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 Gongsun Lin came back to her senses and replied, "If you can get me a Smithy, I'll forge the equipment for you. However, my forging speed is quite slow, so you'll have to be prepared to wait for a while."

Zhao Fu nodded. He understood that it would be quite difficult for a player to forge Gold grade equipment, so he was prepared to wait. Following this, he prepared to find a Smithy for her.

"By the way, what equipment do you want? Hardearth Rock is suited for making heavy weapons or shields," Gongsun Lin said.

Zhao Fu stopped and thought for a moment. Hardearth Rock was suited for making heavy weapons or shields? None of his subordinates used heavy weapons, so it would be better to make a shield. They might have to fight with the godly spirit's clone, and having a Gold grade shield would make the fight much safer for them.

Upon making his decision, Zhao Fu told Gongsun Lin to make a shield before hiring a Smithy for her. At the same time, he bought some other materials that were necessary to make the Gold grade equipment. That was all he needed to do to forge the Gold grade equipment.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Village and gave the A- grade skill, Holy Ring Light, to Daisy. She was an Elven Priest and had high Intelligence, so she might be able to use Holy Light skills.

Zhao Fu and Old Logue were both Demon Priests, so they definitely wouldn't be able to use Holy Light skills. Therefore, the next best choice was Daisy.

Zhao Fu called Daisy over and handed the Holy Ring Light skill to her to see if she could use it. After he saw the skill being absorbed into her body, he let out a breath - it seemed that she could use it.

Zhao Fu wanted to see how strong the skill was. Liu Mei and Wang Ergou were also quite curious, and the 4 of them went to a cliff face for Daisy to try out the Holy Ring Light.

Daisy stood about 10 or so meters away from the cliff face and lightly breathed out. She closed her eyes in preparation - A grade skills were not as easy to cast as fireballs, and they required much more concentration.

As Daisy closed her eyes and stood there, a faint white light glowed around her body, and her aura seemed to change, making her look incredibly holy and pure. She slowly raised her hand and pointed at the cliff face.

A white light shot out from her finger soundlessly and incredibly quickly. It reached the cliff face in an instant, but at that moment, something strange happened.

The white light split into two, then three, then four, and it kept splitting until there were seven rays of light, which became seven rings of light of different sizes. These rings of light were layered on top of each other and smashed into the cliff face.


A massive explosion sounded out as fragments of rock and sand flew into the air. Seven differently-sized rings had appeared on the cliff face: the outermost one was 10 meters wide and the innermost one was 1 meter wide. The seven rings penetrated about one meter deep into the cliff face, and in front of this skill, normal weapons were like trash.

In actuality, Daisy had not been able to release the full might of the Holy Ring Light because she was only at Stage 0-5. In the future, when Daisy's cultivation was higher and she could fully grasp the skill, its might would be hundreds of times more powerful.

However, Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with this already. After all, his Hell Fireballs were only able to create shallow, 1-meter wide craters on the cliff face.

After returning to the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu resolved some internal affairs. The two exploration teams had now explored the 70-kilometer radius area around the Great Qin Village and conquered another two Basic Villages and an Intermediate Village. Now, Zhao Fu had 27 villages under his command.

At this moment, a soldier came to report that he had found a brigand stronghold about 74 kilometers east of the Great Qin Village that had roughly 5,000 people.

Zhao Fu nodded. During these past few days, he had been taking care of business matters, and now that an Advanced Village had been found, he would personally lead his soldiers to attack it.

Now, the surrounding 70-kilometer radius area was under Zhao Fu's control. The bronze concentrate mine was about 50 kilometers away, so it was relatively safe. Zhao Fu brought along an additional 1,000 soldiers and took his 3,000 soldiers towards the brigand stronghold.


A day later, Zhao Fu and his soldiers reached the brigand stronghold on a bright morning.

Standing from a position above the stronghold, Zhao Fu looked down at it. The stronghold had 5,000 or so people and the terrain was quite complex. There was only one entrance to the stronghold. The walls were made of stone, and there were two big doors made of firm, tough wood. There were people patrolling both on and below the walls, making security quite tight. Adding on the terrain, the stronghold was easy to defend and difficult to attack.

Zhao Fu noticed that there was a strange stone platform in the stronghold, which was about 8 meters tall. It was unlikely that the people in the stronghold had built it out of boredom, so Zhao Fu kept it in mind.

Next, they started to discuss tactics on how to take down the stronghold. Zhao Fu and his close subordinates gathered around and discussed possible ideas. The stronghold only had a single entrance, so Zhao Fu's soldiers would not be able to infiltrate the stronghold, ruling poison out.

Moreover, it seemed that the stronghold had a lot of food stored up, so not many people went hunting. They only sent out small teams to bring back meat, so they could not rely on that either.

It seemed that Zhao Fu had to think of a way to lure most of the brigands out. After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to send all 350 of his Goblins to pretend to attack the stronghold. Of course, they would not actually go too close because Advanced Villages all had Shieldbearers and Archers. If his Goblins attacked the stronghold, his casualties would be quite great.

However, just as they were about to carry out the plan, some soldiers came to report that they had caught a few suspicious people. Hearing this, Zhao Fu went to have a look.

Following this, a few youths in tattered clothing were brought over, and Zhao Fu looked at them as he asked, "Who are you?"

Most of these people seemed quite frightened, but there was one who remained calm and looked at Zhao Fu while asking, "Sir, are you thinking about attacking this brigand stronghold?"

Zhao Fu nodded. Seeing this, the others looked quite delighted.

At this moment, the calm youth respectfully saluted Zhao Fu and said with eyes full of hatred, "This lowly one is called Xiao Jian, and I am the son of the Hundred Flower Village's Village Chief. Our village was an Intermediate Village not too far away from here. However, three days ago, we were attacked by these evil brigands, and many of us were killed. The women were either raped and killed or taken to the stronghold to serve as tools. Sir, please help us take revenge."

The youth and the others knelt on the ground and heavily kowtowed on the ground.

After listening to the youth, Daisy and Liu Mei were completely furious, and even Bai Qi's expression became cold.

Zhao Fu's expression remained calm. He knew from the beginning that this world would be split into the strong and the weak, and the strong would be able to do whatever they wanted. As such, one should not expect one's enemies to be merciful towards one; if Zhao Fu wanted to avoid this, he would have to become strong himself.