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 However, where could he run? Would the next place be safer? Now that the world was in such chaos, Chen Man did not have much confidence. That was partially why he had stayed.

Perhaps submitting to Great Qin would be not bad. Chen Man did not have any grand ambitions, and he just wanted to live peacefully. He did not want to be in any danger, so it was possible that things would be better if he leaned on Great Qin.

After thinking for a while, Chen Man saw that Great Qin army was not attacking. He realized something and breathed out before saying to the others, "Put down your weapons, open the city gates, and invite Great Qin's army in!"

Many of his subordinates were not willing, but they had no other choice - Great Qin was simply too terrifying, and they could only submit or die. There was no other choice, and since Chen Man was the ruler of the State of Chen, they naturally obeyed his command.

They all put down their weapons and opened the city gates, and Chen Man personally brought out his subordinates and knelt as he shouted, "I am willing to submit to Great Qin!"

Hearing this, Bai Qi felt quite surprised; he had never thought that the other side would surrender before he even said anything. It was the first time he had met someone with such a clear view of things.

Now that they had taken care of matters so easily, His Majesty would most likely be quite pleased. When he thought of that, a trace of a smile appeared on Bai Qi's face, and he came before Chen Man and said, "Please get up! Since you were cooperative, I'll say some good words about you in front of His Majesty, and perhaps he will grant you a Lordship."

Chen Man let out a sigh of relief and understood that this matter was over and that none of his residents would die.

Following this, Bai Qi officially took over the State of Chen. However, he did not have the ability to confer a title on Chen Man; only Zhao Fu would be able to do so if he came here or when they brought Chen Man back to Great Qin.

Over at Zhao Fu's side, he was standing in the air as he looked down at a man with black hair and blood-red eyes, who gave off a berserk, murderous aura. He said, "Do you really think you can resist? I'll give you five minutes to think about it!"

Great Qin's five million soldiers had surrounded Great Xi City and could attack at any time.

Great Xi City had 600,000 people, and most of them were men. There were very few elderly people, women, and children, and the men's expressions were all quite savage. They looked like they used to be bandits or brigands.

Facing Great Qin's massive army, they seemed to still want to fight. At the same time, their eyes were blood-red and filled with killing intent for some reason.

"Hahaha... do you really think I'd submit to you? So what if you're Great Qin's Legatee? Did you think that I'd be afraid of you?"

That berserk man was Great Xi's Legatee, and his name was Zhang Shisha. He held a blood-red sword, which he pointed at Zhao Fu as he laughed. He showed no fear at all, only madness and arrogance.

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, and he grasped at Zhang Shisha with his hand, causing a massive formless energy to rush at him.

Zhang Shisha loudly laughed as he pointed the blood-red sword at the sky, and waves of blood-red light rippled out from his body as a blood-red pillar of light rushed into the sky. A massive aura spread out, defending against Zhao Fu's formless energy.

"Roarrr!!" As countless rays of blood-red light descended, a blood-red dragon, giving off a crazed and murderous aura, appeared in the sky and gave off a berserk roar that caused all creatures nearby to flee for their lives.

Under Zhang Shisha's command, Great Xi City's soldiers started to attack Great Qin's army as well.

Zhao Fu disdainfully coldly harrumphed before saying to the 50 City Lords around him, "If they resist intensely, slaughter the entire city. You don't need to mind about how many people are left at the end!"

"Yes!" the City Lords obeyed and started to intensely attack Great Xi City, unleashing all sorts of powerful attacks. Great Qin's soldiers also gave off a ferocious aura and rushed up, and arrows tore through the sky.

Great Xi soldiers showed no fear at all and madly resisted. Even though they knew they would die, they wanted to deal as big of a blow as they could to Great Qin.

However, the difference in strength was simply too great, and Great Xi seemed incredibly pitiful in contrast to Great Qin. The 50 City Lords continuously slaughtered, and with five million soldiers, Great Xi's army was annihilated in just a few moments.

Zhao Fu was not looking at the battle below and was instead looking at the blood-red dragon in the sky that was giving off a terrifying aura. This dragon was 30 or so meters long, but Zhao Fu felt that it was even more powerful than other dragons that were 100 meters long.

However, it didn't matter how powerful it was, because it was facing Zhao Fu.

Clang, clang, clang...

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and exploded out with his full power. Countless chains gave off clanging sounds as they shot towards the blood-red dragon in the sky.

The blood-red dragon howled as it savagely charged at Zhao Fu and gave off massive amounts of blood-red light, wanting to block the chains. However, the chains were only slightly slowed down by the blood-red light before piercing through it, and they bound up the blood-red dragon.

"Roar!! Roar!! Roar!!!!" the blood-red dragon madly roared and ferociously twisted about, trying to break free. Seeing this, Zhao Fu sent his Emperor's Power into the countless chains, making them even firmer, and they seemed to have a life of their own as they continuously wrapped around the blood-red dragon.

Seeing that Zhao Fu's full attention was on the blood-red dragon, Zhang Shisha exploded out with a monstrous aura as blood-red flames appeared around him. He gripped his blood-red sword as he turned into a ray of light and instantly arrived before Zhao Fu.

Zhang Shisha immediately slashed out, his sword bringing with it enough power to tear open mountains.


However, in that moment, Zhao Fu's hand snaked out like a bolt of lightning, bringing with it immense force as he grabbed Zhang Shisha's neck.

Zhao Fu tightly gripped Zhang Shisha's neck, but Zhang Shisha stared at Zhao Fu, using all of his energy to try to attack Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu's eyes were filled with killing intent as he unhesitatingly squeezed and broke Zhang Shisha's neck. The blood-red dragon in the air mournfully cried, turned into countless traces of blood-red aura, and disappeared. Most of the aura was absorbed by the chains, and after absorbing the blood-red aura, the chains gave off an even icier feeling than before.

The King's Crown had once again leveled up, and it was now Legendary grade and even more powerful.

In the battlefield below, the 50 City Lords used all sorts of methods to slaughter Great Xi's soldiers, who tried to use arrows to retaliate. However, it was all useless, and on the other side, there was also Great Qin's soldiers ferociously attacking.

However, even after Zhang Shisha died, these people's battle intents were still incredibly strong, and they resisted intensely. They did not seem like they were willing to submit at all.

As such, Zhao Fu could only kill them all. Looking at the corpses on the ground, Zhao Fu felt like they were like mad dogs, and they were filled with bloodthirstiness and no intelligence at all.

After killing all of them, Zhao Fu took over Great Xi City and discovered a massive blood-red stone stele at the center of the city.