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 The 20 or so regions around Great Qin's western side all became empty regions. With the 22 regions from the eastern side, 25 regions from the southern side, and ten regions from the northern side, Great Qin had taken down 77 regions.

Great Qin had only just cleared out three regions on the northern side before the final stage of the Chaotic World had been unlocked, resulting in many battles.

Now, Great Qin had the monumental task of clearing out 74 regions. Great Qin's territory had doubled in size, and clearing out so many regions would be an immeasurably massive task. No one knew how long it would take, and most of Great Qin's time would be spent on this.

Great Qin once again welcomed in a period of peace. Zhao Fu never thought that he would be able to obtain 70 regions so quickly, and after looking at the territory they had marked out, he felt that it was too small and decided to re-define it.

In the next period of time, apart from clearing out the regions, Zhao Fu sent ambassadors to regions even further away in order to improve Great Qin's relations with those regions and aid in convincing them to submit to Great Qin. The 80 City Lords joining Great Qin were the best examples.

Obtaining 40 million people and eight million soldiers for free was an incredibly good thing, and now, Great Qin had the sufficient power and benefits to attract them to join.

Great Qin's ambassador system used scholars to go to the various regions, peacefully devouring region after region. This made others feel great admiration, and they soon began to copy Great Qin.

A period of war was about to start up, and this caused the ambassador system to seem even better. Every large faction continuously sent out ambassadors; it was a new way of doing things.

Apart from this, Great Qin had obtained 67 Region Treasure Boxes. He had not had time to open them this entire time, and now, it was finally time to do so. With how precious Region Treasure Boxes were, he wondered what sort of items he would receive. Now that he had so many, he hoped that he would obtain a few exquisite items.

Zhao Fu felt quite hopeful as he opened the first treasure box. Light shot out, and a blue piece of jade appeared before him. It gave off a watery light, and it was about as big as a nail and looked quite beautiful.

After looking at its stats, Zhao Fu found that it was just a special treasure that aided in cultivating water-type Arts, and it had a powerful water attribute power, which was quite useless to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt a bit disappointed, but this was only the first treasure box, and there were still 60 or so of them. Zhao Fu did not feel too disappointed, and he excitedly opened the next three Region Treasure Boxes in a row.

The first box gave an item that was not very useful, the second gave an ordinary Epic grade equipment, and the third box gave an Epic grade material.

After opening another box, a large ballistae appeared - it was another Dragon-Slaying Ballistae. After seeing how powerful Dragon-Slaying Ballistae were with Gold grade Talisman Bolts, Zhao Fu started to be quite interested in Dragon-Slaying Ballistae.

After all, when shooting out Gold grade Talisman Bolts, Dragon-Slaying Ballistae could instantly kill a City Lord without them being able to resist at all.

In the previous battle, if Great Qin had 100 Dragon-Slaying Ballistae, even if he had to face 100 City Lords, he would not feel scared at all. It was a pity that the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae were too complex to make, making it so that Great Qin was not able to produce them yet.

Next, Zhao Fu opened another three Region Treasure Boxes in a row.

The first box gave a skill that had mediocre strength and was not very powerful. The second box gave a special item that would be able to point in the right direction no matter what sort of fog one was in. The third box gave Zhao Fu a little glass bottle.

The glass bottle was only as tall as his finger and was about two fingers wide. It contained a silver liquid, which gave off a faint light and seemed quite extraordinary. After all, the silver liquid seemed to have a life of its own, and it moved around within the bottle.

[Silver Spirit Liquid]: A liquid with immense lifeforce. Giving it to any plant-based creature will instantly increase its maturity by 100 years. This item can only be used once on one plant-based creature.

This made Zhao Fu quite delighted, as the Silver Spirit Liquid was incredibly useful to Great Qin. Great Qin had 300 Trees of Life and 30 or so Ginseng Trees. They were all treasures that required a long time to grow.

The Silver Spirit Liquid could instantly cause a plant-based creature to mature by 100 years, and if he used it on a Tree of Life or a Ginseng Tree, they would instantly bear Fruits of Life and Ginseng Fruits.

It was a pity that this small bottle of Silver Spirit Liquid could only be used ten or so times, but this was already quite good, and Zhao Fu put it away happily before opening three more boxes.

The first box gave an Epic grade hammer, the second box gave a Stats Gem that would increase all stats of that equipment by three, which was quite good. The third box gave a beast horn, which was an Epic grade material.

Zhao Fu then continuously opened ten boxes but did not receive anything very useful, making him feel quite disappointed. He then continued opening boxes, and two boxes later, a stone appeared.

This stone was square-shaped and was as big as a fist. It was quite smooth and gave off a three-colored light, and it gave off a powerful aura. It seemed quite extraordinary.

[City Level Stone]: Using this City Level Stone, one can instantly cause a City below Capital City to level up.

After looking through this stone's stats, Zhao Fu instantly felt incredibly delighted. He had never thought that such a thing would exist; it actually allowed him to instantly level up a City, and it was effective for anything below Capital Cities.

If he used it on a Level 4 Great City, it would instantly level up into a Level 5 Great City. This would take 70 million EXP, which would take conquering countless Villages, Towns, and Cities to level up. He could skip all of that with a single stone.

How could Zhao Fu not feel happy? Great Qin greatly lacked EXP, because it not only needed to level up the Great Qin City into a Level 6 Capital City, but it also needed three more Level 1 Capital Cities in order to be able to level up into a Royal City.

Moreover, it seemed that these City Level Stones could be used unlimited times on a City. If Zhao Fu could obtain a few more, he would not have to worry about the EXP required to level up Cities into Capital Cities.

Zhao Fu felt quite excited and continued to open up Region Treasure Boxes. Rays of light shot out, and more items appeared before him.

However, after opening another ten or so, he had not obtained another City Level Stone; everything was quite useless, making him feel quite disappointed.

After a while, Zhao Fu calmed down his emotions. The City Level Stones were simply too useful and could substitute millions of EXP and cause Cities to instantly level up. To be able to obtain such a rare, valuable item, he was already quite lucky.