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 Tina Pendragon was the first to arrive. Looking at the cloaked figure next to Geoffrey, she immediately knew who it was. Her expression became serious - now that Great Qin's Legatee was taking action, this meant that the matter was incredibly serious.

"Is it true? Was Moonlight City really slaughtered by someone from the Demon Race?" Tina Pendragon came up and asked.

Geoffrey nodded seriously and said, "Great Qin's Legatee is sure about this. He already knows that right next to our world is a terrifying demon world!"

Tina Pendragon looked at Zhao Fu and understood that he knew more things than them. After all, not anyone could become the World Protector.

"Great Qin's Legatee!" Tina Pendragon stood beside Zhao Fu and called out softly.

Zhao Fu turned to look at her and nodded before saying, "I'll explain everything after everyone's here!"

Tina Pendragon nodded and stood by the side, waiting for everyone else.

Time gradually passed, and soon, Akhenaten and Si Ji arrived. However, everyone else was still on the way, so those present could only wait.

Tina Pendragon stood beside Zhao Fu, and this was the first time she had been so close to him, and she could not help but size him up.

Even though Zhao Fu was wearing a cloak, making it impossible to see his face, the aura he gave off was incredibly dangerous. His power was enough to suppress her King's Power, meaning that it was a power even stronger than King's Power.

However, putting aside all of this, just with Great Qin's Legatee silently standing there, even though they were facing a possible invasion of the Demon Race, he gave off a feeling that made her feel at ease.

Standing beside him and smelling his scent, Tina Pendragon could not help but think of being violated by him in that illusion, causing her to blush, which was incredibly rare.

Following this, everyone else finally arrived with serious expressions. They all understood how severe this situation was, and they all looked towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing that everyone had arrived, Zhao Fu said, "I've been to the outside world and know some things. The situation is not great right now, so you all must listen carefully!"

Hearing that Zhao Fu had already ventured out into the outside world, everyone's heart jumped, and their expressions became ones of shock. They wanted to ask what the outside world was like, but hearing that the situation was bad, their expressions became grave, and they attentively listened.

Zhao Fu was unable to make a decision by himself on such a big matter, so he did not want to hide anything. He got straight to the point, saying, "One of the worlds before ours is called the Grassi world, and it is populated by the Grassi people. They have about 40 or so Kingdoms, and they are ready to invade our human world at any time."

"However, they are not the true threat; it is the Devil Horn Empire next to them. They are already a Level 1 Dukedom, and they are already invading other worlds. Only with three worlds allying together were they able to barely stop its invasion.

"If the Devil Horn Empire conquers those three worlds or only destroys the Grassi world, we will be their next target, as our human world will be easier to conquer than the other worlds.

"Out of these threats, the Devil Horn Empire is the strongest, and our human world barely has any ways to resist.

"I have also discovered that there is a Demon Race world to the north of our human world, and there is a Water Race world to our south. Because we're separated by the Southern Continent and the Water Race only dwells in water, we don't have to worry about them for now.

"The demon world in the north is the second-greatest threat - the Demon Race is one of the strongest out of the eight Major Races, and they are incredibly cruel and violent. Them invading our world is only a matter of time."

Apart from talking about the threats they were going to face, Zhao Fu also told them about some of the other things in the Heaven Awaken World, such as the levels of Kingdoms and the features of the various Races.

After hearing these things, everyone felt incredibly shocked. No one had thought that the human world would be in such danger, and they were quite surprised that Zhao Fu knew so much. Moreover, he was willing to selflessly tell them so much, saving them a lot of time.

Geoffrey looked at Zhao Fu and said, "Great Qin's Legatee, I need to apologize for my behavior in the past. When the world's consciousness chose you to be the World Protector, I could not understand how such a cruel and ruthless person could be chosen. However, after talking to you, my perception of you has changed: You're someone who cares about the whole world. Compared to us, you're much more suitable to be the World Protector!"

Everyone else inwardly sighed - Great Qin's Legatee was not only far more powerful than them, but he also had a lot more information than them as well. They simply could not compare to him.

Masanori Hano looked at Zhao Fu and smiled. She knew that he wasn't that sort of cruel and merciless person!

Zhao Fu asked, "What do you all think? How should we deal with this?"

Si Ji was the first to reply, "Right now, the most pressing threat is the demon world. After the Heaven Awaken World devours our world, the boundaries between worlds will disappear, and we will have to fight with them sooner or later!"

Akhenaten followed up, "I agree with what Si Ji said. The humans and demons are fated to fight sooner or later, so we just have to make preparations. I believe that the Northern Continent should build a defensive wall to at least slow down the Demon Race's invasion. They should also prepare things to suppress the Demon Race. Otherwise, with how powerful the Demon Race is, we will be at a great disadvantage."

Everyone else approved of this. Facing this terrifying invasion, they had to make proper preparations; otherwise, if they fought, the human side would have a tough time.

Tina Pendragon thought for a moment before saying, "We need more information about the Demon Race. We can't just passively defend; we also need to take the initiative to attack. Only then will we be able to prevent the human world from being mass-invaded."

Everyone else also approved of this idea. However, who had the power to obtain information about the demon world? To begin with, who could even enter the demon world?

As such, everyone looked over to Zhao Fu. It seemed that only Great Qin's Legatee would be able to do such a thing, as the eight of them were completely powerless. They had never been to the outside world, so they could only rely on Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not refuse either. He had long since decided to go over to the demon world to take a look and obtain some information in order to prepare for the future. As such, he nodded and agreed.

Seeing that Zhao Fu was willing to do this, everyone let out a sigh of relief. After all, he would be going to the enemy's world, which was incredibly dangerous. They knew almost nothing about that world, making it even more dangerous.

After discussing for a bit longer, everyone left to start making preparations.

"Great Qin's Legatee, stay safe." Tina Pendragon said with a trace of care as she looked at Zhao Fu with her golden eyes. She did not mean anything by this - she only said it because he was taking a massive risk for the human race.