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 Zhao Fu ended up obtaining quite a lot of information from them, and afterwards, he did not kill them. Instead. he threw them a sack of gold coins before flying off towards Peaceful Soul City.

Elsewhere in the demons' real world, a youth grinned as he walked home. This youth was called Ye Cang, and he was an Outer Court Disciple of the Demon Path Sect. Even though he was an Outer Court Disciple, that did not mean his aptitude was poor; in other people's eyes, he could be seen as a genius.

It was just that he did not seem very outstanding in the Demon Path Sect, as the Demon Path Sect was one of the largest sects in the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world. It was incredibly powerful and was a place where countless genius gathered. As such, Ye Cang, who was a genius to ordinary people, was only an Outer Court Disciple here.

Ye Cang came from a small mountain village, and his mother was the belle of the village. His adoptive father was also someone renowned for his kindness, and their family was very happy. Ye Cang loved the mountain village, as everyone got along well together, and Ye Cang had received much help from everyone.

Today, Ye Cang planned to ask his mother about his origins, because a few days ago, he had obtained the Night Dynasty's Legacy.

The Night Dynasty was an ancient Dynasty, and it had a few hundred years of history. It was extremely powerful and was one of the most powerful existences in the Southern Continent.

The Night Dynasty was an ancient Dynasty that still existed. It had its own subjects and soldiers, and after entering the Heaven Awaken World, those subjects and soldiers were still loyal to the Night Dynasty.

In the beginning, the Night Dynasty had 100 million people and five million soldiers.

And that was only at the beginning. After developing for so long in the Heaven Awaken World and with the fact that the Night Dynasty was one of the most powerful factions in their real world, it was monstrously powerful in the Heaven Awaken World now.

Just in the Southern Continent alone, it was in the top five factions, and within the entire Dark Demon world, it was in the top 15. It was one of the most powerful factions in the entire Dark Demon world, and it was feared by countless people.

However, a month ago, the Night Dynasty's Legatee had gone through qi deviation when breaking through the Demon Origin-Realm and had died. This news had shaken the entire Southern Continent.

A Dynasty Legatee had an immense amount of Fate, yet he had died so easily. This shocked countless people, and the Imperial Clan of the Night Dynasty was infuriated. They believed that there was an enemy faction that had used some sort of curse to kill its Legatee.

As such, the Nighty Dynasty continuously sent out its army, attacking the neighboring three Dynasties and one sect. A few large battles had erupted, resulting in many people dying. They were now in a stalemate and were antagonistic towards each other in the real world as well.

It was a pity that now that the Legatee had died in the real world, he could not be revived. That Legatee had been quite famous in the Dark Demon world and had held immense potential. He was said to be one of the most powerful rulers in the future, and now that he had died like this, many people felt quite disappointed.

Now that the Night Dynasty's Legatee had died, the Legacy Stone once again opened a trial.

Ye Cang did not understand what was happening at the time, as he had just been killing magical beasts when he had been suddenly dragged into a trial space, and he had obtained the Night Dynasty's Legacy somehow. Ye Cang felt quite shocked about this - how could he have obtained the Night Dynasty's Legacy?

He came from a small mountain village, so how could he have any connection to the Night Dynasty? Ye Cang felt that his identity was not simple, so he decided to go back and ask his mother what was going on.

Becoming the Night Dynasty's Legatee was like going from a peasant to becoming the Son of Heaven. Ye Cang could not help but feel incredibly excited; in the future, he would have an important position and would wield a lot of power. He could not stop grinning.

As he got closer and closer to the village, he sensed that something was wrong - it was completely silent in the village, and there were not even any sounds from the chickens or geese, which was quite strange.

Ye Cang became cautious and slowly moved over, and he found corpses lying on the ground. These corpses belonged to the villagers, making him feel mournful and furious. He thought of his adoptive father and mother and hurried towards his house.

When he got there, he saw a scene that ripped his heart apart - his adoptive father was lying in a pool of blood while his beautiful mother was being violated by a few naked men. His mother continuously cried and struggled, but she could not retaliate at all.

Ye Cang furiously ran over, wanting to kill these monsters. However, he could feel that their Cultivations were at the Martial Demon Realm. He could not defeat a single one of them by himself, let alone five.

By now, the few men had finished using his mother and casually killed her. Looking at her corpse, Ye Cang gripped his fists and gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with hatred. He forced himself to calm down and hid in some long grass.

If he rushed out now, not only would he not be able to take revenge, but he would also have to give up his own life as well. If he died, he would never be able to take revenge for his parents.

"It's been so many days, so why hasn't that brat come back yet? After killing him we can go back and complete our mission, allowing the Legacy Stone to once again open up a trial!" one of the men said unhappily as he put on his clothes.

Another man coldly harrumphed, "It should be soon. We'll deal with the corpses later and continue waiting for him!"

Hearing their words, Ye Cang finally understood the situation. However, how did they know that he was the new Legatee? Ye Cang felt as if he had been woken up by a bucket of cold water.

He had only told this matter to a single person, which was the Demon Path Sect's Mo Yao'Er. She was the number one beauty of the Southern Continent and was ranked third in the entire Dark Demon world. She was incredibly enchanting and beautiful, making countless men go crazy for her. What's more, she was the Demon Path Sect's Sect Master's daughter and had an incredibly prestigious background and incredible talent.

He had trusted her so much, so why had she betrayed him? She was the first woman Ye Cang had liked, the first woman who had made him go so crazy. He truly, truly liked her and would do anything for her, even give up his life for her.

Ye Cang felt as if his heart had been torn to shreds, and tears leaked out of his eyes. The pain made it feel as if he could not breathe.

Ye Cang lost control of his breathing, and the few people inside immediately detected this, yelling, "There's someone outside!"

Ye Cang quickly came back to his senses and started to run away. The men started to chase after him, and seeing that there was no way to escape, he ran to a nearby ravine and jumped.

"Ahhh!!" The ravine was 20 or so meters high, and even though Ye Cang put all of his Cultivation power into his feet, they were still broken on impact.

Seeing this, the men were delighted and decided to go down from another way. Even if they jumped down from here, their feet would be injured. Now that Ye Cang's feet were broken, he definitely would not be able to escape.

Looking at the men quickly descending, Ye Cang quickly entered the Heaven Awaken World. In the Heaven Awaken World, he had obtained a True Body Stone, which allowed one's body to enter the Heaven Awaken World permanently.

Now, in order to keep his life, he could only choose to use the True Body Stone. There was nothing that he cared about in the real world anymore now that his village had been slaughtered.