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 Zhao Fu felt quite awkward as he and Zheng Jiao sat naked on the chair and he looked at the woman walking in.

She had a beautiful face, an elegant figure, and snow-white skin. She was wearing a purple dress that revealed a large portion of her breasts. She had light makeup on and looked like she had put in great effort into her appearance, making her look quite appealing.

Zhao Fu was not very close with her, but she was someone who he knew - it was Bai Yan!

She was one of the prettiest girls in Zhao Fu's university class and could also be said to be the Department Beauty. She was Yang Ze's girlfriend, and Zhao Fu still remembered seeing them sitting on a chair together, looking incredibly sweet. That was a scene that anyone would feel admiration looking at.

Zhao Fu had never thought that Zheng Jiao's cousin would be her and that they would meet again like this.

Bai Yan had never thought that Zhao Fu would be Zhao Fu from university. After hearing this name from Zheng Jiao, she had immediately dismissed this possibility, as there were too many people with the same name. Bai Yan had never expected that the person Zheng Jiao had talked about was the same person she knew.

After all, the Zhao Fu she knew and this Zhao Fu were like completely different people: one was an introverted university student who wore plain clothes, while the other was someone who stood at the peak of the world and controlled the lives and deaths of countless people.

If it wasn't for the fact that she had seen Zhao Fu with her own eyes, she would not have been able to believe that those two people were, in fact, the same person.

She had long since heard about Zhao Fu from Zheng Jiao, and she knew just how capable he was. He was Great Qin Legatee's representative and controlled immense authority. The entire world had to fear him.

After finding out about how greatly the world was going to change, Bai Yan understood how dangerous it would be. When she heard that her cousin had developed a relationship with someone from Great Qin, she had felt incredibly shocked. When she heard that it was Great Qin's Legatee's representative, she had been incredibly moved and felt that her opportunity had come.

In the future chaos, she would not be able to protect herself, nor would she be able to protect her family. As such, she had to find a powerful and unshakeable mountain to lean on, and the Great Qin was the best choice.

However, to her, Great Qin was an existence that was so high above that it was unreachable, so she did not think about it too much. However, after finding out about Zheng Jiao and Zhao Fu, even though it pained her greatly, she decided to break up with Yang Ze and come to the Ying family's residence.

At that time, Zheng Jiao had been quite worried that Zhao Fu would not touch her. Bai Yan comforted Zheng Jiao before making a suggestion for Zheng Jiao to introduce her to Zhao Fu; that way, they could join forces and help each other obtain a higher position in Zhao Fu's heart.

Zheng Jiao was quite happy with this suggestion, and she trusted her cousin. She did not mind Zhao Fu having more women as long as she had a place within his heart.

As such, after doing it with Zhao Fu and feeling how powerful he was, Zheng Jiao immediately thought to call her cousin over.

After being called by Zheng Jiao, Bai Yan felt quite excited, as she was finally going to see Great Qin's Legatee's representative. However, she had never thought that it would be her classmate, Zhao Fu.

Bai Yan felt quite awkward and had not expected things to be like this.

Zheng Jiao looked at the two people's expressions and laid on Zhao Fu's body as she asked curiously, "What? Do you already know each other?"

Zhao Fu dryly laughed, "We used to be classmates!"

"Is that so?" Zheng Jiao said in surprise. Since Zhao Fu already knew her cousin, things would be easier and she would not have to worry.

"I'm a bit tired, so I'm going to rest. You two chat!" Zheng Jiao smiled as she got off Zhao Fu before lying on the sofa nearby. After doing it with Zhao Fu for so long, once she closed her eyes, she immediately fell asleep.

After Zheng Jiao got off, Zhao Fu's entire body was revealed to Bai Yan. Looking at Zhao Fu's hard member, a blush came to Bai Yan's face. However, she still went over and sat on Zhao Fu's lap and lightly hugged Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt quite awkward and spread his arms out, not knowing what to do.

"Do you think I'm not good enough?" Bai Yan leaned against Zhao Fu's shoulder as she asked. After all, they used to be classmates, and she was sure that Zhao Fu knew that she used to date Yang Ze.

"I don't!" Zhao Fu replied hesitantly.

"Then why aren't you touching me?" Bai Yan cutely harrumphed as she pouted.

Zhao Fu thought about it and smiled. Now that things had come to this, there was no need to hesitate. He indeed wasn't satisfied, so he placed his hands on her large chest.

Bai Yan's face became even redder, and she looked at Zhao Fu seductively before taking the initiative to kiss Zhao Fu, after which they started to do it.

A while later, Zhao Fu and Bai Yan ended up over the dining table together, and Zhao Fu realized that he had left his QQ open.

In the group chat, Yang Ze was talking with others about how great his relationship with Bai Yan had been and how much his heart hurt, making everyone in the group pity him, while other girls continued to confess to him.

Yang Ze would never be able to imagine that the woman he loved so deeply was currently doing it with Zhao Fu while he was talking in the group chat.

Zhao Fu felt that he was becoming more and more evil, and he started to feel more excited.

After they were done, Bai Yan's face was completely red as she leaned against Zhao Fu, and she said breathlessly, "Zhao Fu, I never thought that you'd be so powerful down there. I feel like my body's going to collapse. Anyone who becomes your woman will be so lucky!"

Zhao Fu smiled as he hugged her and said, "Aren't you my woman now?"

Hearing him say this, Bai Yan couldn't help but happily laugh. She had never thought that things would go so smoothly. She felt quite lucky that Zhao Fu was not the type to pull up his pants and deny responsibility. Before, she had prepared herself to just be played by Zhao Fu.

Afterwards, Bai Yan thought of something and said apologetically, "I'm sorry that I'm not a virgin. If I had known this would happen, I would have saved myself for you!"

Zhao Fu looked at Bai Yan and felt quite tender towards her, and he smiled as he replied, "I don't mind. You don't have to worry about it!"

Bai Yan sweetly smiled before saying in a small voice shyly, "However, this is my first time!"

Before Zhao Fu could react in time, Bai Yan slid down and started to serve Zhao Fu with her mouth.

After resting for a while, Zheng Jiao slowly woke up. Looking at the scene before her, Zheng Jiao's entire face became bright red. However, seeing how Zhao Fu seemed to be enjoying it, it seemed that he had also accepted Bai Yan.

Seeing that Zheng Jiao had woken up, they got on the sofa and once again went at it.

Zheng Yuqin, who had been taking an afternoon nap, was woken up by the noise and could not help but look outside. Seeing this scene, she inwardly thought, "This boy's becoming more and more perverted! Before, it was only one, and now, it's become two!"

As she thought to herself, her hand instinctively stretched into her panties again.