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 Zhao Fu felt quite surprised that Tina Pendragon would be concerned for him, but he lightly nodded in response.

Akhenaten looked over at Zhao Fu and Tina Pendragon, thinking to himself. However, he understood how dangerous this mission was. Since Great Qin's Legatee was willing to take such a big risk to obtain information for them, he was deserving of his respect.

"Great Qin's Legatee, please be careful!" Akhenaten said courteously as he smiled.

In response, Zhao Fu also lightly nodded.

As for Si Ji, he felt quite complicated, as he and Great Qin's Legatee were both Chinese and had been embroiled in conflict before. He looked at Zhao Fu and did not say anything, choosing to directly leave.

The others somewhat feared Zhao Fu, especially Oleg, who had been abused the most in that illusion. He did not even dare to speak to Zhao Fu for fear of Zhao Fu getting angry and beating him up. After the discussions were over, he let out a sigh of relief and ran away immediately.

"Great Qin's Legatee, make sure you come back safe!" Masanori Hano said with true concern as she smiled while looking at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu also nodded. Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and prepared to enter the demon world.

After making his preparations, Zhao Fu stood at the center of the magic formation and looked at the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel. He was not completely sure if it could take him to the demon world - even though he could leave the Legacy Land using it, going to another world required him to pass through two Heaven Domain Boundaries. Zhao Fu was not sure if the teleportation channel could do such a thing.

Zhao Fu bound the Sky Demon Sword to his waist, as he wanted to use the Sky Demon's Sky Demon Power to protect him and cover his identity as a human.

After stepping through the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel, Zhao Fu felt a massive force sucking him in, and his head started to ache. His surroundings blurred, and soon, Zhao Fu had arrived at another world.

Zhao Fu did not know if it was day or light, as it was quite dim, and the sky was completely gray. The plants around him were mostly black, and some were blood-red, making them seem quite strange.

This world was filled with demonic qi. To ordinary people, this demonic qi would make them feel coldness and pain, but to demons, it was a luxury.

Sensing the boundless amount of demonic qi, the Sky Demon Sword at Zhao Fu's waist became quite excited and started to tremble.

Zhao Fu did not know where he was, so he picked a random direction and started to fly. Zhao Fu felt that the demon world was filled with mortal dangers everywhere, so he had to be careful and explore slowly.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu sensed some movement in a forest, so he exploded out with his powerful aura, covering that region. Immediately, a few people ran out in terror, kneeling on the ground and speaking in a language that Zhao Fu did not understand.

Luckily, Zhao Fu was prepared for this. He used a Language Stone and recorded their language. He found out that this language was called the Dark Demon language, and he used the stone to learn it, helping him understand what they were saying.

From these demons, he heard that the demons living here were called the Dark Demons.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised to find that apart from the demonic qi that they gave off, their looks and clothes resembled Asian people. The weapons they used seemed to be made out of bone.

"You may rise!" Zhao Fu said as he looked at the demons in front of him.

The demons quickly got up and nervously stood there, not even daring to breathe loudly. The Demon Race was one that worshipped power, and they acknowledged the fact that the strong devoured the weak.

Even without using his City Lord Seal, Zhao Fu was incredibly powerful, as he had Stage 6 Cultivation. He was so powerful that they did not dare to try to resist at all.

"I just arrived here and don't know where we are. Tell me about this area!" Zhao Fu silently practiced the Dark Demon language before speaking.

There were four males and two females in front of him, and a young demon who seemed like the leader said, "Sir, this region we are in is called the Gloom Region. We are quite close to Peaceful Soul City."

Hearing this demon speak in a formal and ancient style, he did not seem like a player, but it was not very likely for indigenous residents to form groups to hunt beasts. Zhao Fu felt quite curious and asked the same thing again to another one of the demons.

That demon did not understand why Zhao Fu asked the same question twice, but given how powerful Zhao Fu was, he could only truthfully reply, speaking in the same olden-style and formal tone as the other demon.

Zhao Fu had some suspicions, and he said, "I'm a writer and I like hearing all sorts of stories. If you tell me stories about your life, not only will I not kill you all, but I will also reward you with money!"

In order to verify his suspicions and understand more about the Dark Demon race, he casually made up a lie.

Hearing this, the demons let out a sigh of relief; this person only wanted to hear their stories. Not only would he not kill them, but he would also give them rewards, making them pleasantly surprised.

Following this, the demons started to tell their stories, and Zhao Fu attentively listened, obtaining a large amount of useful information.

After hearing these stories, Zhao Fu was able to verify his suspicions. They spoke in such an olden way because their world was an ancient-style world.

This made Zhao Fu quite startled - after all, most ancient-style worlds were cultivation worlds, and most people cultivated.

Most worlds were split into two categories: cultivation worlds and technological worlds. The human world had gone down the technological advancement path, but most modern technology was taboo in the Heaven Awaken World.

However, magical tools and items were unaffected and could be used as normal.

Comparatively speaking, technological worlds were at a major disadvantage. Their people had weaker constitutions, and their biggest assets were unusable. On the other hand, the people from cultivation worlds were much stronger, as they could cultivate.

Moreover, if one's arts and skills reached a proficient stage in the real world, they would also be brought into the Heaven Awaken World after their world was devoured by the Heaven Awaken World.

Moreover, in terms of bloodlines, the bloodlines from technological worlds were weaker, further increasing the gap.

In terms of other things, this world was quite similar to the human world. The world was split into different regions, and each region had different cities. They could also return to their own 'real world,' and they were also going through the Chaotic World.

They had also chosen seven Legatees to control the fate of the Dark Demon world's fate, and their development was similar to the human world's.

Apart from this, they had all sorts of talismans and magic formations and were ahead of the human world in this regard. They did not have to buy magic formations and could already set up powerful formations. Many of the things from their real world could be brought into the Heaven Awaken World - this was the advantage of a cultivation world.

Moreover, their systems here were different as well. The Dark Demon world not only had powerful nations, but they also had powerful sects. Some sects' strength surpassed those of nations and could even destroy a few nations.

Technological worlds were at a great disadvantage, and if the human world and the Dark Demon world fought now, the human world would have a 90% chance of losing.