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 The black-clothed young man condescendingly looked at the City Lord. He stretched out his hand, and countless traces of demonic qi rushed out, forming a massive demon hand. The demon hand gave off a powerful might as it grabbed at the City Lord.

The City Lord was quite shocked and sensed the danger. He immediately tried to dodge, but the demon's hand was not only extraordinarily fast, but it also had a sealing power. Even though the City Lord tried to dodge to the side, his body slowed down greatly, making it impossible to move quickly.

The demon's hand grabbed onto the City Lord's body and tightly gripped. A 'bang' sounded out as the City Lord's body exploded, causing blood and flesh to fall everywhere. The black-clothed young man grabbed the silver City Lord Seal that rose out of the corpse, and seeing this City Lord Seal, a look of interest appeared on the young man's face.

After receiving a notice that the City Lord had been killed, the remaining soldiers furiously rushed over. No one knew what had happened, but they could feel that things were grim, so they started to run for their lives, creating a chaotic scene.

Seeing this, the black-clothed young man felt quite annoyed and raised a hand, causing a massive amount of demonic qi to rush out. The demonic qi gathered, forming a black orb that was as big as a fist in front of his palm.

The jet-black orb gave off a terrifying demonic intent, making those who felt it feel a chill spread through their bodies. The black orb instantly exploded out, covering the entire system main city. Countless demons appeared, giving ear-piercing howls as they started to slaughter everyone. Soon, the system main city became deathly silent.

In another system main city, a chubby middle-aged man sitting in a bar said in a quiet voice to the people around him, "Did you hear? Moonlight City was suddenly slaughtered without a single person remaining. They all died incredibly pitifully: some were cut into pieces, some had their skin ripped off, and others had their stomachs cut open, causing their guts to fall out. It was such a horrifying scene; I wonder who was so inhumane as to do such a thing!"

Another person looked terrified as he said in a small voice, "I went to take a look personally; that place looks like hell. There are broken corpses everywhere, and the smell of blood fills the entire city. The smell alone is enough to make a person vomit; that was the worst scene I've seen in my whole life!"

"Who do you think did it? The other City Lords all went to take a look. Three hours prior, everything had been fine, but they had suddenly lost contact, and three hours later, 400,000 residents and 200,000 players had all been killed!" a person said with curiosity and fear.

Another person said, "I heard it was a Chinese person. The players who were killed and sent back to the real world have started to curse Chinese people."

"I also heard that the person who slaughtered the whole city looks like a Chinese person. Before he slaughtered everyone, there was a Chinese person who tried to talk to him; he's probably Chinese!"

"That Chinese person went too far; why did he slaughter so many of us for no reason? And with such cruel methods too! How infuriating!"

"There's nothing we can do about that. China is simply too powerful, and Great Qin's Legatee has become the World Protector. Now, China can do whatever it wants and takes no one seriously. I think that person might have been Great Qin's Legatee; only he's powerful and cruel enough to do such a thing."

Everyone else nodded in agreement. Even in the Northern Continent, they had heard of how ferocious Great Qin's Legatee was. As such, they agreed that the biggest suspect was him; not anyone could do something like this.

The matter of Moonlight City being instantly slaughtered caught the attention of many people in the Northern Continent. After all, 600,000 people being slaughtered without a single person remaining was not a small matter at all.

However, they still had not yet worked out the true identity of that person. He seemed to have suddenly appeared, but because he had black eyes and black hair, it was quite likely that he was indeed someone from China.

But why had such a ferocious person suddenly appeared, butchering an entire city in such a cruel way? No one had any answers.

Even though the greatest suspect was Great Qin's Legatee, they had no actual evidence, so no one dared to openly point fingers. Moreover, the Northern Continent was quite big, and because this was just a single system main city being slaughtered, it was not too big of a deal.

This soon became a big mystery, and people only talked about it out of curiosity and did not pay it too much mind.

After leaving Later Zhou City, Zhao Fu went around to some other places and found that Great Qin was doing quite well overall. Apart from some of the surrendered Nation Legacies who still had some power, the other Cities, Towns, and Villages were all managed by Great Qin.

This was all because of Li Si and Shang Yang. These two Ministers had managed everything perfectly, and Shangguan Wan'Er and Lu Lingxuan also helped out quite a bit as well.

Of course, there were also new talents they had promoted, such as Zhang Lingyue, Zhang Feng, Zuo Nan, Li Yunna, and Yue Ru, who all performed quite well.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Mountain Willow Town. The Mountain Willow Town was the first Town that Zhao Fu had obtained, and it was now an Advanced Town, soon to be a Basic City. When Zhao Fu arrived, Liu Subai was already waiting for him.

"Your Majesty!" Liu Subai said happily as she paid her respects.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and followed Liu Subai, going around the town. He saw a few people he was familiar with, such as Sun Xiaowei - he was now the commander of the Mountain Willow Town's guards and was leading a team of guards around to maintain order.

There were a few other people in different positions who had helped Zhao Fu take over the Mountain Willow Town, and he still had an impression of them.

Now, their statuses were even more different, and they became even more respectful towards Zhao Fu.

Following this, as they walked, they soon ended up in a room. Zhao Fu felt a sense of déjà vu and immediately understood what was happening.

Liu Subai lightly hugged Zhao Fu and said embarrassedly, "Your Majesty, won't you take me? I want to be your woman!"

Zhao Fu smiled; he had long since known of Liu Subai's feelings towards him, but he had not responded to them. Seeing how much longing there was in her eyes, he also hugged her petite figure and said, "Is that what you really want?"

Liu Subai shyly nodded, saying in a small voice, "Your Majesty, I've waited for you for so long. At first, I thought you didn't like me, so I endured the pain and considered marrying someone else. I decided to muster up all of my courage today and try one last time. If you don't want me, I'll give up!"

After hearing her expression of feelings and imagining this beauty marrying someone else, Zhao Fu felt quite reluctant. Before, he had been quite aversive to having relations with women, but once the gates of pleasure had been opened, they were hard to close - and this was especially so with the Six Desires Celestial Art.

Zhao Fu lowered his head and kissed Liu Subai's lips, and she shyly responded. Their tongues intertwined, and soon, Zhao Fu looked at Liu Subai, who was breathing raggedly, and asked, "Do you like this?"