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 Right now, everyone knew just who was the strongest in the northern side. Great Qin was already a massive beast, and it could casually open its mouth and devour everything around it.

Most people in the north were already terrified of Great Qin, and wherever it appeared, countless factions could only run for their lives. They did not dare to resist at all, and this was especially so after Zhao Fu had become the World Protector.

Wherever Great Qin went, it was a disaster for players. Even the system main cities could not resist, so the ordinary players could only mass-move away.

Luckily, all of the regions were connected now, so it was much easier to move around. Before, they were like a group of sheep being chased around by Great Qin, running from place to place pitifully.

There were already countless people who were dissatisfied and angry at Great Qin, and countless factions were afraid of Great Qin. Great Qin's threat was simply too great, and if it wasn't for the fact that Great Qin had ways to mass-kill players, they would definitely gather together and attack Great Qin.

Even if the rewards were 10% of what they were before, there would still be many players joining in.

It was a pity that Great Qin now had a way to kill a large number of players. However, it did not take the initiative to slaughter them, so even though they were quite dissatisfied with Great Qin, they could endure it. No matter how much money the other factions gave them, they would not do it, because money was not more important than their lives.

A few days later, Zhao Fu once again went to the outside world to trade. Zhao Fu went to a hidden room, where Roxi was already waiting for him.

"Miss Roxi, how many Talisman Stones have you prepared this time?" Zhao Fu asked as he smiled.

Now that Great Qin had conquered so many regions, they had earned a fortune, which Zhao Fu could now spend. They already had enough Stage 1 soldier corpses from the last battle, so Zhao Fu mainly came to buy Talisman Stones. Great Qin still greatly lacked Talisman Stones.

Roxi looked at Zhao Fu and smiled as she replied, "This time, we have three million White grade Talisman Stones, 100,000 Blue grade Talisman Stones, 5,000 Silver Talisman Stones, and 200 Gold grade Talisman Stones!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite pleased and said, "I'll be taking all of them!"

Following this, Zhao Fu took out a spatial ring filled with gold coins and handed it to Roxi, while Roxi handed him a spatial ring filled with Talisman Stones. They had conducted this trade many times, so they did not waste any time and quickly concluded this transaction.

"Dear guest, do you not need any soldier corpses? If you need them, we can provide a large number of them, and they'll be much cheaper," Roxi said.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised - they wouldn't suddenly have so many corpses for no reason, as these corpses were all stolen from battlefields. Could it be that there were some unforeseen changes in the battle between the Devil Horn Empire, the Lantong people, and the Grassi people?

Zhao Fu could not help but ask, "Are the battles over there getting more intense?"

Roxi's expression became serious as she sighed and said, "Even though we Grassi people and Lantong people allied together, we still lost and were dealt a heavy blow by the Devil Horn Empire. Right now, we can only defend with all of our strength."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's heart plummeted. Could it be that even the Lantong people and Grassi people working together could not defeat the Devil Horn Empire?

If the Devil Horn Empire destroyed them, the human world would be next. If even the Lantong people and Grassi people could not stop the terrifying Devil Horn Empire, how could the human world defend? They would have no chance at survival at all.

"However, there is a half-Orc world that has joined. Now that these three sides have joined together, they have been able to stop the Devil Horn Empire's invasion for now!" Roxi said.

Zhao Fu felt a bit relieved before asking, "About those corpses - how much are you willing to sell them for?"

Great Qin would need corpses sooner or later, and even if they had enough now, they would need more in the future. If he could buy some for a cheap price, it would be no problem.

Hearing that Zhao Fu was now interested, Roxi smiled before saying, "We have ten million Stage 1 corpse, which are five gold coins each; one million Stage 2 corpses that are 50 gold coins each; 80,000 Stage 3 corpses that are 300 gold coins each; and 3,000 Stage 4 corpses that are 1,000 gold coins each."

Zhao Fu felt quite shocked - he had never thought that the Swan Goose Group would be able to obtain so many corpses. Before, Stage 1 corpses cost 20 gold coins, Stage 2 corpses cost 100 gold coins, and Stage 3 corpses cost 500 gold coins.

However, Stage 1 corpses now cost five gold coins, Stage 2 corpses cost 50 gold coins, and Stage 3 corpses cost 300 gold coins. What's more, there were even 3,000 Stage 4 corpses this time.

Zhao Fu felt quite tempted, but his heart started to ache. Even though the corpses were much cheaper than before, the amount of money he would have to spend would be massive. The Stage 1 corpses would cost 50 million gold coins in total, the Stage 2 corpses would cost 50 million gold coins, the Stage 3 corpses would cost 24 million gold coins, and the Stage 4 corpses would cost three million gold coins.

In total, that would add up to 127 million gold coins. After conquering so many system main cities and obtaining their wealth, Zhao Fu felt quite rich, but if he wanted to buy all of these corpses, Great Qin would once again become poor.

"Dear guest, what do you think? These corpses are five times cheaper than before!" Roxi slightly reminded him when she saw that Zhao Fu seemed to be deep in thought.

After thinking, even though his heart ached, Zhao Fu decided to buy all of them. This would allow Great Qin to not lack corpses for a very long period of time, and he would be able to greatly increase the number of Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers. In the end, Zhao Fu said, "Alright, I'll buy all of these corpses!"

Roxi brilliantly smiled and took out a few spatial rings filled with corpses. Zhao Fu also took out a spatial ring filled with gold coins, and they concluded another transaction.

"Dear guest, thank you for your business. We will continue to source Talisman Stones and corpses for you." After concluding these massive transactions, Roxi felt incredibly happy and resplendently smiled.


Just as Zhao Fu was about to reply, a massive explosion sounded out, causing the room to shake. Cracking sounds sounded out as the room started to collapse.

Roxi's face went pale, and she immediately realized that someone was attacking. There was a very powerful defensive magic formation here, but it had suddenly been destroyed. Whoever was attacking was extremely powerful.

Zhao Fu's expression also became serious as he unleashed his Emperor's Domain, blocking the falling rocks and wood. Roxi came to her senses and said hurriedly, "Let's go! Our transaction must have been discovered by the governmental faction!"

Hearing Roxi's words, Zhao Fu understood that the Kershi Kingdom had been paying attention to this and had become more and more wary of the Swan Goose Group. Even though Zhao Fu and the Swan Goose Group's dealings were incredibly secretive, they had still been discovered.