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 Zhao Fu went to the Wyvern Den and fused the Spawn Rate Crystal into it. Countless rays of light spread out, and the Den gradually became larger until it was four times as big as before. It gave off an incredibly powerful aura. Now, it could spawn five Wyverns every two days.

The Den's level was now a Basic City, and if it could level up to a Great City, it would be able to spawn Wyverns every day. With the Spawn Rate Crystal's effects, it would be able to spawn five Wyverns every day.

Leveling up the Den required the Den's creatures to obtain EXP themselves. As such, Zhao Fu decided to allow some Wyverns to roam free in order to help the Den quickly level up. That way, they would be able to spawn more and more Wyverns; it went without saying just how powerful a Wyvern army would be.

Zhao Fu then went to the plant region. Zhao Fu now had two bottles of Silver Spirit Liquid, so how should he use them? Should he use one bottle on the Trees of Life and one bottle on the Ginseng Trees? Or should he use both on one type of tree?

Zhao Fu was growing the Trees of Life to nurture a large number of Divine Tree Warriors, as that profession was quite powerful. Not only did they have immense strength, but they also had powerful recovery abilities. They performed quite well on the battlefield, so Zhao Fu wanted more of these soldiers.

Zhao Fu was growing the Ginseng Tres for their Ginseng Fruit, which could lengthen lifespan, and they were an extremely valuable treasure.

The two bottles of Silver Spirit Liquid gave him 20 uses in total. Zhao Fu thought about it before deciding to use both bottles on the Ginseng Trees. One Tree of Life could allow 3,000 soldiers to become Divine Tree Warriors, so 20 of them would only give him 60,000 Divine Tree Warriors, which could not create too big of an effect.

On the other hand, the Ginseng Fruits were extremely precious treasures that could add lifespan. Because they were quite rare, they were extremely attractive as prizes in the Heaven Spirit Stele.

However, Zhao Fu did not plan to redeem them as prizes, as he could grow his own. Zhao Fu wanted to use these Ginseng Trees to refine some lifespan medicinal pills, which would earn him even more money.

Zhao Fu dripped some of the Silver Spirit Liquid on a Ginseng Tree, and the silver liquid immediately entered the tree. The Ginseng Tree gave off waves of silver light and started to madly grow at a rate that could be seen with the naked eye. The tree trunk grew taller and taller, and the crown grew lusher and lusher.

A while later, it became a 100-year-old Ginseng Tree. It was now 30 or so meters tall, and its crown was about ten or so meters wide. It was incredibly lush and had immense lifeforce. However, it could not bear fruit yet and would take some more time.

Zhao Fu turned 18 of the Ginseng Trees into 100-year-old Ginseng Trees, and out of the two remaining drops, he used one on the 100-year-old Ginseng Tree he already had and the other on the Tree of Life next to the Fountain of Life.

The 100-year-old Ginseng Tree instantly became a 200-year-old Ginseng Tree. In another 50 years, it would become a Level 2 Ginseng Tree. The Tree of Life planted next to the Fountain of Life had become even lusher than other trees due to the amount of life energy it had absorbed.

Now that it had become a 100-year-old Tree of Life, it would also benefit the Fountain of Life, as its water would become even purer.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Fu returned to the Meeting Hall and thought about how to obtain three Capital Cities.

He had to rely on himself to level up Cities into Capital Cities, as he could not obtain them from other places. Even though the Heaven Spirit Stele offered some Capital Cities as rewards, Zhao Fu did not have any Quest Points; if he had an astronomical number of Quest Points, he would not have to worry about this.

Since he could not obtain any, he would have to rely on himself. As such, he had to pick out three Cities that were suitable to be leveled up into Capital Cities.

Zhao Fu now had countless Great Cities; the system main cities were all Great Cities, so leveling them up into Capital Cities would save a lot of EXP. However, they were only Gold grade and did not have any special stats, so they were not too suitable to be Capital Cities of a Kingdom.

As such, Zhao Fu started to think about the Legacies Great Qin had conquered. First was the Maurya Dynasty's City. The Maurya Dynasty was one of the most powerful Dynasties of India, and its power and stats were far superior to a system main city's. What's more, it was Legendary grade, so it would be quite a good candidate.

Other options included Great Shun and the State of Zheng. As for Northern Zhou, the State of Wei and the State of Qi, since Zhao Fu had given them Lordships, they had autonomy over their own Cities to retain their own things and culture. As such, it would not be too suitable to make them Capital Cities of Great Qin. The Icy Spirit City and Fiery Flames City were also candidates.

In the end, Zhao Fu decided to choose Maurya City, as well as Icy Spirit City and Fiery Flames City, giving up on Great Shun and the State of Zheng. This was because they originally belonged to other Legacies, so it would not be too suitable to make them Great Qin's Capital Cities. Moreover, after seeing the fire and ice bloodlines' power, Zhao Fu decided that they were worth nurturing.

After making this decision, Zhao Fu started to make some preparations. However, Zhao Fu did not start to level them up yet; he would only start after Great Qin became a Level 6 Capital City.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu felt quite relaxed. Great Qin's soldiers were currently clearing out regions, and because Zhao Fu did not have much to do, he decided to leave the Heaven Awaken World.

When his consciousness returned to his body in the real world, Zhao Fu opened his eyes and opened the door. He did not see Zheng Yuqin, but he saw that there was food on the table, so he sat down and started to eat.

Now that he was quite full, Zhao Fu sat in front of his computer and went on the Heaven Awaken World forum. He scanned through it but did not find much, so he opened up his QQ.

Now that Zhao Fu had already contacted the people from his past and knew that they were doing well, he did not bother them.

It was just that he had not been able to contact Liu Xi this entire time. With Zhao Fu's power, he could easily find her information. However, he did not want to disturb her, as it had been quite a while, and she could have been married by now. After going through his QQ and seeing that there was not much there, Zhao Fu prepared to log off.

At that moment, Zheng Jiao walked in and smiled as she sat down on his lap, her arms around his neck as she asked with a red face, "Zhao Fu, have you been very busy recently? I've missed you after not seeing you for so long!"

Zhao Fu smiled as he hugged Zheng Jiao, looking at the woman who should have been his cousin-in-law. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips, and she passionately responded.

A while later, Zhao Fu looked at the red-faced Zheng Jiao and placed his hands on her large breasts and started to move them about. Zheng Jiao did not seem apprehensive at all, and she instead flirtatiously looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu quickly took off her clothes, after which the two of them started to go at it on the chair.

Afterward, Zheng Jiao continued to sit on Zhao Fu's lap, feeling incredibly powerless. There was a happy smile on her face; they had finally developed a relationship today. However, Zhao Fu was incredibly capable in that area, and he still had not calmed down, while she could not go on anymore.

Zheng Jiao suddenly thought about her cousin's words, and she hugged Zhao Fu as she said shyly, "Zhao Fu, you're too strong! I can't serve you by myself; do you want to call my cousin over? She's also a beauty!"

Zhao Fu wanted to refuse, but feeling that he still had not calmed down, Zheng Jiao went and made a call. Zhao Fu had never thought that she would be someone he knew.