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 Now, Zhao Fu had 20 Region Treasure Boxes remaining. He deeply breathed in and opened the next box, and after rays of light shot out, a crystal appeared.

This crystal was as big as a pebble and was quite round and smooth. It gave off a faint light, and though Zhao Fu did not know what it was, he felt that it was not ordinary.

[Spawn Rate Crystal]: Can be used on a City or Den, increasing the spawn rate by four.

After seeing this, Zhao Fu could not help but laugh out loud. This was something that was incredibly useful to Great Qin, as it could be used on the Wyvern Den. After such a long time, Great Qin still only had 300 or so Wyverns.

After all, the Den only spawned one Wyvern every two days, which was 15 Wyverns per month. Even with the hatching of eggs, they only had 300 or so, which was quite slow.

However, there was not much they could do about this - Wyverns had Stage 5 strength, and one every two days was already quite fast. Originally, Zhao Fu had wanted to use 200 Wyverns to deal with the 100 City Lords on the southern side.

However, Zhao Fu found that this was not quite viable because the difference in strength was a bit too great. Each Wyvern could easily kill 10,000 soldiers, with their advantage in the air, but facing City Lords with City Lord Seals, it would be quite difficult. It would take at least ten Wyverns to deal with a single City Lord, and so it would take 1,000 Wyverns to deal with all 100 City Lords.

As such, Zhao Fu had given up on the idea of using Wyverns to deal with the 100 City Lords. However, if he used the Spawn Rate Crystal, they would be able to spawn five Wyverns every two days, which would mean that Great Qin would be able to obtain 75 Wyverns every month or 800 or so in a year.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite excited. An army of Wyverns would be incredibly terrifying, and even though he had not used the Wyverns yet, he was clear as to their strength.

Zhao Fu smiled and opened the next Region Treasure Box. Rays of light shot out as a 30-centimeter long fang appeared. Zhao Fu looked at it and found that it was just an ordinary Epic grade material, so he put it away and continued to open more boxes.

The first box did not give anything good, so he put it aside; the second box gave a Reality Tree, but because Zhao Fu already had enough of them, it was not very useful. The third box gave a good Epic grade bow, which was quite powerful.

A few boxes later, another savage-looking Dragon-Slaying Ballistae appeared, causing Zhao Fu to smile. Great Qin now had five Dragon-Slaying Ballistae.

After opening a few more boxes, Zhao Fu obtained another City Upgrade Stone, making him laugh happily before continuing to excitedly open more boxes.

The next few Region Treasure Boxes did not give anything good, and after a while, Zhao Fu finally obtained another bottle of Silver Spirit Liquid, making him feel quite delighted.

Now, there were only three Region Treasure Boxes left. Opening them like this felt quite good, especially when Zhao Fu obtained something he had never seen before; the feeling of excitement and expectation felt quite nice. It was a pity that there were only three left.

After opening the first one, Zhao Fu obtained a skill book. He looked at it and found that it was a single-target earth-attribute skill, which was not very useful for battles, so he decided to give it out as a reward sometime. The second item was a violet stone stele.

This violet stone stele was three meters tall and one meter wide, and it was octagonal in shape. It gave off a faint, mysterious violet light, as well as a powerful aura of suppression. Even people with Stage 3 Cultivation would not dare to go near it, meaning that it was a very powerful treasure.

After reading through its information, Zhao Fu could not help but feel quite excited. This was indeed a very powerful treasure, but it was an exchange-type item, not something that could make him stronger.

This stone stele was called the Heaven Spirit Stele and was something that only the largest financial groups in the Heaven Awaken World could create. This was the case even within the boundless Heaven Awaken World, not just a small world. Their names were recorded in the demon god's information, and they were so powerful that even the high-grade godly spirits did not dare to offend them.

Only they could create the Heaven Spirit Stele, which gave out various quests. The people giving out quests were all different: some were empires, others were sects, and others were normal factions.

However, they were scattered all across the Heaven Awaken World, but they could all use the Heaven Spirit Stele to give out quests. In other words, this Heaven Spirit Stele linked the entire Heaven Awaken World together.

Very few things could do such a thing, because of how boundless the Heaven Awaken World was. It was formed by devouring countless worlds, but this Heaven Spirit Stele could ignore distance and link people in different places together; it was a very mystical item.

The Heaven Spirit Stele was definitely worth tens of thousands of times more than the City Upgrade Stones, because not only could one obtain items from it, but they could also find out about information from all over the Heaven Awaken World.

Right now, the human world was at the very edge of the Heaven Awaken World and knew nothing. Even the Grassi people were in the same position and barely knew anything about the Heaven Awaken World.

However, with the Heaven Spirit Stele, everything would be different. It would be like someone who lived under a rock finding out about the internet; they would immediately be able to gain all sorts of information.

There was information about the Heaven Spirit Stele within the demon god's information, which told Zhao Fu that it was very difficult to obtain one. Many kingdoms did not even have one, and ordinary people might not ever see one in their lives. Only the top-tier people would have such a thing.

Zhao Fu had never thought that he would be able to obtain a Heaven Spirit Stele so easily, and he was almost delirious with joy. Just with this Heaven Spirit Stele alone, even if he did not obtain anything else, those 60 or so Region Treasure Boxes would have been worth it.

Zhao Fu had to first set up the Heaven Spirit Stele in order to use it, and now that he had just gotten it from a Region Treasure Box, it could not be used just yet.

Zhao Fu could not wait at all and wanted to immediately set it up and take a look. He felt incredibly curious, and just as he stood up, he saw the last Region Treasure Box.

After obtaining so many good items, Zhao Fu naturally felt quite happy. He looked at the final box and felt a bit excited as he deeply breathed in and slowly opened it, causing light to burst forth.

A piece of metal that was as big as a palm and gave off a chilling feeling appeared. Zhao Fu looked at it and found that it was just an ordinary Epic grade material, making him feel a bit disappointed. However, he had already obtained a lot, and after obtaining this Heaven Spirit Stele, wanting even more would be a bit greedy.