked at the person in front of him and said, "Jiu Langli, I treated you like a brother. I never thought that you would bring people to kill me!"

Jiu Langli coldly laughed, "I'm sorry, but your head is just worth too much. As a brother, you should help a brother. You're definitely going to die, so you might as well let me be the one who gets the reward. Everyone, kill him!"

Hearing his words, everyone prepared to attack. Ye Cang felt utter despair - he had thought that obtaining the Night Dynasty's Legacy was an incredibly good thing, but things had turned out like this. He had not even taken revenge for his parents and the village, and he was going to die like this.

At that moment, a sword light flashed past, and ten or so people's heads flew into the air. This caused Ye Cang to feel quite startled, and he saw a cloaked figure appear before him.

"Thank you!" Ye Cang understood that this person had saved him and thanked him coldly.

Zhao Fu nodded, and seeing Ye Cang's twisted complexion, which was filled with hatred, Zhao Fu felt that there was a chance. As such, he started talking with Ye Cang and told him what he wanted, which was to wipe away his consciousness with his consent.

"How can I trust you? What if you don't help me take revenge after taking my body?" Ye Cang said as he coldly looked at Zhao Fu. There were no good people in the world. This person had not saved him out of kindness but because he wanted to use his body.

This phrase sounded quite weird, but Zhao Fu did indeed want his body.

Zhao Fu smiled as he took off his cloak and said, "I won't hide things from you - I'm the World Protector of another world. With my power, as long as it's within my ability, I will take care of your revenge. I make this vow with my identity as the World Protector, and this vow is ratified by the World's Power!"