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 The sky turned both fiery and icy; one side seemed to be burning, giving off an incredible heat, while the other seemed to be frozen, giving off a bone-chilling coldness. It was the fiery and icy aura that caused the soldiers to tremble and feel terror.

"Charge!!" the system main city soldiers continued to roar and rush at the Inner Great Wall with immense battle intent. Their shouts and stamping of the ground shook the surrounding hundreds of kilometers.

At that moment, two orbs that were 1,000 meters wide appeared in the sky: one gave off blistering flames while the other gave off bone-chilling coldness. The two orbs slowly fused together, giving off an aura of annihilation. Even the City Lords were greatly dismayed and hurriedly looked over.

The two gigantic orbs were soon fused into one orb of fire and ice by Binoche and Kerache. Some places gave off cold air while other places had flames; it looked incredibly mystical and dangerous.

This was the fusion of two forbidden spells: Binoche's Meteor Descent and Kerache's World of Ice. Both of them were incredibly powerful forbidden spells, so just how terrifying would the fusion of them be?

Looking at the people below them, Binoche and Kerache raised their staffs before swinging them down. The orb of fire and ice in the air also started to fall.

The western side's City Lords were greatly startled and wanted to stop it, but it was already too late.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the 1,000 meter wide orb of fire and ice landed on the ground and exploded. The terrifying power it released devoured everything, and the shockwave blasted outwards. The ground continuously trembled, and a tall mushroom cloud rose up, causing the entire world to seem to fall silent.

Whether they were the City Lords in the air or the Inner Great Wall on the ground, all of them were hit by the shockwave. As the shockwave rippled out, dirt and rocks shot everywhere, and everyone did their best to defend.

After a while, things began to settle down. A ten-kilometer wide crater had appeared in the ground, with corpses all around it - it was a scene of complete desolation.

The terrifying ocean of soldiers instantly stopped. Whether they were the western side's City Lords or Great Qin's City Lords, they all dumbfoundedly looked at the scene before them. Because of how closely grouped the system main city soldiers were, Binoche and Kerache's spell had instantly killed 1.6 million or so soldiers.

However, Binoche and Kerache's faces were quite pale; that attack had used up all of their strength, as well as the fire and ice cities' power.

Wang Jian quickly came back to his senses and smiled as he said, "Thank you for your help. Please go and recover your strength!"

Binoche and Kerache nodded before sitting down to recover.

The western side's City Lords' expressions were very unsightly because they had no idea just how Great Qin had unleashed this massive attack. As such, they hurriedly gave the order to pause the attack.

This single attack had wiped out 1.6 million soldiers, and they only had eight million soldiers in total. If this happened a few times, they would be completely wiped out. As such, they could only stop, and the two sides once again entered into a stalemate.

At the south of Great Qin, there were mountains everywhere, which were quite treacherous to traverse. Great Qin had established its Inner Great Wall on the mountains, allow them to look down from above. Zhao Fu and his one million soldiers had made preparations and set up camp here.

An army of 12 million soldiers and 100 City Lords, giving off immense auras, stood below the mountains, looking up at Zhao Fu.

One of the City Lords coldly laughed as he said, "You think that you, and one million soldiers, can stop us? What a joke! Call out your Legatee! If he's willing to stay in this region and not come out, we'll let him off. Otherwise, we'll destroy Great Qin!"

Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he said, "I am Great Qin's Legatee! What else do you have to say?"

Hearing that Zhao Fu was Great Qin's Legatee, the southern side City Lords looked at each other in surprise. They had never thought that this person would be Great Qin's Legatee. How could he stand here facing so many of them by himself? Did he not fear death?

"Very good! What do you think about what I said before? As long as Great Qin stays in this region, doesn't come out, and allows us to manage the other regions, we'll let off Great Qin. Otherwise, don't blame us for being cruel. There are three sides attacking; Great Qin definitely can't defend against all of us!" the City Lord said.

Zhao Fu felt quite angry as he coldly harrumphed, "Do you really think that you can stop Great Qin's advance? You can try all you want; Great Qin has never feared anyone before!"

Hearing this, the southern side's City Lords' expressions became cold. It seemed that there was no need to continue talking, so they started to charge.

The 12 million soldiers obeyed and roared, bringing with them a ferocious aura as they charged forwards. The sounds they gave off made it seem as if they were a massive tsunami.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and also gave the order to attack. Out of the one million soldiers, many were very close to Stage 2, if not already Stage 2, and there were also 10,000 Stage 3 soldiers, 5,000 Corpse Soul Guards, and 150 Corpse Soul Commanders.

They followed Zhao Fu's commands and started to roll down massive rocks that were five or six meters tall, six or seven meters wide, and weighed a few thousand kilograms. The countless rocks rolled down the mountain, giving off massive sounds.

As the rocks rolled down the mountain, they began to roll faster and faster, and they gave off an oppressive aura. The system main city soldiers at the front quickly reached the rocks, and they roared as they used their full strength to push. However, they were still knocked over by the rocks, and after it rolled over their bodies, only a bloodied mess remained.

This caused the southern side's City Lords' expressions to become grim. The rocks simply weighed too much, and with their momentum from rolling down the mountain, Stage 1 soldiers were unable to defend against them at all. Even if they attacked with their full power, they would be unable to destroy the rocks. Only Stage 3 soldiers and above would be able to defend against them, and even Stage 2 soldiers would have some difficulty. The southern side's City Lords immediately started to act, as these rocks were not a big deal to them.

The southern side's City Lords released their City Lord Seals and gave off powerful auras as they stretched out their hands. A massive, formless hand blocked the rolling rocks - the 100 City Lords were actually able to stop the countless falling rocks.

However, this was not easy on the City Lords, as they were not just stopping a single rock but multiple rocks with immense momentum.

"Fire!" Zhao Fu ordered, and Great Qin's soldiers brought out Ballistae with Talisman Bolts loaded onto them.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

The Ballistae's bowstrings continuously trembled as their bolts turned into monstrous rays of white light, tearing through the air towards the City Lords.

Most of Great Qin's Talisman Bolts were with Zhao Fu. With Zhao Fu's current strength, he was unable to deal with 100 City Lords by himself, unless he used up all of Great Qin's Fate. However, Zhao Fu did not want to see the consequences of that, so he had to use other methods.