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 Zhao Fu looked at the two sleeping women and smiled before putting on his clothes again. He then summoned Mu Guilin and asked him to bring the intelligence reports from Flower Moon.

These reports had information about Nation Legatees. Within Great Qin's original 31 regions, there were five Nation Legatees. Zhao Fu had destroyed two, and three had submitted. It was only natural that there were other Nation Legatees in other regions.

However, after Great Qin had continuously destroyed a few Nation Legatees, everyone became incredibly cautious; otherwise, they would also be destroyed.

By now, most Nation Legatees had leveled up their villages into Basic Cities, which was not too surprising. After all, a long time had passed, and they had all been developing. Some top-tier large families even had Basic Cities, let alone Nation Legatees.

Great Qin had conquered 77 regions now, and there was information about eight Nation Legatees. He did not know if they had relocated; after all, those with some Fate would have to pay a great price.

However, compared to being destroyed, it was not too great of a price.

By now, player factions were not a threat at all to Great Qin. Moreover, because of the circumstances, system factions would no longer work together with player factions anymore.

When the many regions had allied together to resist Great Qin, the Nation Legatees did not even have the right to participate. Moreover, they were quite scared, as both sides were quite hostile to them.

Not only did Great Qin want to destroy them, but the system factions also wanted to destroy them, so they could only hide.

Zhao Fu had conquered all of those regions, but he had no idea what had happened to the Nation Legatees. At the very least, none of them had come to surrender.

Something that he had to pay attention to was the fact that the regions had all been opened up, so players could freely move about. Some places had a massive number of people, while other places barely had any people.

Some system main cities treated Otherworlders decently, attracting many of them, while other system main cities slaughtered them, so they could only run.

Now, most of the players had grouped together, and their power was not something to be underestimated. However, because Great Qin had Reality-Harming Talismans and of how cowardly the players were, there was not too much to be afraid of. However, Zhao Fu still had to keep an eye on them in order to prevent them from causing trouble.

Zhao Fu returned to the Heaven Awaken World and immediately ordered Great Qin's Assassins to search the eight regions that had been pointed out to see if the eight Nation Legatees had relocated. If they hadn't, it was best to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Right now, Nation Legatees were like juicy pieces of meat to Zhao Fu. They were quite useful to Great Qin, but Zhao Fu felt that they had most likely relocated. However, he still ordered Great Qin's Assassins to scout out for them just in case.

A day later, Zhao Fu went to the Heaven Spirit Stele and was quite surprised to find that someone had completed his quest.

Zhao Fu placed his hand on the Heaven Spirit Stele and chose to accept the item, and the Heaven Spirit Stele gave off an intense violet glow as a thick book came out of the Heaven Spirit Stele.

The Heaven Spirit Stele was incredibly powerful, as it could transfer items no matter how far away people were.

When Zhao Fu took the book, the violet light on the stele disappeared, and Zhao Fu started to scan through the book.

The book was 30 centimeters long and 15 centimeters wide, and it about 8 centimeters thick. It was bound by an azure-colored outer skin, which had a pleasant grassy smell.

The book was titled 'Record of Major Events,' and the description stated that all major events within the past year in the Heaven Awaken World were recorded in it and that the book had been provided by the Holy Book Pavilion.

The Holy Book Pavilion was the largest faction when it came to books, and they would sell all sorts of books. For example, they had books on the cultures of the various worlds, stories from different worlds, and even erotic books.

Because they offered a massive variety of books and many people sought different types of novelties, the Holy Book Pavilion was very popular. It was said that the Holy Book Pavilion's people often appeared in remote regions and collected the newer worlds' traditions and stories.

Only like that would they be able to keep pushing out new books, and they would always have new content.

Zhao Fu did not mind any of these things, and he started to read it.

"The Emperor's Path Academy has relaxed its restrictions and will recruit more students. The various Kingdoms' Princes and Princesses will all have an opportunity to enter!"

"The Flowing Cloud Imperial Kingdom's Princess, Yu Qiyue, has married the South Glass Imperial Kingdom's Fourth Prince. Now that these two powerful Imperial Kingdoms have been joined by a marriage alliance, their relationship has become incredibly close!"

"The Warring Night Royal Kingdom has singlehandedly defended against five other Royal Kingdoms' attack; a very rarely seen event!"

"Conflict has erupted between the Zunni Empire and the Moon Dawn Empire. Tension is high as war is about to explode out!"

"The Taoist Sect has divined that the Origin Bloodline has appeared in the remote northern side!"

All of these pieces of information were about big events that had different effects on the Heaven Awaken World. However, Kingdoms below Royal Kingdoms were not even worth mentioning.

Zhao Fu looked at the fifth piece of information about the Origin Bloodline, which made Zhao Fu feel quite shocked. After all, Great Qin was in the remote northern side, and they had someone with the Origin Bloodline, Tuoba Qing.

The Taoist Sect was one of the largest sects in the Heaven Awaken World, and had a very high position. Zhao Fu did not know whether the person they divined was Tuoba Qing; if it was, things could become quite serious.

Zhao Fu had never thought that even the most powerful factions at the center of the Heaven Awaken World would care so much about the Origin Bloodline. However, it seemed that they did not have a precise location, allowing Zhao Fu to let out a sigh of relief. The remote north was quite big, and they would most likely not be able to find Great Qin.

At the same time, Zhao Fu started to feel curious about Tuoba Qing's true identity. However, even the golden dragon did not know, so Zhao Fu had no way of finding out for now.

These things were still in the distant future for Great Qin. After all, Great Qin still had not even left the 'novice village' yet, so there was no need to worry about such things just yet.

After all, Zhao Fu just wanted to know the general situation in the Heaven Awaken World in order to not be completely in the dark if something big happened. He did not want to be suddenly killed without even knowing what had happened.

Zhao Fu did not have much to do right now, so he might as well read this book and gain some more knowledge.

Two days later, Great Qin's Assassins returned with a piece of good news: Two of the Nation Legatees had not relocated yet.

For them to daringly stay there, they were undoubtedly pieces of juicy meat waiting to be eaten, so how could Zhao Fu not eat them? Zhao Fu took the reports and started to read through them.

The first was the State of Chen from the Warring States period. After King Wu of Zhou destroyed the Shang Dynasty, he found a direct descendant of the Shun Emperor, Gui Man, and married his eldest daughter, Tai Ji, to him. He then enfeoffed Gui Man, establishing the State of Chen.