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 Facing everyone's doubtful looks, Old Li did not say anything else and instead threw the blood-red orb over to the big man from the Demon Race. The big man felt quite disdainful; after all, out of the eight Major Races, the Human Race was relatively weak. He did not believe that a Human bloodline could be even more bloodthirsty than a Demon bloodline.

However, even though he didn't believe it, he had to check it for himself. After catching the orb, he sent his consciousness into it.

Instantly, the big man felt as if he had fallen into a bottomless abyss, and his body seemed to have been frozen in place, unable to move at all. A deep-rooted, soul-devouring chill rushed at him, and the terrifying killing intent and aura of destruction seemed to corrode his body. The big man felt a wave of terror that he had never felt before and the aura of death.

By the time he came back to his senses, his entire body was covered with cold sweat as if he had just finished swimming. He stared at Old Li in shock and asked, "How could your Human Race give birth to such a terrifying Sovereign Bloodline?"

Hearing the big man's words, everyone else's expressions changed. Seeing the trace of fear in his eyes, they understood that this bloodline really was quite terrifying.

"Let me have a look!" A beautiful and seductive woman could not help but say curiously. She took the blood-red orb and sent her consciousness into it; in the next moment, her face became deathly pale, and her body trembled before giving the blood-red orb to the next person.

Following this, everyone took a turn, and their bodies all became drenched with cold sweat, and expressions of terror lingered on their faces. They now completely believed Old Li's words.

Old Li lightly laughed before saying, "Do you all believe me now?"

Everyone nodded earnestly, and a man from the Devil Race said, "Just what sort of bloodline could be this terrifying?"

Old Li replied, "This is an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline, and it was most likely birthed from a new Empire. Look at this!"

As he said this, Old Li took out a few different-colored orbs and threw them towards the blood-red orb floating in the air. However, those other orbs seemed to be afraid and dodged to the side, not daring to go near the blood-red orb.

"These orbs are all relatively famous Sovereign Bloodlines. In front of this blood-red orb, they can't compare at all," Old Li said gravely.

Another elder gulped before saying, "This matter is too serious; we should report it to the higher-ups and give it to them to deal with!"

Everyone else nodded, and Old Li also agreed. This matter was simply too important, and they had to report it to the higher-ups. Otherwise, they would be charged with failing to do their duties.

Very soon, this matter was reported to the central headquarters of the large merchant groups. After understanding how important this matter was, the management members reported this to the heads of the groups.

Within an incredibly luxurious palace, a few people giving off overflowing auras that seemed to twist space itself looked at the blood-red orb floating in front of them. The air seemed to freeze and seemed incredibly tense and oppressive.

An order was quickly given out: "List it as a Level 7 Special Account and monitor it to the highest degree. Collect all information regarding it, but do not come into contact with it. The bosses have deemed it to be an extremely dangerous existence!"

This greatly shocked Old Li and the other Managers of the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion. None of them had thought that the matter would be this serious, and it completely exceeded what they had expected.

"Looks like this matter has roused even the higher-ups. I wonder what sort of bloodline it is to make the higher-ups treat it so seriously," Old Li muttered to himself in shock.

Zhao Fu had no idea about any of this. After activating his account, his consciousness entered the Heaven Spirit Stele.

The Heaven Spirit Stele was split into two regions: a quest region and an exchange region.

The quest region was for giving out and accepting quests. Giving out quests and accepting quests all required money, and quests were divided into different levels. Zhao Fu was only Level 1, and he had no idea how many levels there were, but he could only accept Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 quests.

Giving out a Level 1 quest cost 10,000 gold coins, giving out a Level 2 quest cost 20,000 gold coins, and giving out a Level 3 quest cost 40,000 gold coins. Giving out a Level 4 quest cost 80,000 gold coins, while giving out a Level 5 quest cost 160,000 gold coins.

This was incredibly expensive - 10,000 gold coins were worth 100 million copper coins - and that was just the cost for the lowest level quest. This was not something that any ordinary person could pay, and those who accepted the cost had to pay 10% of that cost.

As such, accepting a Level 1 quest would cost 1,000 gold coins, accepting a Level 2 quest would cost 2,000 gold coins, accepting a Level 3 quest would cost 4,000 gold coins, and so on.

After looking at the number of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 quests, he was given a big shock - they were in the hundreds of billions, and going through them all of them would take months, let alone completing them.

Luckily the quests were split into different types, such as material quests, which were then split into metals, beasts, gems, plants, and more.

This made it much easier to find suitable quests, and it made it possible to search through quests. Otherwise, no one would be able to go through hundreds of billions of quests, let alone accept them and complete them.

The exchange region offered almost every item available in the Heaven Awaken World. After looking through the items, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked.

Zhao Fu quickly found City Level Stones, as well as stones that could level up Capital Cities. There were even Legendary grade Talisman Stones and the even-rarer Epic grade Talisman Stones. There were also all sorts of dragon eggs and phoenix eggs, as well as exquisite medicinal pills.

In fact, Zhao Fu even saw Royal Cities offered on the exchange. Royal Cities were the central cities of a Kingdom, and they could represent a Kingdom. He had never thought that they could be exchanged here - this was simply a shocking treasury.

It was a pity that the exchange prices were too high, and he could not use gold coins to directly buy them; he could only buy them using Quest Points.

Quest Points were awarded for completing quests, and one also leveled up through Quest Points. Zhao Fu had not accepted any quests yet and just wanted to look inside the Heaven Spirit Stele to satisfy his curiosity.

Following this, Zhao Fu thought about it and gave out a quest, requesting a record of all recent major events in the Heaven Awaken World, and paid 10,000 gold coins with it.

After obtaining the demon god's information, Zhao Fu knew some rough information about the Heaven Awaken World, but it was not very complete, and he knew nothing about recent matters.

Zhao Fu had no idea how many people would accept a quest like this. For people in other places of the Heaven Awaken World, compiling such a book would be quite easy and cheap. However, Zhao Fu was not sure if anyone would bother with completing this quest.

Within the Heaven Spirit Stele, gold coins seemed to be valueless. Most people bartered, as that seemed to be the norm here.

After giving out the quest, Zhao Fu had another look around before calming himself down and leaving. There were still many other things that he had to take care of.