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 Zhao Fu went to an elegant-looking room and ordered his subordinates to set up an activation magic formation and placed a few energy stones into it. He then placed the Heaven Spirit Stele at the center of the magic formation and chose to activate the stele. Instantly, the Heaven Spirit Stele gave off a bright violet light, and countless runes appeared on it and moved around like tadpoles.

Zhao Fu took out a sharp dagger and cut open his palm, allowing his blood to drip onto the stele. As he did this, a system announcement sounded out in his head, asking if he would like to create a bloodline account.

The bloodline account was an account created using his own blood, and only with such an account would he be able to enter the Heaven Spirit Stele. Zhao Fu selected yes, and the account was created using his blood and was bound to his aura; only he could use this account.

Zhao Fu's blood was continuously absorbed by the stone stele, causing it to give off an even more intense violet light. A ray of violet light shot into the sky before quickly disappearing.

Elsewhere in the Heaven Awaken World, within a tall structure, there were a few people standing next to orbs of light. Their hands continuously moved as if they were controlling something.

A young man suddenly stared at the orb of light in front of him, which was giving off an intense light, making it seem like a small sun. Everyone else's gazes were also attracted over because this meant that there was a grand figure using a Heaven Spirit Stele and had created a bloodline account.

The young man looked through the information in the orb of light in front of him, and a shocked expression on his face. He immediately left his position and went to a private room nearby and said, "Sir, I have something to report!"

"Enter!" a magnetic voice sounded out from within.

The young man respectfully entered and looked at the handsome-looking man sitting down and reading an ancient book. He first bowed before saying, "Sir, there's someone with a Sovereign Bloodline who has created a bloodline account!"

The handsome-looking man continued to read and did not even look up as he calmly said, "List it as a Level 3 Special Account and monitor it!"

Level 1 Special Accounts were for Royal Bloodlines, Level 2 Special Accounts were for Imperial Bloodlines, and Level 3 Special Accounts were for Sovereign Bloodlines.

Having a Sovereign Bloodline meant that there was an Empire behind that person. Empires were top-tier existences in the Heaven Awaken World, and they reigned above Royal Kingdoms and Imperial Kingdoms. They had extremely great power, and those with this sort of bloodline would not be ordinary at all. Within the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion, such people would have special treatment.

Apart from giving convenience to people, the Heaven Spirit Steles also contained massive amounts of information. It held the information of all sorts of major figures. For the merchant groups that had become the largest merchant groups in the Heaven Awaken World, making even godly spirits afraid of them, they had to have some tricks up their sleeves.

Seeing how calm the handsome-looking man was, the young man said in a small voice, "Sir, this is an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline, and the bloodline is quite special."

The handsome-looking man's expression immediately became serious. An Early Stage Emperor Bloodline meant that an Empire was rising up, which was a big matter in the Heaven Awaken World. Moreover, hearing that the bloodline was quite special, this meant that the matter was not simple at all.

"I'll take care of this matter. You may return to your post!" the handsome-looking man said.

The young man bowed before turning and leaving.

The handsome-looking man took out a blood-red orb and went to a large hall. A white-robed elder looked at the handsome-looking man seriously carrying the blood-red orb and smiled as he said, "Wu Zi, did something big happen?"

The handsome-looking man referred to as Wu Zi earnestly nodded and handed the orb to the elder. After looking at the blood-red orb, the smiling elder's expression immediately became serious, saying, "This bloodline has such intense killing intent; it's the first time I've seen a Sovereign Bloodline with killing intent like this."

Zhao Fu's Great Qin Bloodline originally had an immense aura of killing and conquering, and the God-Killer Bloodline also gave off an intense god-killing aura, while the Heaven Murder Bloodline also had the aura of slaughtering the masses. The combination of these three bloodlines caused even the elder, who had seen many things in his lifetime, to feel incredibly shocked.

Wu Zi then spoke seriously, "What's more, this is an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline; an Empire that can give birth to a bloodline like this must have terrifying power. Now that such an Empire has risen, it's something that will shake the entire Heaven Awaken World!"

The white-robed elder nodded gravely and said, "This is indeed a big matter. Leave it to me. You can leave now!"

Wu Zi nodded and bowed before leaving. After sensing that bloodline's terrifying aura, he understood that this matter was not simple at all.

The white-robed elder looked at the blood-red orb seriously, sensing its bloodthirsty and violent aura. His hairs instinctively stood on end, and he did not hesitate to give out orders to the various Managers to carry out an emergency meeting.

Following this, a few people walked in. They all gave off different auras, and they looked quite different. There were people from the Human Race, Demon Race, and Devil Race, and their auras were all incredibly terrifying. In front of them, ordinary City Lords were like ants.

After walking in, a big man giving off a demonic aura yelled out resentfully, "Old Li, what is it that's such a big hurry?"

Old Li, who was the white-robed elder, glared at the big man before saying, "You'll know after everyone has arrived!"

The big man harrumphed and found a chair to sit down on. Soon, everyone had arrived - there were ten people in total: seven men and three women, and they sat on chairs in a circle as they looked at the white-robed elder to see what the emergency matter was.

Old Li looked at everyone and said with a serious expression, "I have a piece of news that might shock the higher-ups, so I would like everyone here to discuss it first!"

Hearing this, everyone's expressions became more serious. If this could shock the higher-ups, the matter would not be simple at all. Their Heaven's Secret Pavilion was just a subordinate of the large merchant groups, and they were just the department in charge of the Heaven Spirit Steles.

After speaking, Old Li took out the blood-red orb and said, "This is an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline, and it has an incredibly murderous and destructive aura. In the history of the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion, this is the first time I've seen such a terrifying bloodline before!"

After hearing Old Li's words, everyone felt quite shocked, and some felt a bit doubtful. The big man from the Demon Race said loudly, "Old Li, you're exaggerating, aren't you? An incredibly murderous and destructive aura? You have never seen such a thing before? I don't believe any of that!

"From that blood-red light, I can tell it's a Human Race bloodline, right? How could your Human Race give birth to a bloodline even more bloodthirsty and terrifying than our Demon Race? Our Demon Race leans towards darkness and destruction; your Human Race could never compare to our Demon Race in that regard!"

After hearing the big man's words, everyone else wondered if Old Li was exaggerating. After being in the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion for such a long time, they had seen all sorts of terrifying bloodlines before.