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 Roxi was not weak either, as she possessed a Basic City's City Lord Seal, and she escaped from one side. Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and escaped from another side.

A black-robed elder in the air looked at Roxi and Zhao Fu escaping and coldly harrumphed. He unhesitatingly chose to chase after Zhao Fu because Zhao Fu was his target - he wanted to capture this mysterious person.

Seeing the elder chasing behind him, Zhao Fu did not dare to slow down at all. They were within the Kershi Kingdom, so if he slowed down or stopped, he would have to face countless attacks, and City Lords and soldiers would swarm him.

When that time came, Zhao Fu would not be able to escape at all. If the Kershi Kingdom's royal clan was roused as well, Zhao Fu would be completely doomed. No matter how powerful Zhao Fu was, he would not be able to singlehandedly face off against a Kingdom that had been established for many decades.

Unless he used the Earth Realm Mark's power, he would be completely doomed. However, it had its own consciousness, and it would not allow him to use its power unless the human world was in danger.

As such, Zhao Fu could only run away with all of his strength. As he flew through the sky, the scenery around him was a blur as he continuously sped forwards.

The black-robed elder also chased with all his might but was quite shocked to find that Zhao Fu was so fast. After chasing for a while, the black-robed elder saw that he was unable to catch up, so he drew his sword and slashed it out. An azure sword light flashed out, trying to forcefully stop Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu dodged to one side, not engaging the black-robed elder in battle. He knew the position he was in right now very well; if he stopped for even a moment, he would be in dire straits.

Seeing that Zhao Fu did not even block his attack, the black-robed elder sent out a few sword lights that brought with them sharp sword winds towards Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu refused to engage him and continuously dodged, using his full strength to escape. The black-robed elder was furious and yelled, "Do you dare to fight, you incompetent child?"

Hearing the black-robed elder's shout, Zhao Fu completely ignored him and continued to fly.

With Zhao Fu's strength, defeating this black-robed elder would be no problem at all. However, during that time, other people would arrive, and he would soon be surrounded. Zhao Fu was not stupid enough to stop and fight with the black-robed elder.

Seeing that Zhao Fu was flying further and further away, the black-robed elder tried to give chase with his full strength, but he still wasn't able to catch up, so he could only angrily yell, "You coward!!"

A few hours later, Zhao Fu used a teleportation channel to return to the Legacy Land; only then did he finally relaxed. He wondered what the Kershi Kingdom would do to the Swan Goose Group because of their transactions with him.

Zhao Fu felt that they should be fine, as the Swan Goose Group was very powerful. Moreover, they had only traded Talisman Stones and corpses with Zhao Fu and had not done anything to harm the Kershi Kingdom; they had only broken some laws, so the Kershi Kingdom most likely would not do much to the Swan Goose Group.

It was just that Zhao Fu could not enter the Kershi Kingdom again. They had already become aware of his existence, so it would be extremely dangerous to go again.

In the future, he would have to go to other Kingdoms to buy Talisman Stones and corpses. Zhao Fu sighed. Now that his original plan had been disrupted, he would have to wait until the storm quelled before going out again.

A few days later, Zhao Fu refined all of the Stage 2 and Stage 3 corpses, obtaining a large number of Stage 2 and Stage 3 Blood God Pills. Zhao Fu gave out these Blood God Pills as rewards, helping countless soldiers increase their Cultivations.

Over the next few days, Zhao Fu looked through Great Qin's various constructions and soon found that there was not much for him to do. He planned to go to the other Cities to take a look. Even though he received reports from his subordinates, it would still be better for him to personally take a look. He could not place his attention only on the Great Qin City and had to look at the development of the other Cities as well.

Soon, Zhao Fu went to Later Zhou City, and Nangong Shuyue brought Chai Shaohui and the others to wait at the teleportation channel.

"We greet Your Majesty!" Seeing that Zhao Fu had arrived, everyone paid their respects to him.

Zhao Fu looked at everyone and slightly smiled before saying, "Be at ease. I'm just here to take a look; I won't be here for too long!"

Everyone nervously stood at the side, and Nangong Shuyue looked at her son. Chai Shaohui understood and went up and showed Zhao Fu around Later Zhou and explained Later Zhou's plans for the future.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded in acceptance of these plans. To be able to have such plans, this youth was not simple at all and had some potential.

After going around, Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied and planned to go to the next City. However, Nangong Shuyue asked him to stay for a while and rest.

Now, it was only Zhao Fu and Nangong Shuyue in a room. Seeing that there was no one else around, Nangong Shuyue walked over to Zhao Fu and lightly hit Zhao Fu with her small fists, saying, "You heartless man, why haven't you come to see me for so long?"

Zhao Fu smiled and brought Nangong Shuyue into his embrace. Nangong Shuyue was the first woman Zhao Fu had accepted, but because he knew that Later Zhou had been doing well, he had not come here for a while.

"I'm sorry!" Zhao Fu smiled as he said softly.

A flirtatious look appeared in Nangong Shuyue's eyes. Ever since she had done those things with Zhao Fu last time, her body had become even more desperate. When Zhao Fu had left last time, she had wanted to do it again but had been refused. She had been waiting this entire time.

"Then you have to make it up to me!" Nangong Shuyue's face became red as she wrapped her arms against Zhao Fu's waist and looked up at Zhao Fu as she spoke in a soft voice.

Zhao Fu looked at this beautiful young widow and lowered his head as he kissed her lips, and Nangong Shuyue passionately responded. Following this, they started to go at it; because Nangong Shuyue had been deprived for so long, she was especially intense.

There was no one around the room because of Nangong Shuyue's orders, but Chai Shaohui still came over, and he heard the sounds, including his mother's moans.

Chai Shaohui could not help but grit his teeth and clench his fists, a wave of anger in his heart. His mother's lewd moans deeply stabbed into his heart, and without even seeing it, he knew his mother was being ravaged by Great Qin's Legatee.

Chai Shaohui knew from long ago that his mother had become Great Qin's Legatee's woman. That was why those uncles who had despised him had suddenly taken a liking to him and supported him as the ruler of Later Zhou.

Hatred and anger filled Chai Shaohui's heart. However, thinking about how kind and gentle his mother was, he suddenly came to his senses. Everything his mother was doing was for him; how could he hate his mother?

After his father had passed away so early on, his mother had taken care of him singlehandedly and sacrificed so much. Why couldn't she have her own life and fulfill her own needs?

Hearing how his mother's moans were filled with so much joy, pleasure, and satisfaction, Chai Shaohui deeply breathed in and calmed himself down before turning and leaving.