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 The third brother looked at Xiao Jian running away, and he smiled like a hunter chasing down his prey. Just as he was about to order his Archers to fire...

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of bolts tearing through the air with great force sounded out. Zhao Fu brought 20 ballistae this time because he now had a spatial ring and did not have to worry about how to transport them. As such, he had brought all of the ballistae he had.

600 bolts shot out from the 200 ballistae and descended on the 4,000 brigands like rain.

Chi, chi, chi...

The bolts descended, nailing the brigands to the ground. Blood flowed down the bolts, killing almost 600 brigands instantly.

The scene became incredibly bloody, and the brigands were given a great fright, causing them to panic.

Swish, swish, swish...

At this moment, countless arrows and crossbow bolts shot out from ahead and from both sides. Zhang Dahu's people, who had been pretending to escape, brought out their hidden bows and started to shoot.

Countless brigands had died in less than a minute, staining the ground red.

By now, the brigands were finally able to react, and the third brother roared, "Shield formation!"

The Shieldbearer brigands raised their Ironwood shields and formed a massive circular shield wall, blocking the arrows.

Xiao Jian was ecstatic when he saw the massive number of casualties that the brigands had suffered. The time for his revenge had finally come. The third brother looked over at Xiao Jian and finally realized what was happening, and a savage expression appeared on his face as he said, "Brat, I never thought you'd ambush me! Your elder's going to cut you into a thousand pieces!!"

"Haha, you reap what you sow, you evil brigands. It's time for you to pay for your crimes!" Xiao Jian loudly laughed.

The third brother was incredibly furious, but after thinking about something, he started to laugh loudly, "You probably don't know that your big sister was killed by me, and I was able to taste her. She wasn't bad at all!"

When Xiao Jian heard that his big sister had been killed by him, his memories of his big sister flashed in his mind. His expression froze as he powerlessly fell to the ground, tears flowing out of his eyes as his felt as if it had been torn apart.

Zhao Fu frowned and ordered, "Spearwielders and ballistae, prepare to fire. Destroy that shield wall!"

Swish, swish, swish...

As Zhao Fu gave the order, bolts containing immense power shot towards the shield wall.

Bang, bang, bang...

The bolts from the ballistae were unable to pierce through the shields, but they made the brigand Shieldbearers feel as if they had been hit by a cow. As a result, both their shields and bodies were sent flying.

The shield wall formed by the brigands was completely destroyed by the ballistae, and following this, the Spearwielders threw their javelins, hitting many brigands.

After the shield wall was destroyed, countless arrows descended on the brigands, and many of them were shot to death.

The 'third brother' took two arrows but was not hit in his vitals. He watched as his brigands fell one after another, and he became incredibly frantic and livid. He was determined to catch Xiao Jian and torture him to death. Who knew where he had found such a powerful force? It seemed that he would have to run.

"I'll kill you!"

Xiao Jian's eyes were completely red, and his handsome-looking face twisted in anger as he roared. He gripped his iron sword and rushed at the third brother like he was mad. Beside him, Zhang Dahu tried to stop him, but Xiao Jian struggled out of his grip. As such, Zhang Dahu could only sigh.

Now that around 1,500 brigands had died, Zhao Fu gave the order to stop firing arrows. The third brother started to relax when he saw that Zhau Fu's soldiers had stopped shooting arrows at him, and he started to think of a way to break out of the encirclement.


Suddenly, the sound of countless hoofbeats could be heard, and the third brother turned around with a look of terror on his face. Ten terrifying Skeleton Cavalrymen led 300 Cavalrymen, who wore bronze armor and held bronze spears, as they charged towards the brigands. They gave off a fearsome aura that seemed like that of a massive beast's. As they rushed over, the third brother felt a trace of terror, and he completely disregarded Xiao Jian.

Chi, chi, chi...

The Cavalrymen were incredibly fast and stabbed into the group of brigands like a sharp spear. They thrust their spears into the enemies in front of them, who were powerless to retaliate, and the brigands couldn't help but retreat to the sides in fear.

Cavalry was said to be the most powerful type of military unit in ancient times, and it could only be countered by Cavalry or heavy Shieldbearers. Only those soldiers could stop the onslaught that Cavalry brought. The 300 Cavalrymen swept through the group of brigands like a chopstick piercing through tofu. The brigands suffered at least 500 casualties, and they were sent into chaos. Now, all the brigands wanted to do was escape from this terrifying place.

At this moment, Xiao Jian and the other 20 or so men from the Hundred Flower Village ran into the group of brigands and started to slash them with their swords.

"Wang Bao, I won't forgive you!!" Xiao Jian stared at the third brother, Wang Bao, with blood-red eyes. Wang Bao's expression became savage, and because he knew that he couldn't escape, he decided that he might as well take the brat down with him. As such, he raised his large saber to meet Xiao Jian's sword.

Zhao Fu rode on Little Black, a tall and majestic horse, and coldly looked down from a hill. Little Grey was lying down next to Little Black, and it was also looking down at the battle.

"Order the Cavalry to continue charging and use arrows to kill the brigands on the outside of the group. Split off Xiao Jian and his people and a small group of brigands; give them the revenge they want. As for their own lives, they'll be in their own hands."

Bai Qi nodded and immediately gave out more detailed orders.

Two hours later, the battle finally concluded. It was now the afternoon, and the sky was cloudless. The red glow of the sunset fell on the corpses on the ground, bringing about a sense of beauty amongst the death and chaos.

Zhao Fu rode on Little Black, and he stepped over the corpses and came next to a body that was not confirmed to be alive or dead. The body was covered with wounds and had many deep cuts on his face. His body was covered in blood, and he lay within a pool of blood as he stared up into the sky.

When Zhao Fu rode Little Black over, he weakly said, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu lightly nodded as he looked down at Xiao Jian within the pool of blood and asked, "Is your heart feeling better now?"

Xiao Jian nodded with great difficulty, but he then shook his head, saying in a weak and hoarse voice, "Even though I've taken revenge, what I've lost cannot be regained. Now, I only feel emptiness within my heart."

"With how big the world is, you'll once again have something that can fill the emptiness in your heart. However, the question is, will you be able to protect it? Right now, you're still too weak. You will only be able to protect those who are important to you by becoming powerful," Zhao Fu softly said to Xiao Jian.

Xiao Jian looked at Zhao Fu, who had a golden-red glow from the sunset illuminating his body. In that moment, he seemed incredibly majestic and holy, making one want to submit to him.

Xiao Jian coughed up a mouthful of blood and said weakly, "Your Majesty, I'm certain that you'll one day be able to unify the world and create a world that is both prosperous and peaceful."